Monday, November 28, 2011

Lil' Red Roan Sortin' Pens

Thank you to Lil' Red Roan patron, Kim Jacobs, for this
Tough Enough to Pack Pink Sortin' Pen hard at work!
"It even writes on FROZEN wet paper!
It was so cold the needle was sticking to the calves and snowing hard!" ~ Kim from Oregon

Sortin' Pens ~ Best Pens Ever!

If you are sortin stock in the back pens at a rodeo, writing down the tag number of a heifer that just calved or getting the number from the hottie you just met....SORTIN PENS are the perfect solutions!

Sortin' Pens are MADE IN AMERICA! They are the ultimate dependability in a compact size, making it the perfect take-along pen for people who camp, climb, hike, ski, bike, fish, snowboard, hunt, kayak and scuba dive.

Sortin' Pens write in temperatures from -50º to 250ºF, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle – even upside down! That's why they're the choice of cowboys, ski patrols, search and rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, and anyone who demands writing reliability in adverse conditions.

Picture of a Sortin' Pen open & ready to write!

Here is a full range of colors available:

"Tough Enough to Pack Pink" Sortin' Pen~ PINK, PINK, PINK! This lil' Sortin' Pen will stand out in a crowd. Great choice! This pink sortin' pen not only has all the benefits of a regular Sortin' Pen but it is also bright! If you happen to drop will stand out in dirt, grass, blood, straw, hay...just about the only place this pen will blend in is the flower bed!
"Ladies Love Outlaws" Sortin' Pen
"Silver Lining" Sortin' Pen (brushed silver)

"Gold Standard" Sortin' Pen (ribbed gold)
"Green Grass of Home" Sortin' Pen (emerald green)
"Blazing Blue Trails" Sortin' Pen (blue)
"Rebel Red" Sortin' Pen (cherry red)
"Jolly Green Rancher" (lime green)
"Hot Pants Pink" (fuchsia)
"Purple Sage" Sortin' Pen (purple)

"Shining SILVER" Sortin' Pen WITH CLIP
"Jet Black" Sortin' Pen WITH CLIP
My Favorite ~ "I Roped the Rainbow" Sortin' Pen
(available by special order)
I love my Sortin' Pen! I don't go anywhere without having my Perfect Pair ~ Sortin' Pen & Pocket Knife! They really are great lil' pens!

Customer Reviews ~
  • "Love my Sortin' Pen! I've used it in -20 below weather and countless time to write a backup draw for a rodeo. It's the perfect size! Fits in my pocket with my knife with no bulk. Just love it! " Emily F. , Idaho
  • "I like that my Sortin' Pen lays by my pocket knife so you've always got a pen with you. I like that it writes just about on anything. I use it everyday" Mr Wright, Utah
  • "While I no longer have to work outside in Idaho's ever changing weather, I am not without my sorting pen. I like to use it in my office as it is easily noticed as "stolen" and there is no dispute as to who it belongs to. I have also given many as gifts and have gotten rave reviews. They pair great with one of Mindy's fabulous little knives. If you are in question as what to give this season you can't go wrong." ~~Jenny R. , Idaho
  • "My Sortin' Pen is always in my cup holder of my car along with a pad of Post Its. Just in case I need to leave a love note on a car ;)" Melina Z. , Utah
  • "I never had a pen when I needed one most of the time. They wouldn't write. Sortin' Pens are easy to pack. They always write, even when shipping calves in freezing January weather." ~ John U. , Nevada

Thank you so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today and letting me share one of my Rodeo necessities with you.
See you down the trail,

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Lil' Red Roan

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