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BABY BUCKAROO: western baby goods by Clarissa Vawter

Baby Buckaroo & Clarissa Vawter, meet the designer behind the brand

BABY BUCKAROO.....ever have problems finding cute WESTERN baby stuff?!?

Recently ,I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful young lady who had this exact same problem. Armed with a needle & thread, and blessed with many talents, she set out to fill this need.

It is my honor to introduce you to Clarissa Vawter, owner and designer of Baby Buckaroo!

Ranch- raised in north east Colorado, Clarissa grew up on the Cervi Ranch ,where her father worked. She worked alongside her two older brothers, helping with the cow operation and rodeo company. You can hear the smile in her voice when she speaks about the ranch. She said, "Loved every minute of it! I used to tell mom and dad that I wasn't leaving home til I was 30!"

After high school ,Clarissa did leave home and set out on the trail ,living in Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona , and doing various jobs from feedlots, ranches, waitressing and nursing homes. She was also a Rodeo timer and secretary in the Mountain States Pro Rodeo Circuit. This is where Clarissa would meet her husband Monte, a handsome young bareback rider.

Clarissa shared a trial they faced as a young couple early on in their marriage ,when Clarissa was diagnosed as being bipolar. “We had a rough start we found out I am bipolar. It was hard getting that controlled, but we are doing great with it. I love to share with people because it helped me to know others out there with it ,and that I wasn’t the only one”

Married life started a new string of adventures in her work life also. Moving and working a variety of fun new jobs from retail, vet tech, and the PRCA office. Clarissa was still always trying to find her niche.

The second year of marriage ,Clarissa’s life would change forever. They found out they were expecting a baby. All 9 months of sickness and pain were forgotten when baby Loretta came into their lives.

Meet Loretta, an everyday inspiration for BABY BUCKAROO!

A baby really changed their lives! Working hard with a baby is a given ,but being outside with a little one is hard to do. Needing more than cooking, cleaning and child care to keep her busy, Clarissa kept searching for her niche, a way to use her God given talents and creativity.

Clarissa’s Mom had always sewn and quilted when she was young ,but it had always been too slow and tendicious for her liking. Now with a beautiful baby of her own, Clarissa wanted to make a special blanket for Loretta. Surprisingly, it was easy and fun! Not only did baby Loretta love her new blanket but friends were raving about the beautiful creation! Soon the order requests were rolling in and BABY BUCKAROO was born!

Clarissa had finally found her niche! Baby Buckaroo got the creative juices flowing! Realizing how hard it is to find cute, unique and affordable western/cowboy baby goods, Clarissa set out to make fun, beautiful, durable,, and functional Baby Buckaroo products!

Clarissa says “I’ve found something that I really enjoy and totally fits into my lifestyle! I know how country kids are, how hard they are on stuff, and that blankies just don’t stay in the cribs. I’m making Baby Buckaroo tough and beautiful!

Here is a sneak peak of BABY BUCKAROO
Bandana Bibs ~ $5 each

Crib Quilts ~ Lots of amazing western designs

Fun colors in a traditional western design!

Great to drying off out of the pool!
BABY BUCKAROO Quilts, Hooded Towels, Take Along Blankets,
Baby Bracelets, Baby Bibs & More!
Baby Buckaroo bracelets
Take Along Blanket! ~ so cute! ONLY $15


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Ordering Info:
Baby Buckaroo
Clarissa Vawter: Owner/Designer
2905 Lauppe Rd
Yoder, CO 80864

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