Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Mr. Shorty, my friend

When a chance to get a full brother to Woodrow the CowDog came up....I couldn't resist! Meet Mr. Shorty, the newest member of the Lil' Red Roan family!  Just one month old and already a ball of fire.  Less than 24 hours at home and we headed down the rodeo trail to McCammon, ID.  Mr. Shorty took the traveling even better than expected, lapping up milk as we hauled a set of rodeo steers down the road.
Mr. Shorty in the lead! 
Buddy not far behind & Woodrow practicing his WHOA! 
During the slack, I had Mr. Shorty with me in the back pens just letting him hang out with me.  Well, a breakaway calf comes running by and he takes right into the pen full of calves after her.  It was hilarious.  For having 2 inch legs he sure can move!  It was too cute.  He did it a couple of times and I managed to snap a few pictures with my phone. 

I'll Get'em!

Mr. Shorty in hot pursuit

Mr. Shorty keeping the 2 calf in line!

Mr. Shorty, the Head Dog :)

 Working with the big dogs on the lawn today, practicing "Whoa" commands, ect.  Woodrow is less than thrilled about the new pups.  I would down him and the pups would run over to him. He knew he was supposed to stay put put couldn't take it anymore, jumped sideways away from the pups and.go down again.  It was hilarious!!! 
Here are a few pics of the current dog pack!

Left to Right: Sissy, Mr. Shorty, and Woodrow
Woodrow saying....Stay Away fro ME!
Mr. Shorty, on the move!
I'm a coming!  I'm a coming! 
Mr. Shorty, comes a running when called
Mr. Shorty and his litter mate, Buddy
Welcome to our Funny Farm!
 Thanks so much for stopping by the gypsy trail with me today!  Wishing you a great week and a FABULOUS LOVE LETTER TUESDAY!
Happy Trails, Mindy

"See you down the trail!" ~ Mr. Shorty

2012 Rodeo Trail, Part 2

Never underestimate the Power of a Sincere THANK YOU.

So many blessings to be Thankful for Today!  Continuing down the 2012 Rodeo Trail and wanted to give a quick shout out to a few of the beautiful places, and pretty faces that are making this summer grand!
  • Working Woodrow, the cowdog: Right before the 4th of July Rodeo run I had the opportunity to take my dog, Woodrow, to trainer, Rodney Hopwood.  We worked on the fundamentals of Starting and Training Cowdogs.  It was awesome and I learned so much.  Again, the owner has so much more to learn than the dog but I'm working at it.   Woodrow is a little stud!  So excited about our progress!
    Woodrow, the Working Cow Dog!
    Huge Thank You to the entire Hopwood family for their hospitality.  Great weekend spent with family and friends.  Thank You to Tim and Jan Moore for hosting a great dinner and Cowboy Church revival.  Thank You to Grandpa and Barbara for a taking me to a beautiful Mass and letting me share the morning.  A HUGE THANK YOU to my Aunt Carol for the amazing hospitality and letting me spend the weekend.  LOVE Sunday!  Big family lunch with everyone, homemade ice cream!  It was like a day out of a story book.  Great food, family, and friends! 
  • Hailey, Idaho - Days of the Old West Rodeo: Let the Games Begin!!!  The 4th of July and a kick off to Cowboy Christmas!!!  No where else I'd rather be.  Beautiful new rodeo facility nestled in the Sawtooth Mountains and FILLED to the Max with the best rodeo fans in the world!!!  Great crowd, wonderful crew, talented contestants, AMAZING Rodeo Stock, and surrounded by Rodeo family!  So thankful to be on the Rodeo Trail! 
  • Zamora & Shiraldi Rehearsal Dinner : BEES BASEBALL GAME!!!  Not only was this one of the coolest rehearsal dinners I've ever been to....It is quite possibly the 1st real baseball game I've ever attended!  What a blast!  Great ball game and the on field scenery was top notch!  ;)
    I even got my 4th of July fireworks fix in!  Thanks so much to Chris & Melina for a Super fun night.  Also, a huge Thank You to the Marriott family, Kacie, and Rita!  Best Baseball traveling partners a girl could ask for. 
    Rita and Mindy Hoggan
    Bees Baseball Game 2012
    Ooo....Aww......Ooo.....Aww :)

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Melina and Chris Shiraldi on a BEAUTIFUL Wedding!  So excited for the happy couple!  Ms. Melina made a very good sort!  Thank You so much for being such great friends.  It was an honor to be able to spend the weekend celebrating with you.  Fun weekend with lots of Rodeo Family!  So great to see everyone like the beautiful Dee Dee, Jayme, Marriotts, Wrights, Sankey's, Gwatney's, and the WILD West family! 
    Wedding Crashers

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Jesse and Lindsay Kruse!  So sad couldn't make it up to join in on the celebration!  Best wishes and hope to see you all soon on the rodeo trail!
  • Tricky Dinner Date: THANK YOU to the McMillan family stopped in on their way to Vernal.  The McMillan kids are trick riders and travel all over the country being awesome.  Super fun family.  Great to get to grill a few burgers and visit.  If you get a chance to see them on the rodeo trail, DO IT!  They rock!  
  • 5 Year Old Outlaws: About 11 am I hear a knock on my door.  Dad has stopped out on the road and dropped off two little cowgirls.  Penelope and the Josey (whom would be referred to as Outlaw for the rest of the day).  We set up tipi's, played in pools, made a slippy slide, and dined on fine foods like hot dogs and PB& J!  What good lil' girls.  We played hard all day long.  Thankful for spending the day with two of my favorite Outlaws!
  • New Puppies!  - When a full brother to Woodrow came up for grabs, I just couldn't resist!
    Meet Mr. Shorty, the newest addition to the Lil' Red Roan family! Mr. Shorty is one month old and cracked out on the rodeo trail this weekend at McCammon.  He's a sweetheart.  Already comes pretty good to his name.
    Mr. Shorty in the lead
    Buddy not far behind
    Mr. Shorty checking out the Breakaway calves
    During slack, I had Mr. Shorty out running around.  A breakaway calf came by and like a streak of lighting Mr. Shorty took off after him. It was hilarious.  Pretty excited about the new pup!
  • McCammon Pionner Days Rodeo:  Wild weekend back on the rodeo trail in McCammon, Idaho!
    Friday the 13th was definitely a LUCKY ONE!  Lucky I didn't get hurt worse and LUCKY I had some DoTerra oils to doctor with!  Geez, sometimes I think I need a bubble wrap suit. 
    Section of bucking horses loaded and I'm standing on the chute where we will buck our 1st horse out from.  I mention that the Stock Saddle Bronc rider might want to tie in his horse.  Well, that being said...I wasn't smart enough to move immediately after I said that.  Horse rares up and somehow I get wacked.  Hit my head off the homemade iron bucking chutes and knocks me off the chute.  I was glad I had on my hard hat (aka cowboy hat :)  Not to worry, it hit me in the head and I'm pretty sure that is the hardest spot on my body.  They are lucky I didn't dent the chute. 

    Good rodeo, rains a little at the end of the performance.  Got a ride with my Aunt Crystal to stay with them at a friends new home in Pocatello.  As I'm getting the house tour.....My ankle gives out walking down a flight of stairs and I crash land at the bottom onto the hard wood floor!  Ya, just call me Grace! Wowzer , all's well that ends well.  Doctored up with some DoTerra Oils and back at it the next day. 

    HUGE THANK YOU to McCammon's Rodeo Committee and everyone in the community that works so hard to put the Pioneer Celebration together.  Thank You to Trevor and Emily Fuhriman.  You rock!  No one I'd rather work with.  Thank You to each and every volunteer that serves tirelessly to make the rodeo go off with out a hitch. Thank you to the great rodeo personnel, quality rodeo stock, and all the contestants that came to play!  Thank You to Allie & Holly for all your work in the office.  Thank you to our judges for working together to make a great rodeo.  THANK YOU to all the amazing fans that stuck it out through rain or shine!  Great weekend on the rodeo trail!  THANK YOU to Hoggan Rodeo for the opportunity to rodeo!

    A special Thank You to Ms Jana Joy Davis for coming over to visit, braiding my hair and laughing even when we want to cry or pull our hair out :) Love ya and you are a Master Sheep Capturer! 
    Also, one last McCammon shout out, Thanks to my Dad, who even when not present, has the power  to completely and totally embarrass me.  Oh but what a funny story it makes.
    LOVED this weekend!
    Clothes soaked clear through.  I get unloaded and make my way back to the house at about 1 in the morning.
    I will never understand how you can get rained on that much and your clothes still be that dirty! 
    As I peeled of the layers and soaked denim, I look over to see this little Peeping Tom  creeping in the window
    lol...what a little weirdo...but she's a great lawn mower.

  •  POWER of THANK YOUNever underestimate the Power of a Sincere THANK YOU.
    I received a phone call from a friend to say a simple, heart felt Thank You.  It was amazing how taking the time to make that call just lifted my spirits and really brightened my day.

    Thankful for the glorious rain that we are receiving and so many answered prayers
    Thankful for a great Rodeo weekend!  Thankful to able to do what I love.  Thankful for communities working together. 
    Thankful for Police Officers serving tirelessly to keep us safe.  Thank You for the help with my trailer lights last night with a load of rodeo stock.
    Thankful for being surrounded by great friends!  Work or play, it is all the same when in great company. Thankful for those who know you and Love you anyway.

    "The heavy rain kept on, then got finer and settled down to a steady wetting of all out of doors.
    He'd never smelled nor heard anything so good as the rain falling on the sod.

    The thirsty range streched out under it like a sponge,grass heads straightened out of the ground and

    shot up to meet tthe drops, cattle shook themselves and bellered and played .
    Every living thing took on new life . "

    Big Enough by Will James
    pg. 274
  • In closing, I would like to leave you with one of my favorite Will James Quotes.  May the Lord bless you with rain or whatever you are in need of.  Thank You so much for traveling the Gypsy Trail with me today ~ Mindy
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hopwood Border Collies, Rodney Hopwood

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with talented a Ranch Dog Trainer.  During these visits not only have I learned about starting and training Ranch Dogs but also got to know an amazing family a little better.  Today, I would like to share with you some of the knowledge I picked up and a little bit about, Hopwood Border Collies!
Thank You so much to Rodney Hopwood for taking the time to work with my dog and I. Also, a huge thank you for taking the time to visit and let me share Hopwood Border Collie’s with my Rodeo Tales and Gypsy Trails friends!

Rodney Hopwood was raised in Buhl, Idaho and started ranch work at a young age.  Growing up he had been around a few Ranch Dogs that were good help.  He even owned a few that were pretty good inspite of their owner’s lack of knowledge.  Rodney would later come across some ranch Dogs that were not only good dogs but they were trained well.  He began to see the potential in the dogs he had and the talents that he had yet to tap into.

Q: When did you first get interested in Training Ranch Dogs?
A:  My  First Clinic~ CSI had a clinic in conjunction with the fair featuring Patrick Shannahan.  I went down to check it out and see if it was something I would even be interested in.
“I saw what a Border Collie was supposed to be doing.  There was more potential there than I was using or even trying to use.”

R.L. Alexander & Ben Means Training Books Available to purchase
Q:Role Models in the Industry?
A: Ben Means and R.L. Alexander. 
Both Men have had a huge impact on the type of dogs I like and the try to raise.  They have sculpted who I’ve became as a dog trainer.

Q: What inspires you?
When I started cowboying, I ran into individuals that were much more talented than I.  They were extraordinary.  They understood how to move livestock.  That INSPIRES me to make myself better.  A better cowboy, striving to master STOCKMANSHIP and learning how to handle the situation regardless of what is thrown at you.  The more you learn, the more there is to learn.  It goes as deep as you want to go with it.

Hopwood Border Collie Accomplishments:
Hopwood started attending the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding : Stock Dog Sale in 1996.  The sale is an exclusive event by invite only.  It features the best of the best and top of the line trainers.  Since that time he has Won Four Titles and placed very well every year. 

Q: Do you have a Favorite Dog?
I’ve had several extraordinary dogs.  I know what I like.  Every dog I’ve ever had I could see a short coming in.  Some the favorites come down to personality and time spent.  You develop a bond with them.  The worst thing about a Cow Dog is their life span isn’t as long as a humans. 
Q:What do you look for in a dog prospect? 
A:First and foremost: A dog that WANTS to WORK.  A dog that wants to go to the head and bite.
A dog that will also heel is bonus.
When Buying a Puppy: When buying a younger dog, age 10 month to a year pedigree and bloodlines mean a lot.  If I can see their parents work that is good too.  If I am buying for breeding stock, I’m only interested in specific bloodlines.  
Hopwood Border Collie: Tomas, a 4 month old Male
He is the last available from the pup from this batch.
I had the oppurtunity to watch him during my visit.  What an amazing young pup.
If would like to BUY a Hopwood Border Collie Rodney has one pup available right now for sale.
Lil' Red Roan: Questions from Readers: 
How do you set up a Dog Trial at your local fair?:
Contact your fair manager to see if a Time Slot is available. 
Facilities: Pens to hold cattle and enough stock to facilitate entry’s
60 head or so of cattle if you have 20 entry’s.  Most use 3 head of cattle per dog.
You will also need a contained area like an arena, pasture, or panels. 

How do you get a dog to bite instead of bark?
Usually barking is a sign of fear.  There are ways to encourage and exercises to build confidence.
If you’re dog is barking, you might need to consider your blood lines and what traits you are looking for in a prospect. 

What age should you start a Corgi?
Having limited exposure to Corgi’s I’m not an expert in that area.  My pups I typically start at 8 months or older.  You could go to ducks or goats earlier but for cattle stay with the older ages.  At an older age they are Physically they are more mature also and can take more.

Woodrow the Corgi, working on Balance

How do you replace an irreplaceable dog?
When looking to replace a dog you just have to start looking.  Look for traits that you want in a dog.  If you have a lot of work for a dog you should consider having more than dogs on hand.
If would like to BUY a Hopwood Border Collie Rodney has one pups available right now for sale.

What about Kelpies:
I’ve been around a few.   Half breed with Collies  more so.  They are similar to a Collie in some respects but have a little different style of herding.  They can be harder and more coarse in their actions than a Collie.  My recommendation for any breed of dog is find what you want and look for those traits or bloodlines.  If you find someone with a dog you like, ask if they have pups for sale of where they got their blood lines from.
A good stock dog can work all kinds of livestock
Ducks are a great tool for fine tuning.

When should you Start Ranch Dogs?
At a young age you can start taking your pups with you on walks or to change water. 
I like to start with basic obedience like learning their name and when they come to you it is a good thing.
Introduce pups to dog broke stock at 8-10 months and start all over with your basics again.
To see more about a STARTING and TRAINING Ranch Dogs Click Here!

How to host or attend a Hopwood Border Collie Ranch Dog Staring and Training Clinic?
   You've caught the bug like me and want to learn more!  Host or attend a Rodney Hopwood Starting and Training Clinic.  Optimal clinics are a night oreniatation with a following 2 full days of class.  12 students are the recommended class size.  Contact Hopwood Border Collies for more information.

Contact Hopwood Border Collies:
Rodney and Carol Hopwood
Phone: 208-421-2098
  Fan Mail:
2971 N 3600 E
Kimberly, Idaho 

Thank you again to the Hopwood family for letting me spend the weekend with them.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and time.  It was an pleasure and I learned so much!  Hopefully, I can return again soon. 
Thank YOU for traveling the gypsy trail with me today.  Hope you enjoyed getting to know Hopwood Border Collie's.  Hope to see you soon down the trail~ Mindy
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Woodrow, the Working Cow Dog

Meet WOODROW, the Working Cow Dog! 

Woodrow has been a busy little cow dog this summer.  He had the opportunity to work cows with award winning Cowdog Trainer, Rodney Hopwood!  It was an amazing weekend!  Thank you so much to the entire Hopwood family and their hospitality!  To see more about Training Working Cowdogs click HERE!

Here is a peek at Woodrow's progress!  

Practicing Balance

Get in line!
Woodrow circling to the Left
Woodrow circling to the Right
I can do this all day long!
Making the Move
"Get A Hold"
"Good Boy"

Woodrow was such a good boy that he got to work the Ducks!  The ducks are used to fine tune and add finesse to your dog's handling.

Going Around to the Left
Good Balance Woodrow! 

Get back to the herd!
I said Move It! 
( No ducks were harmed in the practice pen, regardless of how exciting the pics look )
Good Games Ducks!
Rewarding swim at the water tank after a good days work.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sawtooth Rangers' Days of the Old West Rodeo 2012. Hailey, ID

Happy 4th of July and a MERRY COWBOY CHRISTMAS!  What an amazing 4th of July rodeo run!  Just wanted to take the chance to give thanks for all the amazingness taken in this week!

For about the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to spend my 4th of July at a rodeo arena nestled right up against the mountains in Hailey, Idaho.  During this time, not only have we started some wonderful rodeo traditions but also made some amazing friends along the way.

Days of the Old West Rodeo 2012 ~Hailey, Idaho
Photo doesn't do it justice but give you a tiny tiny glimpse of the beauty surrounding us
and the amazing Hailey crowd!
I wanted to share a few of my favorite traditions, tell a few "re-ride stories" and rodeo highlights, and GIVE THANKS!

Airport Inn:  Thank you so much to the Airport Inn hotel!  Close to the rodeo grounds, clean, comfortable rooms, breakfast served to your room, and a staff that makes you feel right at home.  Thank You to all the hard working Airport Inn employees that make are stay great. 
Antique Sales: Every year during the rodeo there are usually a couple of fabulous Antique Sales to take in during the day.  Always fun to see all the sights and hunt for treasures.  This year our dates were staggered a little differently but I still got to take in one.  Thank You to Wade and Nancy for a fun shopping extravaganza. Thank You to all the vendors who loaded up with antiques, trunks, and treasures to set up. 
Snow Bunny: The Snow Bunny is a one of a kind fast food shop right next to the rodeo grounds.  A Snow Bunny Milk Shake is always a life saver on the hot July days.  Thank You to all the Snow Bunny staff that works through the 4th to keep us fed.
4th of July Parade:  On the 4th of July, the main street of Hailey, Idaho is transformed into an asphalt run way for one of the the finest parades you'll see anywhere.   A sea of local business floats, 4-H groups, Bands, and Teams of Horses trail by keeping your eyes constantly looking for the next surprise of the parade route.  Thank You so much to everyone who puts time into participating and organizing such a wonderful 4th of July parade for us all the enjoy!
Sawtooth Rangers' Days of the Old West Rodeo:  Every year on the 2, 3, and 4th of July, the Rodeo Trail brings me to Hailey, Idaho for my very favorite tradition, RODEO!!!!  3 days of fun, friends, family, rodeo, and bucking horses!  THANK YOU so much to the Sawtooth Rangers for inviting us to rodeo with them!  Thank You to each and every volunteer who works so hard, year round, to make the rodeo possible.  Thank You to King Cattle Co., Jason Kelly family, Rodeo Officials, Ryan and Luke, Wade and Nancy, Bull fighters Tyson and Randall, Pickup Men Richard and Dirk, and EVERYONE who works tirelessly to put on a great rodeo production!  Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to the AMAZING RODEO FANS who pack the stands every night and bring energy and life to every performance!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Rodeo Re-Ride Stories and Highlights:

All 3 Days of the Old West Rodeo were fabulous!  Packed house and awesome rodeo animal athletes and contestants.  However, I do have to say that we saved the best for last!  The stands were overflowing with excited rodeo fans and by the end of the rodeo the excitement had built into an amazing energy!

Since I attend a few rodeos through out the year, sometimes the oddities tend to strike my fancy.  (Yes, that's my way of saying I have a warped sense of humor)  For example, I love to see things I've never seen before. 
  • Like the hometown bullrider who actually got bucked off in the chute.  The bull turned out backwards and he fell off coming around the corner.  He actually hit the ground on the inside of the chute, before the bull had crossed the plane to start the 8 second ride.  It was awesome!  
  • The Stock Saddle Bronc Riders stole the show.  A pen of young wild broncs matched up with young and even wilder cowboys! 
    Great rides from Cole Estill on a big bucking sorrell bucking straight down the pen.  Cole got his spur licks in and even managed to fan the horse with his hat and wave to the crowd.  Hometown cowboy, Jaron Downs, held his own in the wolf pack making a nice ride on a big grey that jumped and kicked circling around to the right. 
  • Almost as good as the great rides were the grand buck offs.  Sticky Stock Saddle Bronc rider, Wyatt Duncan, came out of chute number 3 on a big black horse who jumped and kicked circling to the Right.  The young strong black colt through out all his moves.  Wyatt was bucked off it appeared but the ride was far from over.  He got bucked to one side, standing in ONE stirrup!  Soon the roller coaster ride had thrown him to the neck for what seemed to be an eternity!  In 8 seconds the crowd got an entire episode of excitement.  Little did they know that the stock saddle boys were just getting warmed up!
  • JD Brock comes out on a tall Sorrel that I don't think could be rode by super man!  He jumped and kicked almost touching the stars when he extended his back feet.  As the cowboy hit the earth, he kept a hold of the bronc rein for a aleast two jumps he stood rein in hand!  The horse with the 1st bump of the rein hesitated but that only lasted a second.  We stood watching in disbelief!  What was he going to do with the rein in his hand!  Finally the renegade bronc was released from his hold and made his lap to the pickup men victorious.  (It is rumored that the thought crossed this daring bronc riders mind to attempt to jump back on....they're all crazy I tell ya :) 
  • Pook Hoots came out on bucking white horse out of chute number 5.  Making it look so easy he didn't need any help...the bronc rider PITCHED HIS REIN and rode without it for atleast 4 jumps.  In the end, the bold white horse would win but the rein-less ride will not soon be forgotten.
  • Great crowd, talented contestants, amazing facility, but all the cheering from the crowd and glimmer off the metal grandstands is drowned out by the beauty of the good old bucking horse mares entering the arena!  It is a thing of beauty that words just don't do justice.  Horses that have been there since the beginning and are still the heart and soul of the company like Blue Who, Bitter Brit, Table Dancer,Witch Blade, and Pretty Star.  Not only are the still stars in the arena but bucking horse mommas raising up future rodeo stars.  They make my heart happy and I feel lucky anytime I get the privilege of being in the same arena with them. 
What a wonderful way to spend the 4th of July!  Surrounded by fans, friends, family and Americans in celebration of  Life, Liberty, and Freedom!   Thank You again to the Sawtooth Rangers! 
Thank YOU for traveling the gypsy trail with me today. Hope you had a Happy 4th and a Merry Cowboy Christmas! ~ Mindy

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