Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Down a Dirt Road

Driving down the dirt road I see this....

Some sort of horse drawn vehicle...with tires dragging (my guess is for weight so the broncs don't run off. Also works as a handy road grater :)

Yes.....he's talking on his phone! lol

He did pull the team over to the other side of the road so I could pass
Not to be out done by my father for poor driving habits....

I hurried....passed him....and stopped in front of him ....opened the sunroof so I could stand up & take a picture of the team coming towards me....with my phone :)

Love my Dad! When he got to the house his 1st question was...Did you get my picture!?!

Happy Tuesday & Safe Travels to everyone on the Rodeo Trail or chillin on a dirt road!
~ Mindy
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