Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Dubois Parade Team

9:08 am the phone rings...Jay Hoggan calling.....This is usually how a great story starts!

I am headed out the door before our rodeo to go do the neighbors chores. Leisurely morning, I have left myself plenty of time to get everything done and be ready to go at 9:30. My phone rings as I am walking out the door. It is my Dad and he needs help getting the team ready for the parade.

Last night, he decided that he wanted to take the team up to the parade in Dubois. Technically, I don't have to be to Dubois until after the parade for my rodeo job. So I head to Dad's place. J2 & Dad have the mares caught and harnessed already. They are in the middle of a matted mess of cockle burrs in the forelocks. WD40 & a brush I take to picking clumps out too. (The entire time I am thinking of the "Unbranded" video of the guy trying to get the cactus off of the horse & getting pawed in the head) Lucky for me, these mares are super nice, the ol' girl just dropped her head and let me work on her.

I hear screaming from outside....screaming....Mindy...McKinlee....Mindy....McKinlee.....Nope no one was mortally wounded....Dad and J2 just needed help pushing the wagon to the trailer. Well, I gained a deep appreciate for air today. 2 of the 4 tires were flat...and air sure makes tires roll easier.

Tires aired up, wagon loaded, horses cleanish & loaded. We are off! I hopped in the truck and trailer with Dad, north bound and headed to the Dubois Parade!

We are rolling in hot....all the other teams are in line and ready. Unload the horses, roll out the wagon, hook and go! Dad is rolling the team around the gas station parking lot, greeting everyone like he's running for mayor and simultaneously warming up the horses.
Keep in mind that these mares have not been touched since last fall.

They are traveling out like champs! We even got there in time to get a number and line up in order for the parade progression....which is progress for us! There are four wagons entered in the parade. The wagon in front of us is the prettiest set of matched grey mules, painted red wagon with freshly shined is truly parade worthy!

Well...then there is us. Our team is a GORGEOUS. They are a big blue set of mares with the Quarter Circle V on them and a number brand 0 for the year born, remnants of the old bucking horse string. Dad has his fanciest harness on them, all spotted up by Monte Piquet. The wagon in desperate need of a paint job, the seat is ripped...and there is no shine left on the ol gal. I wouldn't say that Dad & I are really in our Sunday best either. (In my defense....I was going to catch candy at the parade that morning...not going to be in the parade)

The parade progression begins. The fancy team in front of us is doing turns. (We are all channeling our inner Preifert team hitch.) Well, Dad's wagon isn't fancy but his horses are. We are barely a block into the parade, and smack dab in the middle of main street, Dad starts a fancy turn in the middle of the street whirling the big gals around on a dime.....SNAP....the wagon tongue snaps in half! The remaining piece is no jagged and jabbing one of the mares in the legs!

This is were our wreck begins! We are mildly out of control and headed for a little girl getting candy in the street. Dad tells me to jump out and get a hold of them. I get to the front and get them stopped. The tongue is still poking the one mare. ( I am now super grateful for spraying WD40 cans at their face this morning because I know they are pretty dang gentle) My Aunt Nancy & Connie come from the crowd to help unhook the chains from the wagon.

This is where my logically thinking exits. After we get them unhooked, my Dad says come up here and take the lines. Go with them. So....I take the lines and set out...on the parade down main street....driving the team!

lol...It made for a great story. Farther down the road, the parade goers would holler...You lost your wagon. I smiled and said...You are right! I really did loose my wagon!

I went from a Preifert hitch teamster to a plow boy in a matter of seconds but we walked the entire parade. (Yes, pavement and cowboy boots will make you a little sore-footed at a trot) I thought the cherry on top was when they announced that we won the Wagon Category. (It probably should have went to the team in front of us but if they had a Best Wreck category, we would have rocked it!)

The best part though was tonight on the phone...My Dad said something to me that he has never said before...."You did good today!"
Happy Father's Day Dad! Thank you for always making EVERYTHING a good story!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Loadin Up 2

Loadin' Up 2

Do you ever have one of those moments when the whole world just slows down around you? ....You’re not sure if it has stopped for anyone else ....but everything around you is perfectly crisp and free of distraction. You are acutely aware of every sound around you. Often when loading the truck to come home from a rodeo....these are some of the images that flash through me & I wanted to attempt to share them in words. 

Coming down off the Rodeo High t. Love when you have a great crew, surrounded by amazing friends, everything bucks & it all comes together! Aww, SPECTACULAR! But there is a sadness to a rodeo grounds once filled with the hustle & bustle......once everyone has gone home & just the empty trailer tracks remain."

The silence that fills the air is broken only by the sounds of going home.

You can hear & feel each thundering broncs hoof striking the earth as they barrel down the alley to load on the truck.
Pound pound pound.....I struggle to describe the sound that their strong fierce hooves make as they eat up the ground below them. It is heavy & pounding but quick and agile all at the same time.
You can hear a change in the hoof beats the second they make their way from the dusty alley floor and up the wooden loading chute. It is almost a hollow echoing as they ascend to the semi. 

Booming, a loud symphony of hoof beats rumble from the trailer. To the untrained ear it sounds like a ruckus of collision and ciaos as the horses feet hit the aluminum and shake the whole truck but it is nothing less than perfection as they single file march up the ramp and slide in to place!
Down the alley, standing alone, with the stock awaiting the next passengers to be called for. Listening to every latch the truck driver moves and foots step so that you almost know the Ready call… before the words leave their lips. The stock knows it too.
You can hear the rattle and clang of every latch and chain against the panels. Standing at the gate you can feel the excitement from every animal as their gate is called and the rush of energy as they hightail it for home.
Even a hot and tired set of baby calves are bucking and playing as they eagerly make their way to the trailer. Bellering with excitement as the last one slides into place.
Every last animal is loaded and ready for the trek home as the long door is pulled closed.
These are the sounds of Loadin' Up!

THANK YOU so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today! 
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mad About Turquoise with The Mad Cow Company

If you follow my blog, you have seen me share some of my “Favorite Things”.  Today, I want to share some of my Favorite People who happen to be un- believably  talented and make some of my Favorite Things! 
A couple years ago, I had the chance to "live" with Pat & Amy Smith, the owners of The Mad Cow Company, in Las Vegas, Nevada during the Cowboy Christmas Trade show.  I didn't know them from Adam but after a couple weeks of all day bonding...we became fast friends and the rest is history! 

Since we all like to do business with people we “Know, Like and Trust”…. I wanted to share with you a little about the amazing Smith Family and The Mad Cow Company!  Thank You in advance to Amy for taking the time to do an interview and share her life with us.

Meet the Maker, Amy Smith ~

"I am a forth generation rodeo girl. My great aunts are Alice and Marge Greenough. We used to get to have every Thanksgiving with them when I was a kid. Alice was a big tough talker about all the broncs and bulls she has busted over the years and Marge was petite, sweet and quiet little lady. When I was little I used to tell people I was going to ride bulls when I grew up like my aunts, but that only lasted until I got bucked off a calf really hard at the first rodeo I ever entered. I really like to rope. I am left handed and all my life I have fought to be allowed to rope that way. My Dad made me rope right at breakaway most of the time, and I got to heel left. When I was in high school I switched to all left and feel most comfortable with that. When I started hanging out with Pat while we were dating I got him hooked on roping. We both still like to rope, but our kids are not interested in horses so we have not been doing much rodeo these days."

 How Did You Get Started?
"I have been playing around as a silversmith for 10 years. It all started when I was a teacher and the birth of my second child made my day care costs about the same as my teacher's pay. So I started looking for a way to bring in some income and stay home with the kids. My best friend, Natasha Robert's, in Texas was starting a little bead stringing jewelry business and I decided I could do that too. I started out selling at the farmer's market and some home parties, but it was not real lucrative.

I had been doing a little leather work since college making a few purses and belts. One day the idea of the horseshoe belt came to me, I was looking at a bar shoe in my brothers junk shoe pile and said I was going to make it into a buckle. He said that was a dumb idea and no one would wear that. So I started making piles of belts with turquoise chunks sewed on and stones glued on the buckles. I took them to some trade shows around Arizona and they started to take off.

It Takes Off
A friend of ours, Beau Compton was getting his silversmith business going at the same time so we decided that we were going to go big and share a booth in Vegas. We borrowed booth from my Mom, shared a hotel room and we shared a tiny 10x10 booth for 10 days. I insisted we had to have my life size fiberglass cow to draw attention to our booth. Beau insisted it did not fit. I guess we know who has a stronger personality because we crammed everything in and sold lots by our standards.
The belts were a hit. I told Beau I needed to learn to solder so I could make the buckles cooler and harder to copy. So when we got home from Vegas he taught me the basics of soldering and I spent my Vegas money setting up my jewelry shop. I have no formal training so I just started soldering things to everything metal. Bits and spurs were one of the first things that I decided needed to have turquoise. I was not selling a lot locally so I made the big jump to wholesale and went to my first Denver market with my life size cow and my little pile of stuff.
A Family Affair
I was having a hard time keeping up with demand just on my own. At the time my husband Pat was working out of town mostly, we had two small kids and the business was growing like crazy. We decided to throw all the eggs in one basket and take a leap and we both work for The Mad Cow Company. At first I thought he would be too big and clumsy to do small delicate jewelry work so I had him shipping, taking care of the house, and things like that.

An Engraver is Born!
Then he wanted to go to an engraving school to learn about that and I thought he would come back scratching on metal with mediocre skills. I was wrong, he was good and he loves doing it. He has come a long way with all the skills he has been acquiring. He has been to several schools and has been a huge help in growing the custom side of the business. We are a pretty decent team.

Sampling of Pat's Engraving:

Amy's Favorite Piece to Date:

My favorite thing about what we do is seeing something new be created everyday. When I make a huge pile of something I feel very productive. I love making new pieces. Everything we make spins off into something else. Each new design element, or new skill we acquire leads us down a new path. I don't think I will ever run out of ideas, because sometimes it is all I can think about. It robs my sleep and fills my days and I am thankful everyday that we can make a living doing something we both love. 

Sampling of some of their amazing pieces!  I LOVE the creativity, color, and fun designs.

These are MY Favorite Mad Cow Pieces from my own collection!
I wear one of their pieces almost daily! 

To see more and order your very own Mad Cow Pieces...
The Mad Cow Company Contact Info:

The Mad Cow Company
3741 S. Moson Rd
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
The Mad Cow Company
3741 S. Moson Rd
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
WEBSITE: www.shopmadcownow.cow
Phone: 520-559-6106
Address: 3
741 S. Moson Rd/Sierra Vista, AZ 85650

THANK YOU so much for stopping to visit.  So grateful to share some of my favorites with you!
uch Love, Mindy

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

LOVE is in the Details - Western Rings by Silver Dust Engraving by Annie Wangsgard

LOVE is in the details .... Silver Engraving, Western Rings and More

Today I am so excited to share with you an AMAZING woman, Annie Wangsgard.  Not only is she a wife and a mother to three beautiful, She is also a VERY TALENTED Silversmith.  Relatively new to the trade, she is creating some amazing pieces and I have no doubt she will only get better and better.

When I saw Annie’s work, I knew I had to share this Idaho Gem with friends!  She was kind enough to answer some questions and give us a glimpse into her world. 
Q: I asked Anne to share a little about herself and her family.  Always love learning about where an artist comes from and what drives them. 

A: I grew up in a family of 8. Things were sometimes a little crazy. Us kids loved playing Cowboys and Indians with our ponies, or jumping off the top of the hay stack. I'm sometimes surprised that we all survived. We didn't have video games, and rarely had television. This made it possible for not only the best childhood ever, but it also gave me plenty of time to practice skills I would use in my silver work later in life. I feel this was a huge blessing. I now am a wife and mother of 3 kids that keep me very busy. I love them so much it’s worth the craziness for sure.

Annie grew up in a western lifestyle and she is raising her family the same. 
Pictured below is Annie's daughter learning in the silver shop. 

Silversmith in the Making

Q: How long have you been doing silver work and how did you get started?

A: I have been working as a silversmith for 5 years, and I have been engraving for a little over 6 years.  I started out doing leatherwork, but the silver always seemed to interest me.  I had no idea where to even start. I began searching the internet for any engravers or silversmiths around this area.  I was blessed to find some engravers in Idaho and a couple were kind enough to give me a few pointers. Later I attended ISU's metal smithing classes to learn the basics for silversmithing. This was a really fun class. I never knew school could be so fun. I also did not know how much I would love doing silver work.

(***Shout out to all you college students…or any student for that matter….. Read that last line again…. “This was a really fun class. I never knew school could be so fun. I also did not know how much I would love doing silver work”  Sound advice when starting a career path…..LOVE what you do!

Q: What is your favorite thing about silversmithing?  Biggest Challenge?
A: I think my favorite thing about silver work is being able to make an idea come to life! The biggest challenge would have to be learning by trial and error. I have come to learn that no matter how many classes you take it’s the hands on practicing that seems to be the best teacher. (Even when it really makes you mad because you ruined something)
Q: Favorite piece to date?
A: I don't think I have only one favorite piece, because almost every time I finish a piece it becomes my new favorite. I do, however, know that my favorite thing to make is rings. I love the tiny intricate details of rings.

As you can see from the pictures, Annie's work speaks for itself!  Love her work and can't wait to see more from this talented artist in the future. THANK You to Annie for taking the time to share a piece of her story with us.  Also, a shout out to my dear friend, Jana Davis, she tipped me off about Annie's silverwork and I'm so glad she did. 
If you could like to see more of Annie's work follow her on facebook and Instagram

Silver Dust Engraving by Annie
Silverdust1 on Instagram

Order and Contact Info

Silver Dust Engraving by Annie
THANK YOU so much for stopping to visit.  So thankful to have you here and be able to share this talented young artist with you.  Much Love, Mindy

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Testimony of Friendship

Reeder Branding 2015
Penelope Hoggan riding Pepper

Testimony of the Power of Friendship

Today’s post will be different than what normally share with you.  Normally, I share fun, cool wrecks, rodeos, and even essential oil tips.  Today, I would like to share with you a very real an intimate experience.  I stood in church today and attempted to share this experience…..I was nervous, shaking, and filled with so much gratitude that I don’t know if you could understand me.  Here is a written version.  My intention is to more clearly share this testimony of friendship and fellowship with you.

This weekend I had the opportunity to load up my youngest brother and sister to go to a branding in Utah.  Dad called me Friday night and asked if I wanted to go. Lol….I didn’t really have an plans so I decided….WHY NOT?  J2, Penelope, and I piled in the car and headed South! The branding was at  Bret and Jeri Reeder’s place in Northern Utah.  Just a three hour trip…..but when the “Are we there yet?” and  “I’m not touching you!” comments started an hour into the trip…….I suddenly understood WHY my parents had us ride in the top of the trailer most of my childhood. 
We arrived about half way through the branding.  They were just going to gather a new bunch.  When looking out across the pasture….you saw a Herd….of small cowboys and cowgirls.  I lost count of how many cute lil’ buckaroos where there.  All were mounted on nice, trust worthy ranch horses. 

Bret and Jeri have have four amazing children, Ty, Katie, Bucky, and Rowdy.  They all have beautiful families.  Not to mention, cousins, neighbors, and friends who had come to help.  Even tho Bret and Jeri had more than enough help…..they welcomed us with open arms.  Literally, when I saw Jeri, she gave me the biggest hug ever and such a sincere smile of a friend you haven’t seen in way to long.  Ty (oldest son) instantly gathered up J2 and made him feel welcome.  (Ty is a stud and if you are with him…you just got a few pegs higher on the cool scale too) They got J2 a horse and let him rope, which is an honor at any branding. 
Penelope was quite taken back by the herds of people, kids, and cattle running around.  She stuck pretty close to me during that first set.  Well, Bucky ( the middle son) came over and said hello.  I think that was the only person Penelope would talk to.  When that set was finished we all went up to an AMAZING dutch oven meal, homemade with love.  Every one gathered on the grass to eat and visit.  Kids playing everywhere.  Penelope had finished eating and was playing by herself in the sand.  Bucky could have easily sat and visited with everyone but instead he gathered up Penelope and headed to the barn.  He saddled quite possibly the most prize horse, Pepper, and stud, that has been in the family for over twenty years.  Bucky lead her around.  She was instantly more comfortable and confident.  She even got to gather with everyone when they went to do the next set.  She was a different kid after that.  She was talkative and played effortlessly. 
Everyone was welcoming and friendly.  You visited, caught up, and just enjoyed company.  Rowdy (youngest Reeder son) went out of his way to come say hello, catch up and make me feel welcome.  It is amazing how a sincere conversation can fill your heart with so much light. 
Katie ( Bucky’s wife) has a beautiful fancy camera and let me play a little!  Aww, I don’t remember the last time I was behind the lens shooting something fun like that!  It was great to capture glimpses of the amazing moments unfolding in front of you. 

Up until now….this seemed like any other great day with friends, enjoying this life that we are so blessed to live.  It wasn’t until we were heading home that the fullness of the day would hit me. 

Bret and Jeri have been friends with my parents for as long as I can remember.  Bret is one of my Dad’s best friends, spoke at family funerals, and has been an amazing friend through the years.  Dad didn’t come with us tho….it was just us kids.  Bret and Jeri didn’t have to welcome us into their lives but they did and always have.  Memories from my youth came flooding back……Staying at their house after Utah rodeos, horse ropings, and I even stayed with them one summer.  I remembered the example their family had been.  Jeri ALWAYS had a hot meal and a place for you to sleep.  She makes the best Carmel brownies and that is where I learned my LOVE of homemade strawberry jam.   I remember traveling with them to a rodeo that Bret was picking up at.  They drove all night to get home and go to church the next morning.  They never pushed or judged.  They just lived their beliefs.  They are the example.  They love unconditionally.  A simple day of branding.....opened my eyes to the profound impact that this family has had on my life.

I remember Ty coming up to stay with our family and help Dad when he was younger.  Seeing him help J2…it opened my eyes to the ripples that one friendship can have. Dad and Bret being friends had brought us all together and the Reeder’s showed us…..and truly live fellowshipping.
Grateful for their fine examples.  Grateful to call them friends.  Grateful for an amazing day spent together. 
I share this humbly, thank you for reading.  I hope you are blessed with friends that love you, lift you, and lead by example. 

Oh....and on the way home...when my cute siblings where tired...I was the one torturing them
with 3 hours of endless car karaoke music made before they were born.