Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poetry In Motion

Waiting, waiting waiting, as they come down the line towards me.
It's finally my turn to play!
BLOW out of the chute, all four feet in the air!
I've only just begun!
Building more power as kick!

Transforming into a mythical creature, that you've only heard tales of

Look at me!
Let the games begin!

Swallowing up the ground beneath me,
In the arena, I have wings!
Snap, Snap Snap...Jumping & Kicking, I rebuild & extend my body,
giving it my all EVERY TIME!

I CAN FLY! Stretched out in all my glory!
I push into your halter, afraid of nothing!

Reveling in my Strength!!!

I explode!

Jump! Kick through the air, building power as I go!

Sailing thru the air as though my feet weren't meant for the ground!

I'm beautiful! Stretched out in all my Glory!
Every muscle in my body working together like a fine tuned machine

Hair blowing in the wind, in all my grandeur.

Stub your toe and I'll be the end of you!

Drawing energy from the arena dirt below me
I spring from the ground and blow in the air again!
Sending a jolt through your body with every powerful blow!
Making you fight for it!


Love when a big strong bronc explodes
Using every muscle in their body
So ATHLETIC! So much Passion!
Stronger with every jump
Love when they get paired with the perfect Cowboy
I Love Bucking Horses!

THANK YOU to Jackie Jensen Photography for the AMAZING pictures
that made this article possible! Loved to see all the Hoggan Raised Bucking Horses in action!

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1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful poem :) and of course wicked awesome broncs! Thanks for sharing.