Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thankful for the Hand I've Been Dealt

Feeling Lucky! ~ How couldn't you feel lucky when you start the morning off with a hand like this! Wild Berry Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, & Hearts....regardless the suite, each & everyone was a "good deal!

Thankful for the hand I've been dealt!

Just wanted to start the week off right and take a moment to count my blessings!

  • Thankful for my amazing family. The opportunity to spend time with them, learn from them, and just enjoy their company.

  • Thankful for the love and support I receive from all my friends and family.

  • Thankful for all my amazing friends! They lift me up, inspire me, and lighten my load and fill my journeys with laughter.

  • Thankful to be blessed to live in America! Thankful to be in the land of the free and so grateful for all the service men and women that serve our nation.

  • Thankful to be in the west! My heart over flows when I think of the blessings that a western life has given me. Thankful for the dirt, sweat, sun, grass, and every ounce of hard work that makes this life so much sweeter.

  • Thankful for my Mom & Dad! So blessed for all the time I've been able to spend with them.

  • Thankful for MUSIC! Love how you're favorite song on the radio can just lift your heart!

  • Thankful for Lil' Red Roan and the opportunity it gives me to share with others! So THANKFUL for all the amazing people that I have been able to cross paths with.

  • Thankful for each and every step I've taken!

  • Thankful for all the blessings of youth! Thankful for a strong, capable mind & body! Thankful that I can walk, talk, see, smell, taste, touch, feel! Thankful that I may be able to share these blessings with others! Thankful that I can be used to lighten the load for others!

  • Thankful for the blessings of being a friend! Thankful that I can be there for others when they need me. Thankful that the Lord can use me to help perform small but perfectly miracles.

  • Thankful for the teachings of my youth that I may have a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

  • Thankful for my brothers & sisters! They are such great examples to me!

  • Thankful for every animal I've been blessed to have in my life! So thankful for ranching, rodeo, farming, and getting to be surrounded by people who are working with the land to provide a better tomorrow for those around them.
  • Thankful to be able to write down my thoughts. Love to write, it is such a blessing for me! Thankful for being able to capture memories to treasure forever!
  • Thankful that the SUN has came out to shine today!
My cup runneth over this morning! I could go on and on for hours.

What are the blessings you are most thankful for this morning?

Hoping they are more than you can count. Enjoy the amazing day that the Lord has prepared for you! Thank You so much for spending some time wit hme this morning!See you down the Trail,


p.s. Here is a lil' magic trick that I learned that has been a blessing in the kitchen. Just thought I would share. :)

Magic Tricks ~

Here is a sneaky lil' trick I thought I'd pass along. It is a secret to help cure the sticky muffin pans when you can't use Muffin Liners. (Everyone cooks better than me & is more qualified in the kitchen so if you already know this helpful hint, just look at the pictures & have a fabulous morning)

Love my card suite muffin pan! Just place wax paper over the top & trace around the shape of the muffin hole. Cut out & place in bottom of holes. Pour muffin mixture in & bake like normal! Pretty tricky ;)

When making cute muffins that are in non-traditional shapes, the muffin papers won't fit.

  • Take sheet of wax paper, cut to fit the shape of each muffin shape

  • Place cut out in the bottom of each hole

  • Bake like regular

  • Tada! Muffins slide right out with out sticking to the bottom!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ranch House Style, a saddle makers home decor

~Ranch House Style ~

An EXCLUSIVE peek into the Ranch House Style of world renowned saddle maker, Nancy Martiny. You will see leather work and amazing leather home decor at it's finest!

Let the Tour Begin!

Welcome to the Ranch
Wagon wheel entry way, each corner is a individual full floral carved leather panel

Hand Carved Domestic Roses

A peek into the saddle shop, Nancy hard at work.
Basket stamped back plates & concho door knobs
Custom Cowhide Matted by Martiny Saddle

Oh the Stories this Saddle could tell
Fancy Flowers add a western flare to the leather couch

Horse Shoes & Horn Sheds!
Stoecklein Photography frame paired with a Mindy Hoggan welded horseshoe lamp,
& horn shed for perfection!

Ropes & Round Tables
~ Handcrafted Rope End Table by Nancy Martiny

Harnessing a View! ~
Hames frame in the picture window view of the mountains

Kitchen fit for a Cattle Queen

Cookhouse to make any Camp Cook or Cowboy drool!

Don't let this Bronc throw you!

Bursting with color, blue enamelware fills the kitchen cabinets

~Bronc for Breakfast ~
Hand Carved Leather Bronc adorns the kitchen cabinet

Warm welcoming glow in the guest bedroom

Custom leather doorway header by Nancy Martiny
Hand carved steerhead by Bev Gilger
Bask in Copper Basin!
LOVE everything about this room from the antique dresser to the ol' style faucet!

Old & New leather pieces fill the home and speak volumes for the rich ranch history

Ol' Blue ~ bunkhouse door
Giving something some old wood, new found fame!

Stairway reminiscent of an old loading chute

Leather Carving accents the sconces.
Singers & Stories
Books & Barnwood

Etched in Leather
~ The saddle makers version of an etched glass door.

Treasure Trunks

~Majestic in the Willows ~
Moose emerging from the willows in the master suite
Crackle Cabinet & Cool Ol' Collectables

Hand painted Stagecoach, leading you on home
Happy Trails to You!

Martiny Saddle Co.
Nancy Martiny


Thank You so much for coming on this adventure with me!
See you down the Trail,

Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails
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Lil' Red Roan

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nancy Martiny, Meet the Saddle Maker, Part 1

Hello Friends,

Today, I will share with you one of the most talented women I know. She is know by many people for many things; Saddle Maker, Wife, Friend, and Stock Contractor, just to name a few. Mother is how I know her. I am honored to give you a glimpse into the life that sculpted this Saddle Maker.

Born on a ranch in central California nestled in the Altamont Hills , to Bill and Marie Brockman. Besides ranching, her father also worked at fire station. In his down time at the fire station, Bill did leather work. He had the opportunity to build a saddle for himself with help from the crew at Rowell's Saddlery in Hayward. He made Nancy her 1st leather tooled belt.
Nancy's 1st Belt made by her father, Bill Brockman

Nancy remarks "I always wanted to do leather work, and build myself a saddle, just like my Dad did."

Moving to Idaho when she was 5, the family set roots in the South Hills near Oakley on Buckhorn Ranch. The whole family worked together, taking on all the tasks of ranching life.
Jim, Carol, & Nancy Brockman

Now age 15, the family had bought a place over at Kimberly, Idaho. One of their neighbors had polio. One good leg & one that was bad; he couldn't walk very well but he could RIDE. He was in a plane crash that shattered his good leg. Nancy's Dad offered to teach him leather work while he was healing up. Nancy convinced her Dad to teach her too.

The flame was fueled from there. She made herself a belt and wore it to school. Soon all her friends wanted belts too. She was making belts for a local western store in town and had expanded to carving all kinds of leather goods like purses, wallets, and even a little home decor.

College days were spent at CSI in Twin Falls. She majored in Agri Business and competed on the rodeo team in Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, and Team Roping. Her leather career was flourishing, now employed by Vicker's Saddlery and working her way through college.

The next chapter in Nancy's life would take her to Hamer, Idaho'raising a family and helping run a rodeo company. Her leather shop was set up in the basement, along side the kid's bedrooms.

In1987, Nancy received two saddle trees made by Todd and Dale Harwood. In Dale's spare time, he would help Nancy through the steps of building her first saddle.
Nancy's 1st Saddle

About a year later, armed with a notebook filled Dale's teaching, she used the second tree to build a saddle for her kids.

Nancy's 2nd ~ A saddle for her kids.
Picture is Nancy's son Eric riding the kids saddle.
This saddle sat atop many a fine horse, dragging bulls from the arena, beneath this fine cowboy.
Today the kids saddle is still hard at work, helping young cowboys through the growing years.

Orders from friends and family started the saddlemaking career.Today, Nancy has a successful home business based out of the family ranch in May, Idaho.

Here are some pictures of some of her amazing leather work, up to date.

Custom Boot Tops Hand Carved by Nancy Martiny

Full Flower Chinks

Full Flower Saddle by Nancy Martiny

To see more of Nancy Martiny's fine leather work,
on facebook.
Here is a direct link!

Contact Info:
Martiny Saddle Co.
Nancy Martiny
May, ID 83253

THANK YOU so much to Nancy Martiny for letting me share a small piece of her story with the world. It was an honor to be able to share her work with you.

Stay tuned for more on the Martiny Saddle Story!

Thank You for reading.
See you down the trail,
Mindy Hoggan

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poetry In Motion

Waiting, waiting waiting, as they come down the line towards me.
It's finally my turn to play!
BLOW out of the chute, all four feet in the air!
I've only just begun!
Building more power as kick!

Transforming into a mythical creature, that you've only heard tales of

Look at me!
Let the games begin!

Swallowing up the ground beneath me,
In the arena, I have wings!
Snap, Snap Snap...Jumping & Kicking, I rebuild & extend my body,
giving it my all EVERY TIME!

I CAN FLY! Stretched out in all my glory!
I push into your halter, afraid of nothing!

Reveling in my Strength!!!

I explode!

Jump! Kick through the air, building power as I go!

Sailing thru the air as though my feet weren't meant for the ground!

I'm beautiful! Stretched out in all my Glory!
Every muscle in my body working together like a fine tuned machine

Hair blowing in the wind, in all my grandeur.

Stub your toe and I'll be the end of you!

Drawing energy from the arena dirt below me
I spring from the ground and blow in the air again!
Sending a jolt through your body with every powerful blow!
Making you fight for it!


Love when a big strong bronc explodes
Using every muscle in their body
So ATHLETIC! So much Passion!
Stronger with every jump
Love when they get paired with the perfect Cowboy
I Love Bucking Horses!

THANK YOU to Jackie Jensen Photography for the AMAZING pictures
that made this article possible! Loved to see all the Hoggan Raised Bucking Horses in action!

To see more of this amazing photography, visit

Also, you can join Jackie Jensen Photography on facebook!


Thank You so much for Reading
See You Down the Trail!

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