Friday, August 17, 2012

Young Creations- handmade in the USA

Idaho native, Kaylene Young has been in love with sewing forever!  At a very young age, she would sit in her Mom’s lap and watch her sew.  (Her Mom said, as soon as she was old enough to understand Don’t Touch : ) As she got older, Kaylene would start to do some of her owning sewing, making prom formals and more.  Eventually, Kaylene would be making clothes, costumes, and dresses for her own kids.  

A few years ago, Kaylene decided to take her love of sewing and start sewing for others.  Young Creations is based out of my hometown of Hamer, Idaho.  I wanted to share with you some of the amazingness that this little town and YOUNG CREATIONS has to offer! 
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Young Creations, quality apparel, handmade in the USA!!!!
Don't let the cute little buckaroo clothes fool you.  Young Creations offers a wide variety of services for everyone in your family. 
  • Under Armour
  • Moisture wicking work out apparel
  • Formals 
  • Costumes
  • Totos
  • Skirts
  • Onsies
  • Western Vests
  • Dance Team Costumes and MORE!!!
Young Creations had a booth at the Mud Lake Fair and Rodeo and these little Western Onsies caught my eye.  Aren't they darling!

Young Creations  ~Western Onsies
Visit the web-site to see full price list

Western Onsie paired perfectly with a spunky kids coat!
All handmade in the USA!!!

Western Onsies and fun vinyl chaps

Look at the detail!  Love it!

Western Onsies and fun vinyl chaps
Vest and Skirt Sets
Custom Costumes for your favorite Princesses or Pirates!

Interested in getting your very own YOUNG CREATION!
Here is contact info so you can do just that!
Young Creations ~ Created by You, Remember by Everyone
Kaylene YoungPhone: 208-339-7401
Blog and Website:

 Thanks so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me!  Have a wonderful day and take time to check out all the small town wonders and hometown artisans in your back yard! ~ Mindy

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THANK YOU for shopping small! You, our loyal customers, are the driving force behind our small business. Thank you for your patronage and continued support. We are honored to be able to provide quality goods and look forward to serving you again in the future. ~ Mindy
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Mud Lake Fair and Rodeo 2012

Hooray for another AMAZING hometown fair and rodeo!  This wasn't just any fair and rodeo though....It was the fair and rodeo that I grew up going to every August.  The fair that gathers all the surrounding towns together in celebration.  A collection of a years worth of talent and hand work on display.  Youth actively engaged in agriculture showing sheep, lambs, pigs, beef and more.  We are transformed from a spread out farming and ranching community to a bustling fair grounds filled with fine foods, rodeo action and fun!
LOVE this time of year! Truly blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the Fair and Rodeo!

THANK YOU to everyone who works together to make the Fair and Rodeo a success!
Click Here for a Full Fair and Rodeo THANK YOU!

Here are a few moments from the weekend that made me smile:

Renegade Horses
Renegade horses: 7 am as turn our car towards the rodeo can see LOOSE horses grazing by the road.  A second look and you can clearly see that they are escaped broncs.  Car passengers jumping from all doors to hurry and jog around the culprits and return them to the rest of the herd behind the bars of the powder river panels.  Thankful that we were able to get the broncs in without any trouble.  Also Thankful to all the timey's who managed to go through the gate and close it without letting any horses out.

Never a dull moment!

After slack, we commenced to go about the rodeo duties.  Showing horses the arena and out gate, sorting, ect.  While back sorting a young boy is in the back pens and asked if he can help.  I remember him from the year before but have to ask his name. 

He replies...."My name is Nash.  Your name is Mindy, I remember.  Last year when we were gathering the Rodeo Bulls from out back....a bull turned back and You had to put me in a tree so I wouldn't get ran over."  Yes, surprisingly enough, I had blocked that memory out apparently.  What a trooper.  He ran slide gates for me all afternoon.  Good help too.  Thanks Nash!

Sorting in the back pen's big, tall wooden fences
Hanging out with Nash and other cool kids...brings me to my next story.

Coming down the chutes....I don't remember exactly what I was excited about but something had happened that I thought was fabulous.  Walking by a bull rider, an adult bull rider, I stuck out my fist and said "Nuckles"    ...Yes, I made a full grown adult fist bump...just like I would if I was hanging out with my 5 year old little sister. was hilarious!   I instantly realized how dork that was and that I need to hang out with more adults :) Don't worry though, I didn't let it phase me.

Friday night was our 1st performance and we had our ups and downs.  Like the fact that I missed 2 bareback flanks.  The good out weighed the bad throughout the evening though.  THANK YOU to Champion Stock Saddle Bronc Rider JD Brock for entering!  It was an honor to have you here.
Thank You to King Cattle Co for sending some great buckers!!!
Saturday's Rodeo action was filled with more spills and thrills.  Huge Thank You to Lynn Smith for helping load and flank.  Lynn picked up for Hoggan Rodeo as I was growing up and I will always consider the Smith's to be Rodeo Family! 

Let'em Dance in the Big Pen Boys
Flanking Lynn Smith.  Also pictured Rodeo Chairman: Dave Burtenshaw and Dusty Peterson
Thank You for EVERYTHING!!!
Thank You to Savannah McGarry for being awesome!  Helping hang flanks, sort and just doing whatever needed to be done.  You rock! 
Adjusting a flank and hanging out with cool cat, Savannah McGarry
Mud Lake was the debut of Bronc Rider, Tiffani Casey!  She did a great job, riding two horses over the course of the weekend.  Tiffani was better with each ride!  Huge thank you to bronc riders, JD Johnson and Garrett Smith for helping Tiffani and showing her the ropes.

Visit margaritahoggan's channel on Youtube to see more bucking horse rides from the night

CONGRATULATIONS to Horse Ropings Champions : J2 Hoggan ( age 12), Pat McGarry and Daughter Savannah McGarry (age 17)!  J2 front footed him.  It was awesome!!! 

Mud Lake Fair and Rodeo, THANK YOU again to everyone who makes this week possible! Thanks for taking the time to travel the gypsy trail with me and if you see me somewhere and I nuckles....just assume I've been hanging out with all the cool kids  ~
Happy Trails,

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fair and Rodeo THANK YOU

Mud Lake Fair and Rodeo

Just finishing up a week of Fair and Rodeo fun!  This week really got me thinking about all the people that it takes to make things successful.

Feed and Water
Feed and Water
Start all over again.....this is a basic rodeo weekend for us.  Fairly simple, but this weekend I got to thinking about each and every person that works so hard to make a flawless rodeo .  Year round there is work being done to make this week a success. 

Here are just a few people that I'd like to Thank
Thank You to the family that donated corrals for the rodeo stock to lay over at before we could get hauled in to the rodeo grounds.  Thank You for the hay, water and care provided for those animals. 
Thank You to the pickup man that hauled flanks, chaps, and the barrel bucket home from the last rodeo so we would have the tools we needed for our rodeo.
Thank You to Dad for taking the time to go through the pen of horses with me so I had knowledge to be able to place them in the rodeo where they could shine.

Thank You to the high school rodeo team for putting on a team roping for every one to enjoy.
Thank You to the contractor that hauled in roping steers. Thank You for hauling in my dogging steers.
Thank You to every food booth that was open and cooking food to feed the fans.
Thank You to the farmers and ranchers that work year round to produce food for us to enjoy.
Thank You to every one who volunteers time to serve.
Thank You to everyone who worked so hard to get the new concession building finished.  It is beautiful and a wonderful place for our community to gather together.
Thank You to the devote woman that wiped down tables every night to make them clean and fresh for the next day.
Thank You to the 95+ year old neighbors that came down to the fair to enjoy some fair food and let us be in your presence.  Even staying to take in a little team roping action. 
Thank You to the strong young men that helped get the wheel chair through the gravel.
Thank You to each and every person that came down to compete in the team roping. 
Thank You to everyone who volunteered to make that event a success and raise money for the children and the future stars of rodeo.
Thank You to everyone who worked so hard to ensure that the water system was up and running to water livestock. 

Renegade Horses
Thank You to family that was up 1st thing Thursday morning to load and haul bucking horses even though they had spent most of the night volunteering at the high school team roping.  Thank You for volunteering your time, vehicles and expertise.

Thank You to the student studying to be a pilot that took time at home to volunteer his precious time to serve.  Thank You for hauling, feeding, running and doing so much!

Thank You to mother nature for every drop of moisture we've received this year and the grass that we were able to kick livestock out on to graze. 

Thank You to everyone who helped set up the Pink Tent. 
Thank You to Scott and Shyanne Hathaway for working the DoTerra Essential Oil booth and sharing HEALTH with all our friends and neighbors.
Thank You to everyone who sets up a booth and adds to the fullness of our fair.
Thank You to everyone who patronizes our booths and enjoys in everything the fair has to offer.

Thank You to everyone who puts time into making the kids rodeo a success.  Thank You for taking entries. Organizing personnel and volunteers.

Thank You to everyone who donates stock for the kids to ride, rope, and chase.

Thank You to all the cowboys who donate time, fuel, and horse flesh to clear the arena, pull kids in the hide race and make the evening a success.
Thank You to every family who came out to watch.
Thank You to every courageous contestant that entered up in the rodeo and their families for supporting them.
Thank You to everyone loading cattle, taking ropes off and working diligently behind the scenes.

Thank You to everyone who helped run timed event stock through in the cool of the night after the kids rodeo so that we would be ready for slack in the morning.
Thank You for your help running bucking horses through.
Thank You to the family who donates a personel vehicle to feed livestock.  Thank You for feeding, letting us use your vehicle, driving, and always going above and beyond.

Thank You to the cowboy that drove out in the middle of the night to deliver steers for our morning slack.
Thank You to those who raise livestock for a living and provide the cattle we need to compete with.
THAN K YOU to my guardian angels that the bucking horses that escaped in the night were still close to the rodeo grounds and we were able to run them in on foot as we pulled in for slack.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who closed the gate behind yourself and didn’t let the bucking horses out. 
Thank You to the cowboys who helped run stock through.
Thank You to the barrel racers who staked the arena.
Thank You to all the contestants for entering the Mud Lake Rodeo.
HUGE THANK YOU to every contestant that Thanked the volunteers working behind the scenes to put on a rodeo for them. 
Thank You to every contestant that Thanked the high school girls that were taking off ropes.  Thank You to everyone who untied a calf, followed their livestock out of the arena and was courteous.
Thank You to the hard working committee who works year round to get donations and added money to make this rodeo possible.
Thank You to the community and business that donate and support their local fair and rodeo.
Thank You to the rodeo judges at the grounds hours before the slack performance putting up barriers.

Thank You to a Rodeo Secretary who is in constant contact.  Keeping me updated with entries and always working to make it the best show possible.
Thank You to the ticket takers.  It is a Thankless job and we appreciate all your hard work.  That is how we pay to put on our rodeo is collecting of tickets.  THANK YOU to each and every person who buys a ticket and makes another year of Fair and Rodeo possible!

Thank You to everyone sorting and loading cattle at the top end of the arena.  Thank You for doing your job so well and keeping the cattle in just the right order.
Thank You to the person tieing the barriers.
Thank You to the person waiting for the cowboys nod and opening the latch.
Thank You to the judge watching the barrier to give the animal a fair chance.
Thank You to the flagger in the field that drops that flag and signals the stop watch.
Thank You to the timers, stop watch in hand, recording the events and documenting the prospective champions of the weekend.
Thank You to the announcer for keep us informed and the flow of the performance rolling.
Thank You to every volunteer takes a rope off and pens the cattle back where they are supposed to go.
Thank You to for feeding, watering and caring for the stock that hard worked throughout slack.
Thank You to judges for drawing a pen so that we could sort and be prepeared for our rodeo performance.
Thank You to every food booth and having a hot meal prepared to be enjoyed.

Thank You to the cowboys who helped gather bucking horses.
Thank You to the neighbor kids who helped run slide gates while we sorted. 
Thank You to the bull fighters that ran back pen gates to receive the different pens of horses we would use in the performance that night.
Thank You to the pickup men, neighbors, friends, and little brothers who rode and sorted bucking horses out of the arena to us.
Thank You to the judges and secretary for being so great to work with all weekend.
Thank You to the runners moving stock up to the top corrals so that they could be competed on.
THANK YOU to everyone who works so deligently at that end to keep things running smoothly; Sorting, Loading, Tieing barriers, and working together.  I never have to worry about a thing while I’m loading bucking horses on the other end during a performance and that is a huge blessing.
Thank You to the queens who run stock out and keep our arena clean. 
Thank You to 4H and everyone who participated in the opening ceremonies.
Thank You to the beautiful national anthem singer
Thank You for offering up a prayer on all of our behalf to start off our rodeo right.
Thank You again to our announcer for keeping things rolling and keeping us informed.
Thank You to the bucking horse loaders.
Thank You to every cowboy who runs a slide gate.
Thank You for running a neck rope and tieing broncs in.
Thank You to the men who trip latches, pull gates and are an essential part of every horse bucked.
Thank you to the Cowboys who enter!  Thank You to the cowboys who drive hundreds of miles.
Thank You to the Cowboys who ride!
Thank You to the stripping chute crew who receives bucking horses all night, takes saddles off and puts animals back in pens.
Thank You to the pickupmen rescuing cowboys and clearing the arena for the next bronc. 
Thank You to the dedicated volunteer on the out gate.
Thank You to the Bucking Bull guys for hauling in quality bulls for the Rodeo.  Sorting, loading, and taking care of everything needed for a successful bull riding.
Thank You to the bull fighters that work all weekend, where ever needed to make things run smoothly and go above and beyond.  They were there from the very first animal sorted in slack to the very last horse fed.  Thank You for putting yourself in harm’s way to protect the cowboys.
Thank You to each and every person who bought a ticket to the rodeo.
Thank You for every fan that cheered on a competitor and enjoyed the rodeo.
Thank You to the great girls that watered the calves.
Thank You to guys that helped grain and feed the calves.
Thank You for feeding the steers, bucking horses and bulls.
Thank You to the High School Rodeo club for preparing delicious dinners for the entire crew to enjoy.


Thank You to the pretty lady at the feed store who set out a bag of corn for me to pick up Saturday morning.  The baby calves sure loved it!
Thank You to the awesome committee member who put a new float on the trough for the horses and bulls so they had endless water to drink up all through the hot summer day.
Thank You to the bull fighters and friends who helped feed rodeo stock that morning.

THANK You to everyone who entered projects in the fair!  Thank You to all 4H leaders who work year round to teach and prepare for the fair.

Thank You to everyone who enters livestock and shows sheep, pigs, and steers. 
Thank You to everyone who gets their livestock in top condition to show and sell. 
Thank You to all the buyers who support our 4H kids and buy top quality meat!

Thank You again to the food booths who slave over hot grills all day to make delicious meals for all the fair goers to enjoy. 

Thank You to the horse ropers who helped gather and sort bucking horses.
Thank You to the bull fighter’s wife and girlfriend for running a slide gate.
 THANK YOU to everyone who helped Friday with all the jobs that had to be done for performing EVERYTHING AGAIN flawlessly.  Thank You for loading, sorting, running neck ropes, pulling slide gates, opening chute gates, stripping chutes, out gates, and more!

Thank You to the Champion Bronc Rider who took the time to help a novice rider get ready and how to do things to be safe. 
Thank You to a All Around Handy Rodeo Dad for helping load bucking horses and flank.  LOVE RODEO FAMILY! 

Thank You to my calf guy for hauling delivering calves and coming to pick them up.
Thank You again to the awesome Bull Guys.
Thank You to those who stayed until the very last animal was fed and kicked out on hay.

Thank You to the cowboys who helped gather and sort steers to go home.
Thank You to the steer contractor for delivery and picking up steers.
Thank You to the cowboys who helped jump start pickups, sort and load bucking horses.
Thank You for the help taking down the Pink Tent.
Thank You to the neighbor who brought down more hay and fed.
Thank You for all the help unloading and getting hauled home.
I know that this list doesn’t even begin to touch on everything that goes into making this weekend a success.  Thank You to all the un-sung heros! 
This truly is an amazing fair and rodeo and it’s because of each and every person who pulls together to do everything that need to be done.  It was an honor to be a part of this weekend and I am blessed to live in this community.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Rodeo Trail 2012, Part 3

In the words of a great Robert Earl Keen song, “The Road Goes On Forever and the Party Never Ends”!  The Summer Fun just never seems to end. 
Here is a quick back track through the rodeo trails and gypsy tales from the last little bit.

Never a dull moment around the Hoggan outfit! 
Puppies and Ponies!

Dog Gentle :)

Ellie's Wild Ride :
Night before the whole crew heads out on the rodeo trail, my little cousin, Ellie takes a crash of a horse.  A late night run for her Mom and Aunt Nancy to get to staples on her pretty little blond head.  While they went to the hospital, little sister, Josie and stayed home and tried our best at baby-sitting and getting some sleep.  I’m not sure how successful we were but we didn’t have to go to the hospital so I’m going to consider it a baby-sitting success!
Atomic Days Rodeo:
Friday morning, bright eyed, bushy tailed and headed to a rodeo!  The amazing Ms Savannah McGarry met me first thing.  She is a rock star!  Couldn't have got through the weekend with out her  We had plenty of excitement like Broncs unloading out trailer side-doors, escaped Rodeo Bulls, and that was all before we pulled out of the yard! 
Great weekend of Rodeo in Arco, Idaho!  I can honestly say this was the 1st rodeo that I ever timed and flanked in the same weekend.  lol...never a dull moment.  No daring spills down a flight of stairs so we made out alright.  HUGE THANK YOU to the entire Atomic Days Rodeo!  It takes so many hard working volunteers to make a weekend like Atomic Days a success!  Thank You to the Cook Shack for slaving over a hot stove to keep everyone fed, staying open late to feed the very last of the crew and up at the crack of dawn to make sure no Slack Contestants went hungry.  Thank You to all the hard working cowboys behind the scenes, loading timed event stock, taking off ropes, and jumping in where- ever needed!  Thank you to are awesome crew!  Bret and Lincoln Zollinger, Mark and Justin Schearer, and Savannah McGarry!  YOU ROCK!  Couldn't have made it threw the weekend without everyone working together and going the extra mile! Thank You to the judges, timers, and secretaries!  Thank You to all the rodeo contestants that competed!  Last, but certainly, not least, THANK YOU to all the Rodeo Fans who filled the stands, cheered, and enjoyed in the fun! 
Side notes:
1. Phone ~ A must give a shout out to the person that borrowed my cell phone battery.  Thank You, I'm sure you needed it more than me and there was a reason for me to be without a phone all weekend.  You were the motivation I needed to upgrade phones...It was time...I had already super glued my phone back together 5 times.  :) So Thank You and I hope the battery works well for you.

2. Don't set things on your tires ....thinking that You will remember to pick them up later.  You won't remember and the panic driving back to pick them up and see if you ran them over.....WILL take years off your life. Just sayin 

Pioneer Days Rodeo ~ St. Anthony, Idaho 

St. Anthony's Pioneer Day Rodeo is always one of my favorites.  The stands are packed and energy is awesome.  The hustle and bustle from the previous weekend of Contracting and Timing really made me appreciate a weekend with only job to do and hat to wear. King Cattle Co. had brought the stock and I got to watch some of the old Mares that I love so dearly.  Good solid ol' mares like 900 Blue Who.  What a mare! She loves her job and gives a 110% every time the gate opens. I got the opportunity to slow down and just soak up some of the sights and sounds that I LOVE about rodeo.   Love an arena filled with fine horses and billowing American flags, silence from the crowd as the National Anthem rings out through the summer air!    Love the sound of slide gates opening and the thundering hooves of broncs filling the chutes below.  I Love the ever so slight twitch of a Bronc's ear in the chute...anxiously waiting in anticipation of a nod of the head and crack of the latch!
So Thankful for the opportunity to RODEO and live in the Home of the Free and the Land of the Brave!
Thank You so much to the Pioneers Days committee and the entire St. Anthony community for the chance to celebrate with them.

New Puppies~ Woodrow, is a DAD!  Sissy had 6 beautiful little pups Friday night. 5 males and 1 female.  Two are a gorgeous chocolate brown. So excited and hoping for a pack of cow eaters!  ;)  Pictures as soon as they get a little bigger.   

Ron's Tire ~ Have to give a shout out to the local tire shop, Ron's Tire.  What a great crew of guys.  I took my car in with 5 dash lights on, all about the braking system.  They fixed me up in no time and had me back on the road!  Great service!  Thank You for all your hard work to keep my car in tip top shape!

Pink Palace Party ~ Monday we hosted a DoTerra Essential Oil Class right here at the Pink Palace!  What a great night with old and new friends!  We had ice cold well water on tap, fresh homemade salsa, and spent the night learning a little more about the healing powers of pure therapeutic grade essential oils! There were even some fun drawings and prizes won! My favorite part of the night was when Dad stood up and gave his testimony about how the DoTerra Essential Oils had helped him on the rodeo trail.  His eyes were swollen, infected, and all gunky.  He looked like he'd been on a week long runner!  Well, the nice ladies at the DoTerra booth got him hooked up with some Eucalyptus and the Breathe blend.  He saw results instantly.  He's a big fan now! Thank You so much to Scott for traveling up to share more about the oils.  Also, huge Thank You to everyone who came over to learn, visit, and soak up some summer fun!  

Pink Palace Party ~ Out in the old tree swing

War Bonnett Rodeo~ Idaho Falls, ID
LOVE this time of year...not only are there Fairs and Rodeos but there is a great little PRCA Rodeo run with Idaho Falls, Great Falls, Afton and a few close spots to hit.  It's usually this time of year that I get a call to get the house ready, house gets are coming!  LOVE a full home full of friends!  THANKS so much to Max Max and his crew of Traveling Partners for stopping by for a meal or two.  So great to see everyone!!!  Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world!!! 

I even made it in to the big town of Idaho Falls for the big show on Saturday.  Good rodeo with some nice horses and wild rides.  One of the highlights had to have been bareback rider, Morgan Heaton.  His horse popped the latch at shot out the gate before he nodded his head and while still tied in.  Even fouled him a little on the gate I think.  Morgan was a COWBOY!  Went on with it, got back up on his riggin and gave it his best.  Love to see that Cowboy Try! So much fun to see friends that travel a little different trails!  John Wright, Darrel, Matt and Molly Twitchell, TJ and Amy Clark!  Clarks have a pair of Shaggy dog that is used to clear the arena.  Big ol' cute hairy thing and real fun to watch! 

Joe and Ella
Recently, I've had the opportunity to spend some time in the evenings with my neighbors, Joe and Ella.  Ages 96 and 97 I think. Married for 61 years.  What an AMAZING couple!  I can't even tell you what a blessing it has been to be able to listen to their stories about some of the things they've seen and done.  I need to start taking notes!  They are such a wealth of knowledge, experience, life lessons, kindness, and truly a couple that lead by example.  So fortunate to be able to spend some time with them.  More stories to follow soon ;)

In closing, I just want to say THANK YOU so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today.  I hope your Summer is filled with more SUMMER LOVIN' and blessings than you can count!   I'm headed to the Mud Lake Fair and Rodeo this weekend!  Hope to see you there!
Happy Trails,

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p.s. Here is a few more of my favorite things

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin!  Days filled with so many blessings to be Thankful for and so much to LOVE!

  1. I Love neighbors who wave hello as you pass by on the highway.
  2. I Love small towns!
  3. I Love stopping at the parts store to get an ice-cream and leaving with 2 pairs of boots to drop of at Grandma's house so the girls can go ride!
  4. I Love country families raising country kids with chores and a knowledge of how to work.
  5. I Love cold ice cream on a hot day! 
  6. I Love the opportunity to help a neighbor because you can! 
  7. I Love listening to your elders talk about the past and lessons learned.
  8. I Love drives with family through places they used to go and walks down memory lane.
  9. I Love learning about what went before.
  10. I Love communities pulling together for the common good..
  11. I Love rodeos!  
  12. I Love bucking horses!  
  13. I Love the ever so slight twitch of a Bronc's ear in the chute...anxiously waiting in anticipation of a nod of the head and crack of the latch!
  14. I Love the sound of slide gates opening and the thundering hooves of broncs filling the chutes below! 
  15. I Love the ROAR of a crowd rejoicing together over a success and triumph of rodeo athletes! 
  16. I Love the opportunity to join forces with a rodeo committee or fair board to put on an event for the whole community to enjoy! 
  17. I Love the reverence of a National Athem being sung at the start of a rodeo and the amazing energy that builds when every voice in the stadium joins in song!  Sends chills through your body!
  18. I Love a Prayer offered in Thanks Giving!
  19. I Love positive people!  People who work hard and do what has to be done!
  20. I Love people who share their talents with others.
  21. I Love old friends and new friends that will last a lifetime, regardless of where your paths take you!  
  22. I Love puppies and the smiles that youth can bring to a face!
  23. I Love homemade salsa!
  24. I Love homemade food and a sincere gift shared.
  25. I Love neighbor's gardens that grow with abundance to share with friends.
  26. I Love new washing machines and the simple pleasure of clean laundry.
  27. I Love running water!
  28. I Love a cool home in the summer and a soft pillow to lie your head on at night.
  29. I Love the blessings of RAIN!  Even a shake of thunder in the night, giving warning to shut the windows and enjoy the down pour.
  30. I Love green grass!  Love the coolness it gives a yard!  Love the nutrition it gives animals.  Love the stability it gives the sand to stick to the earth.
  31. LOVE big beautiful shade trees and the protection they give.  So thankful for the time spent caring for the world around us, thankful for every tree planted, weed pulled, and ground that is cared for!
  32. I Love days spent playing in the kiddie pool splashing and soaking in the summer heat! 
  33. I Love big meals around a table with loved ones.
  34. I Love a load of Bronc Riders stopping in to lay over in between rodeos.
  35. I Love Rodeo Family! 
  36. I Love INSPIRATION!  Love those who Lead By Example and cheer on those around them!
  37. Love a Heart Felt THANK YOU!
  38. Love how a THANK YOU or a simple SMILE had the power to turn a whole day around!
  39. Love broncs that Jump and Kick every time!
  40. Love solid campaign horses who are worth their weight in gold!
  41. Love the smell of fresh worked rodeo arena, dark brown with just the right about of water to Rodeo!
  42. Love food and having more than enough to share!
  43. Love all the hard working Farmers and Ranchers that dedicate a life to providing for not just their family but the world!
  44. LOVE cows and all the blessings they provide!  Besides Beef to eat, one of my favorites it Leather!  So thankful for all the amazing tools that are crafted from the hide of a cow!
  45. Love mountains and the feed they produce!  So thankful for the ranchers that take the time to utilize that feed even though it requires countless hours in the saddle care taking for livestock.
  46.  LOVE a well broke saddle horse and a ride that can clear the mind of everything and when your feet hit the ground again...You are filled with everything good and overflowing with blessings!
  47. Love Running Water!  Love a drink of cold delicious well water!  Love water that comes running into the washing machine to clean clothes.  Love the Water that flows out the shower!  What a blessing to have at our finger tips!
  48. Love technology and the opportunity to keep in touch with friends, gain knowledge, and share inspiration with a few clicks of a button!
  49. LOVE POWER and all the blessings it brings with it!  So Thankful for all the hard working men and women that work to keep our power flowing everyday!
  50. Love Transportation!  Love the blessings of a good running car and the miles you can travel!  Love to be on the rodeo trail!  Love the friends you can make along the way! 
  51. Love a homemade blanket and the warm and love that flows from it for years!
  52. Love being healthy!  Love all the amazing cures and aides that the earth has provided to protect us.  Love Pure Essential Oils and the oppurtunity to share health! 
  53. Love people who are blessed and Pay It Forward!
  54. Love the power that one ripple of water can have on a whole pond! Love that the power of a Good Deed is 100 x's stronger that that ripple and you never truly know the magnitude of the blessings from it!
  55. Love the calming spirit that flows over your heart, mind, body, and soul when you are gathered together to rejoice in blessings together. 
  56. Love the beautiful sunrise and the endless blessings of a new day!
  57. LOVE the opportunity to count a few blessings and reflect on how truly grateful I am to be alive!    
Thankful for a message from a friend! 
Soaking up the summer sun, enjoying a ride on a fine roan horse, Momma and babies calves enjoying some lush green grass and taking in all the blessings of the day!
 THANK YOU so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today!  Wishing you a week filled with more blessings than you can number. 
Happy Trails ~ Mindy 
Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails