Thursday, March 10, 2011

If the Chuck Wagon's Rockin'- my Shepard's Pie

Recently, I was told that I'm a Master Bachelor Cook! Well, I don't know if in good faith I can call it cooking but I dang sure don't starve. Basically, I throw whatever is in the cupboard together and if everyone has been working hard all day, and is REALLY meals are decent :)

Here is a crazy lil' concoction I whipped up the other night. It is a variation of a Shepard's Pie.

If the Chuck Wagon's Rockin' = American Raised Hamburgered browned to perfection, smothered in a savory red enchilada sauce, layered with Sweet Corn & Spunky Green Chiles, Creamy delicious Mashed Potatoes, a tucked in by a thin layer of Colby & Pepper Jack Cheese & topped with Crunchy Corn Flakes!

Brown 1 Package of American Raised Hamburger
After Cooked Completely Cooked & Fat Drained,
Place in a Pan ~9x13 will work just fine

Thank You to my dear friend, Tiffany Wagner for making me this awesome bucking horse baking dish!!!

Next poor in 1 Can of Red Enchilada Sauce,
I used a La Victoria ~Mild Poco Picante

Mixing right in your baking dish, cuts down on dishes.

Next add a deliciously colorful layer ~
1 Can of Sweet Corn
1 Can of Diced Green Chiles
(I mixed together before so that the mixture is even distributed when put on meat)

Next whip up Mashed Potatoes.
About 5 0r 6 Potatoes depending on size.
Use your favorite Mashed Potato Recipe.
Just for the record, I'd never made mashed potatoes by myself & had to google a recipe. It worked just fine though :) When all else fails, just wing it.

For these I tried a few different things.
1st I tried a non-traditional way to peel the potato
Here is a link. Check it out:

Dawn Wells, aka Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, demonstrates a unique way to peel an Idaho potato...without the use of a potato peeler!

After my potatoes were cooked, crack out the Masher!
Ya, it's as fun as it looks :)
I prefer a creamy mashed potato so I threw in some butter, cream cheese, and milk
What ever suite you will probably be fine. Next time I think I'll experiment with sour cream!

Once whipped up, spread your potato conconction on just like you're frosting a cake!
Umm, they taste so good you'll want to lick the masher when you're done!

Pretty as can be, but the 3rd layer looks lonely!
Next add a thin layer of cheese.
I used a layer of Colby Jack
Followed by a layer of Pepper Jack!
Mmmm, Mmmm, Good!!

Last but certainly not least, TOP with a thin layer of crunched up Corn Flakes!!
(If you live in town with more than 100 people, your grocery store might have those Tortilla Salad Strips that come in blue, red in white. Those would also be DELICIOUS. If not, Corn Flakes work just fine :)

Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees!

Layers of gooey deliciousness to enjoy!

Pair this bad boy up with a a heaping green salad and you've got a full meal deal!

Last but certainly not least... Dessert!!!
Not So Fried Ice Cream ~
Thank You to my cousin, McKell Carpenter to showing me this fun dessert!

We all love that Fried Ice Cream that they serve at Mexican Restaurants.
Get that great taste...with out having to fry anything!

Not So Fried Ice Cream ~ Vanilla Ice Cream, with a sprinkling of Cinnamon, Drizzled in Carmel Sauce, and Topped with Corn Flakes!
Vanilla Ice Cream with a sprinkling of cinnomon

Next a drizzling of Carmel Topping

Crunch a handful of Corn Flakes over the Top

Viola! Not So Fried Ice Cream!!!

Enjoy a home cooked meal ...even if you can't really cook :)

Ingredients Used for IF the Chuck Wagon's Rockin'
1 pkg American Raised Hamburger
1 Can Red Enchilada Sauce (Mild, or whatever
1 Can Sweet Corn
1 Can Diced Green Chiles
5-6 Potatoes Mashed
This is what I put in my mashed potatoes.
*1 Pkg Cream Cheese
*1 Cube Butter
*1 Splash of Milk
Colby Jack Cheese
Pepper Jack Cheese
Corn Flakes

Ingredients for Not So Fried Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Carmel Sauce
Corn Flakes

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