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South Mountain Designs - Brandi Lisle

Hi Friends,
Today I'd like to share with you South Mountain Design and the talented Ms. Brandi Lisle. She is beautiful inside and out! I had the honor of meeting Brandi a few years ago at the Bruneau Cowboy Christmas and I've just had to share her talents with you!

Brandi was kind enough to give us a glimpse into her world.

South Mountain Design ~ Brandi Lisle

I am a small town girl, I grew up on a ranch outside of Jordan Valley that had no electricity except for a generator at night, and only a couple of neighbors closer than thirty miles. My parents have ran our ranch for over 30 years, and are a classic example to me of working hard and being proud of what you work for. My girls are my life, Ruby (3) and Josie (5). Josie already has a creative streak and can draw better than I can... lol, really. - there are artists and crafters on both sides of our families.
Josie's Pet Rocks that were for sale at the 2011 Bruneau Cowboy Christmas

I started designing about six years ago, with my sister in law Jana. I have always liked to make things, starting with tiny little pillows for my best friend as a child, and whittled horses, etched rocks, etc... actually I remember my first "etching" was a horse head into a piece of soft marble... I gave it to my best friend Roseanna Elordi, and she still has it in her keepsakes.

Up until a month ago I was a stay home mom, ranch wife, substitute teacher, and crafter... now I have gone to work two days a week at the local elementary and am using my teaching degree from BSU. I love my job, and the people that I work with. Two days is completely perfect for me, letting me use my education, but still be there for Ruby, who hasn't started school yet. Josie is in Kindergarten in the same school that I work in, so I see her numerous times a day when I am working.

I don't know what God will bring my way in the future, but whatever He chooses, I am eternally thankful for the blessings in my life that have allowed me to be who I am: mom, wife, crafter, and teacher....

My inspiration comes from what I see... I see something, think, "I can do that!" and remake it with my own twist... I try to do things that I like and that I would buy... For example, I have done the three piece centerpieces for years, and this year, in Rod's western catalogue, what did I see? Three piece centerpieces almost EXACTLY like mine (double the price, though of course!) I can give my Aunt Dee a bit of credit for my inspiration. She is always calling me telling me to make this or that, and being a huge supporter.
(To see Dee's Handy Work visit Deez Bunkhouse Designz

I am also a packrat aka environmentalist... why throw away or walk by something perfectly useful? everything I see has potential... for example - old pieces of scrap wood becomes christmas tree decorations, pumpkins, and centerpieces... acorns from the park outside the Boise Zoo become garland decorations. Old cowboy ropes become vases and baskets... Consequently, I pack a lot of stuff home that I am going to make into something - someday...

The wood... Juniper... where I grew up, it was in the Owyhee mountains, and our entire ranch is covered in Juniper trees... I miss them so - inspiring the motto on my card - so when I build with juniper, I get a sense of completeness, since all my wood comes straight from my parents' property... Seeing the beauty of those trees recreated in furniture is very fulfilling

My favorite thing to make are my signs... They use up my extra wood, and I like to see people studying them, talking about what sayings I put on them lately...

My biggest sale item, however are my denim hotpads... they sell out every year...
Denim Hot Pads, Rope Vases, and Rustic Home Decor

My favorite thing about the things I make is hearing how much people love them... I truly internalize it when people tell me how amazing my stuff is. I work hard at my crafts, and take pride in them... in the knowing that I can take what items I have on hand (largely) and make something out of it. I guess I like that I am multi-talented... Description: :)

Ok...These are my very very very FAVORITE South Mountain Designs!!!
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE the Hand Etched Glass!!!

Seriously, Aren't they stunning!
Oh....what is my 2nd favorite from South Mountain Designs
Here is a link to see Willow Round Pens: http://rodeotalesgypsytrails.blogspot.com/2011/01/trail-treasures-1-will-james-round-pens.html

Here is some more of Brandi's handy work!
Rope Baskets, Candles, Spunky Magnets & More

Handmade Signs, Etched Glass, & fun holiday decor
Handmade signs, Hair Flowers, Head Bands
Handmade Wild Rags & Blinged Out Head Bands

LOVE what you see!!! Here is contact info for this lovely lady & her beautiful work!

South Mountain Designs ~ bringing the mountains to your home
Brandi Lisle
To Order email: brandi.lisle@hotmail.com

Thank You for traveling the Gypsy Trail with me today. So happy I could share this amazing artisan with you!
HAPPY November & Thanksgiving week!
Love ya, Mindy
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