Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Fishin' Trip

After driving home from our rodeo Saturday night, I spent most of Sunday morning sleeping in. Aww, I love sleeping in my own bed! Ready to tackle the day, day of laundry and catching up ahead of me. Well, I get a phone call from lil J2. He & Dad were headed to the Lodge to go fishin! I tell them to give me 20 minutes and I was in!

Most would roast hot dogs & have a cook out. No, in true Hoggan style, we stopped & ate at the Cafe in Dubois. We knew all 7 of the people in there so we added a lil' visiting to the days agenda.

We stopped on our way up the canyon to pickup Tyler & off we went.

Headed into the Canyon

View from the Ranch

The Ol' Red Barn

Finally, we hit the water! Just for the record, I don't love to fish. The whole patient & quite just aren't my favorite pass times. I went into this with expectations of playing in the water & taking some pretty pictures. I soon realized that my brand new wading boots....have a whole in them. However, I CAUGHT THE BIG ONE! Ya, I caught a 5 lbs log, 2 rocks & a few willows! Let the picture taking begin!

So I don't have a picture....because the creek was going to fast & I was afraid I would get my camera wet if I fell down. (ya, I know I'm coordinated like that) I LOVE the SOUND of the CREEK RUNNING! I love that sound! I love being up the Lodge & that peaceful feeling & regardless of whatelse that is going on.....You can just hear the sound of water crashing against the creek bottom & the edges of the banks! Aww, that is my happy place.
What a peaceful Sunday!

My Fishin Partner ~ Captn' Woodrow Call

Too hot! (Ya, it's quite possible none of us are good fisherman) We load up & head up to the house. Matt Hoggan & McCall Berrett were riding some colts & working some cattle. All of the above was good watching!

It's cooled off a little. Back to the creek we go! This time some more company joins us! (perfect, another excuse for me to not be quiet :) Thank You to Uncle Lynn for letting us come visit!

I finally caught a big enough log that I couldn't get free from & I broke my line. Perfect reason to retire the pole & crack out the camera. I gave the pole to Anisha, took the kids & headed on an adventure! We walked back to the ranch singing the Alphabet Song & any other fun song we could remember!

What a great day! It was 11 before we finally rolled back into the yard at home. Dad was disgusted with our fishing abilities....He didn't even get a nibble! Hahaha.....good times!

Another great adventure in the books......just by saying YES! I'd love to!


Just Say Yes! ~ Remember, Life isn't a dress rehearsal. So go dream up a great adventure!

I haven't wrote in a long long time. Busy summer. Love it. Maybe I'll catch up on my stories....maybe I won't. For now I'll leave you with these.

Dad went to Homedale for the week and asked if I would irrigate. I said YES. Here are some pics from yesterdays adventures and the beautiful blessings from saying YES! It was a beautiful day to be in a pair of waders & packing a shovel.

Headed down the field

Woodrow, my irrigating partner

Horses out to pastureLoved this picture. Just has that peaceful feeling to it

When Progress & The Past Meet ~Sagebrush intertwined in the barbwire fences that once tamed the Wild Western States. Now much of the barbed wire is gone, torn out by farmers with no livestock on the land. Irrigation transformed this desert into the fertile farming valley that it is. Someday, flood irrigation will be a thing of the past, replaced by the big pivots.

My Aunt invites me down for grilled steak & shrimp. Now how can I turn down an offer like that! I offer to bring dutch oven yummy potatoes. Well, irrigating is taking about an hour each trip so I ask them to put them in the oven for me. Timed Perfectly, I will get back just in time to pull a piping hot pan of potatoes out of the oven! As I head out of the yard, off to my right, this is what i see!!! OUTLAW DONKEYS....! Hmmm, dinner is on the line. I will get them when I'm done.

Easier said than done. THANK YOU NANCY & WADE for a fabulous barbecue! After over indulging in Steak, Salad, Yummy Potatoes & a chocolate strawberry or two....I promptly head back to Dad's. The donkey's are no where to be found. Maybe they put them selves back in! I check the corrals. I check....everywhere! I go get in the flat bead pickup & look some more. I'm a regular mountain man.....checking for tracks, using the binocluars & the whole 9 yards! I wouldn't be so worried but the lil' mare just had a baby & it is just about the cutest thing you ever did see! J2 leaves me in charge of his prize possesion & I lose it! I kept flashing back to a bottle fed calf that disappeared when we were young....never to be seen again....unless you count the holestein the mircaluously appeared in the neighbors back pens. Uggg.....I look & I look & I look! Finally, when I have given up, called Dad in defeat & am headed home......THEY APPEAR! Dirty buggers must have circled back around me & are right in the corrals!

Well, if nothing else, It made for a good adventure :) Have a great night!
That Girl

The black is the original recipe. The red is what I do with it.

6 medium potoes~ cooked, cooled, grated (I use 1 bag frozen or refrigerated shredded hashbrowns)
1/4 cup butter (1/4 cup maragrine, cheaper)
1 cup sour cream
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup shredded cheese (I just throw it in by the hand fulls, I use half orange cheese & half pepper jack to spice it up alittle)

Combine butter, sour cream, soup & cheese with grated potatoes. (aka~ throw it all in. Order doesn't matter just try to get all ingredients in ;) Put in baking dish & cover with 2 cups cruched cornflakes. Bake 350 for 30 minutes

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Treasures Found Along the Trail!

Just a few fabulous places I've found on the Gypsy Trail!

Check them out & spread the word about these treasures with friends!!!!

Robin Corey Jewelry ~ Robin Corey combines her talent with a camera with her artist beading skills to make FABULOUS one of a kind jewelry pieces! AMAZING!!! Also check out her beautiful photography work! AMAZING!
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/album.php?id=1203664860&aid=2037856&s=0&hash=ac49085e2790e9b60f23d3316951cb0a on facebook

http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=440405205&albumId=1277130 on myspace

SIS Productions ~ Specializing in Videography & Photography


Jewelry by Ash ~ Unique jewelry Handmade in Idaho


Real Deals in Butte, MT~ Afordable home furnishings for every season!!!!! Love this place!

Scentsy ~ Flameless Scented Candles that make a home smell like a lil' slice of heaven!


Andi B's ~ A fun lil boutique with something for everyone!

Sagebrush Sirens ~ A western boutique nestled in downtown Red Lodge, MT! Check out the fun bronc purses.

Martiny Saddle Co. ~ Quality handmade leather goods by Nancy Martiny
Lil' Red Roan ~ last but certainly not least....Lil' Red Roan! A collection of some of my very favorite things! http://www.facebook.com/LittleRedRoan

Take a stroll down the gypsy trail & say hello to some of my great friends! Tell them Lil' Red Roan sent you!!!! FELL FREE TO SHARE THESE TREASURE FINDS WITH FRIENDS!!!