Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remembering David R. Stoecklein

Do you ever really appreciate or realize the affect someone's life has on you?  Even loved ones...who you tell often that you care for and are grateful for.....can you ever really conceive how big of an impact they have on your life.
Dave has been a family friend since I was small.  Photoshoots, horse ropings, hours spent in the saddle shop visiting.  All I really knew was….Dave was a picture taker guys and I saw pictures of my family on magazines, books, and calendars.  He always sent cool Christmas presents.  (Seriously, I still have a cheese slicer from one of those fancy meet and cheese baskets)

After college, my first real job was for Dave, working as a rep for the Stoecklein publishing company.
This job would make such a big impact on my world.  Dave and his family were always so good to me and treated me like one of the family.  During this time I would also get to see and learn so much more from this amazing man.  He was still a picture taker guy, family friend, but I got to see a small glimpse of the passion and vision that drove him. 

People…..relationships…..time spent… friends…old friends….It is AMAZING the human connections that would come into my life because of my Stoecklein time. 
Stoecklein employees….the gallery, the warehouse, Denver markets, store owners all over the west, booth neighbors (seriously…after 2 weeks next door….we were all besties!  Cocktail hour always drew a crowd) , models, cowboys, cowgirls, photography students, family, lol …..I even had a boyfriend or 2 from my Stoecklein travels. Dave definitely screened more boyfriends that my Dad ever has!  Hahahaha….Dave probably met more of them than Dad did too. 

Even existing friendships were strengthened.  While traveling, I would often schedule my circles so I could stay with friends along the way instead of hotels.  It is amazing, as everyone goes there different directions in life…….Taking the time to stay in touch….really matters. 
Time spent is the most valuable gift!  Grateful for time spent loved ones!

Another amazing gift, Dave’s passion was preserving the Spirit of the West!  His photography and moments he captured are such a gift to the world.  Personally, the family photos captured in time Dave’s work, I will be forever grateful for.  Being able to open a coffee table book and take a trip back down memory lane.  Those moments made even more precious when the loved ones were no longer there to take pictures of anymore.   

It’s funny the moments you remember

  •  Peaking out from my bedroom into my Mom’s saddle....I think they were doing interviews for a book or looking for the next Marlbro Man...I was supposed to go be in bed I'm guessing....but who could resist all the excitement.   
  •   Photo shoots were you rode a pony and where told to stay out of shot because you were wearing red pants ( I still think they were “cool” at the time 
  •  Photoshoots were you are wearing your Mom’s high top boots that are too small, a weird leather vest, and a scarf….I swear it was 90 degrees.  Running horses back over the top of the camera…over and over …and over.  I was in 7 th or 8 th grade…. The whole time I was just mad because I was missing the church dance in Dubois.   
  •  Photoshoot in my favorite shirt and red gloves
  •  Photoshoot ….. You get told you  look like a boy. True.  I didn’t know I was going.  Hadn’t showered and was rocking 2 awesome braids like a little girl and wearing my Dad’s coat. 
  •  So cold and riding in a cowboy hat.  Sweat is FROZEN on the horses as we are trailing in.  I remember Dave telling me to smile. hahaha.....pretty sure my face was frozen in position and I was drooling.
  •  First real job out of college (ok, ok….only real job since college) 
  •  Always donated to my college rodeo auction books and pictures 
  •  Calls to check in and see how I was doing.
  •  Places I’d never been before…..Travel that didn’t involve a rodeo grounds…..Houston, Denver, Vegas and WEEKS in those big towns!  
  • The time we talked 2 nice English men into helping us tear down the PBR booth.  We became friends and later one would come to Idaho to have fullfill a life long dream of Riding a Bull :
  •  First veal dinner…with Dave and Jack Goddard after building the “house” we called a booth for the next 2 weeks 
  •  Surviving his crazy driving from the show to make it to the Thomas and Mack in time for the rodeo 
  •  Rancheros Party at the top of the Hilton
  •  Cocktail hour at  the Vegas booth and the great stories
  • Always letting me stock chocolate milk in the cooler : ) 
  •  Fans…how people flocked to him.  Magnetic personality….they could see a glimpse of his vision and wanted to be in the glow of his brilliance 
  •  Amazing LOVE he had for his family!  The way Dave spoke lovingly of his wife and the time he dedicated to being with her.  The pride and love that he had for his boys.  When he spoke of them, you could see the gleam in his eye.  
  • Special way he had for making people feel important and included.  
  • Photography workshops…patient, supportive, encouraging….even when I literally didn’t know how to turn my big camera on… 
  • Treating me like family <3 comment-3--="">The entire Stoecklein family has always been so good to me and my entire family.   GRATEFUL for their friendship and the priceless gifts given throughout the years

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Eatin Rainbow Stew - My Spicy Sausage Tortelini Soup Recipe

"Eatin' Rainbow Stew in a silver spoon, underneath that sky of blue ..."
A little music to cook by ;)
Doesn't that song just make you smile!  This is a recipe concoction that came together last winter.  Great for days when there is a chill in the air.  First recipe was made with random leftovers from fridge and I spent the next 3 times trying to re-create it. 

Rainbow Stew ~ My Spicy Tortelini Soup

1 package Pork Sausage, well browned ( I used Jimmy Dean, regular)
1 brick cream cheese (cubed)
1 Jalepeno Pepper (Finely Chopped, I used a hand crank chopper from Tupperware)
(Omit if you don't like spicy flavor)
1-2 cups Fresh Spinach chopped (I grabbed a large handful)
1-2 cups frozen brocolli ( you guessed it...I just eye balled it ;) )
1-2 of carrot slices (honestly I forgot to put these in this batch, they will take longer to cook too)
1-2 Cups fresh sliced mushrooms (Yes, I pretty much use what is in the fridge ;)
2 small cans of tomato paste ( I was out so used 1/2 can of spaghetti sauce)
Couple shakes of Garlic Powder
Couple Shakes of Onion Powder
1 box Rainbow Tortellini Noodles ( this is the one this I recommend not substituting, they don't have to be colored but other noodles I tried just weren't as good)
2 cups Chicken Broth
2 cups Beef Broth
2 Cups Water (Soup tends to cook down & I always seem to be trying to stretch it to a few more guests that show up.  Just add to consistency you like)

As you can already tell, recipe is pretty flexible.  You can make it in a crock pot or a pot on stove.  I use the stove method when I'm making a batch bigger than my crock pot.
Brown sausage (drain fat) .
Combine cooked sausage and all ingredients except noodles. 
(Cook time will be longer if using frozen brocolli & spinach)
Simmer  for 30 minutes to an hour
Add Noodles & cook for another hour
Cooking slow helps the flavors to soak into everything

Scoop into your favorite cup or bowl.  Top with freshly grated Ballard's Parmaromao Cheese!
Serve and enjoy!!!
(Click here to learn more about Ballard Cheese:

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