Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sounds of Rodeo

Sounds of Rodeo.......Standing behind the chutes amid the hustle and bustle of a rodeo production.

It got me thinking about all the Sounds of Rodeo and how they mean something completely different to everyone.  How your mind is fine tuned to catch on to the littlest sound in the middle of the rodeo symphony! 

The silence that falls over a rodeo arena as a prayer is given.  The sound of a crowd rising in unison as Old Glory enters.  The National Anthem proudly recited from every rodeo fans lips.  A bronc in chute number 3, as if on cue, kicks the chute just as the crowd sings..."the bombs bursting on air".  The excitement that builds as the last words are belted out...." O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"  Even the horses know that it will soon be time to rodeo!  The explosion from the crowd as the American flag leads them out of the arena.  The crack of the first latch!!!  The crowd a hustle and bustle with talk, chatter, and cheering.

Bronc riders behind the chutes visiting about their draw.  "What's ol' number 900 take for a rein?"  "How's the trail been treating you?"  "Can you hook this back cinch for me please?"  Just another day at the office for them.
Announcer excitedly introducing the next roper into the area.  Lists of accomplishments, hope and dreams are being cast out across the loud speaker.

The sound of slide gates being pulled, broncs sorted two at a time and marching into their chute.  Right and Left orders are given from the back pens.  Opening and closing slide gates.  Neck ropes floating overhead ever so eloquently by masters of the trade.  The snap of flanks getting latched down.

Listening as the calf ropers names roll by, and the end of the section approaches.  "Three to go boys, pull'em down" can be heard from the chute boss.  Latigos tighten.  Reins are measured.

Flankman moves down the line watching as his stock performs. Silently motioning the pickup man's orders. 

Making final flank adjustments. Cowboy snugs the back cinch.
 Taking a seat in his buggy. The nod of the head.  The kick of the latch unleashing an explosion of horse flesh.  The zing of spur rowels!  The crack of strong powerful back feet kicking out the lights!
 You can almost hear the pop as the bronc takes the cowboys chin!  THUD and gasp from the crowd as the cowboy's body is pounded into the ground!  The thundering of hooves as the pickup men rush in.

The bang of metal and horse hoof in the midst of the excitement catches my attention.  The bronc in chute number 4 is fighting in the chute.  Heading towards him I am going through a check list in my mind.  Is he tied in?  Is the flank still on?  Back cinch slid back?  Just a young lil' bay colt that was getting used to coming to town and playing the game.  He will be hear the crack of the latch and be able to show his stuff soon! 

Back in the arena, a victorious bronc show boats his way around the arena before hunting down the outgate.

 You can hear the swing of the outgate and slide of the stripping chute being closed.  All the organized choas works together in perfect harmony of  thundering hooves and horse flesh! Stripped of the cowboys saddle.  The slide gate opens, light hoofs hit the ground as he makes his way back to his pen.

All the while the show goes on, another bronc is bucked.  Slide gates roll fresh horses in.  Soon they shuffle of judges papers will fade as they make their way down to the timed event end again.  The sound of horses anxiously waiting for the cratch of the calf chute and the pop of the barrier string.

So many Sounds of Rodeo to take in ....and I love them all.  Take a second and listen next time and tell me what you hear ....

Thank You so much for traveling the Gypsy Trail with me. 
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Happy Trails, Mindy

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  1. Great post & pics!! My favorite sounds! :D
    - Penny Kling

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth!

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  3. I absolutely love this post!! Your description really takes you there! I to love the sounds and just everything involved with rodeo.

    Great Post
    Erin :)

    1. Thanks so much Erin! I hope to add to this one a little. Maybe some interviews from rodeo cowboys about their favorite sounds.
      Thanks again, Mindy