Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ADVENTURES of the Heart!

Kiss in the Rain!
Laugh till you cry!
DANCE with me!
Hold Hands!
Be Kind!
Compliment Others
Seek out Good! 
Go on adventures!
Play kid games!
Play with Fire!
Listen to music that excites your soul!
Laugh More!
TRY new things!  TWICE ;)
Go out on limb! 
Be Comfortable with YOU! 

BIG SMILES and SUMMER FUN! Just love love!   Hope you are soakin it up!
Love ya, Hoagie

Saturday, July 27, 2013

View from the Window

If you don't like the view, look through another window.

Sitting at my computer on the backside of the house, I have a window I can see out.  It is the only view outside of the brick walls I'm surrounded by.  One day I glanced outside to a dark and gloomy view. In my mind, I had accepted that it must be a miserable day.  It looked yucky.   I had to get something from the front of the house and happened to catch sight out a window on that side.....It was stunning! The sky was lit up with color, light, and brilliance!

Light Bulb!  It occurred to me....that is LIFE!  We choose what window we look out.  If you don't like the view.....change windows!  Change the things you are focusing on, re-align your thoughts to appreciate and count the blessings right in front of you! Change windows!  If you need to, step outside!   

Grateful for all for all the views!

Darkness Closing In
Breaking Dawn

Once Upon a Windy Day

Mornin Sunshine
THANK YOU for traveling the gypsy trail with me today.  Wishing you views that take your breathe away and spark a fire in your soul!  ~ Mindy
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Ol' Tom Cat

Ol' Tom Cat ~ this is a post that has taken a few days to collect my words.  Seems that no words could ever do justice to this amazing man.  Just wanted to take a moment to capture some of the memories.

Growing up, we were neighbors with the Tommy Tompson family.  Ol' Tom Cat, as we often called Tommy, was ALWAYS getting a outfit running or fixing something that was broke down for our family.  It wasn't just our family either, the entire community had enjoyed the benefits of Tommy's skills at one point or another. 

A few years ago, I moved back to the area I was raised in. This would be a bigger blessing than I would ever realize.  Upon moving back, I would have the opportunity to not only be closer to family, but also to spend more time with some neighbors that as a kid, I hadn't made time to stop and visit much. Tommy was one of these neighbors that I would be blessed to spend some more time with.  The Tommy I knew was a "Fix Anything Man".  He was collector of parts, pieces, and could give any machine new life again...and usually with what he had floating around in his work truck.  He was also always willing to lend a hand when he could.  I knew Tommy was one of the best neighbors a person could ask for. 

During these eveing visits, I would realize that Tommy had retired a year before I was born....He had been "retired" my entire life.....and still worked harder than anyone I knew!  Tommy was a fearless adventure.  I would learn of Gold Mining in foreign countries, years working at the Sheep Station, Trapping Beaver, and a few of the adventures that had colored his past. 

Aside from being a shining example of work ethic, Tommy was an amazing family man.  There wasn't a visit that went by that he didn't tell me about something his kids, grand-kids, or great grand-kids where doing.  He was always uplifting and spoke with love.  

Even through all that Tommy had to do and all the people that he had to Love....Tommy was so good to watch out for his neighbors. 

A few things I will miss

* If I had been gone rodeoing or traveling, Tommy would call up and check on me.  "Where Are You?" he would ask. I haven't seen that blue car in awhile. 

* I'd been gone on rodeo run.  Driving home, I was tired, hungry, and returning to a empty house.  Tommy called just before I pulled in the yard to check on me.  He said come down I have supper ready for you.  I drove down and ate antelope, cooked squash, watermelon, and a fine feast!  

* This last winter, Tommy had got Shingles.  I would stop by in the evenings, after work to share some essential oils to help with the itching.  Always loved when we could stop the pain in it's tracks.  My favorite was just getting to visit and learn about Tommy's life, the history of our area, and life lessons. 

His brother used to call him Top Cat when he was younger, after a cartoon.  
Great dogs while working at the Sheep Station. 
Trapping Beaver. 

Tommy taught me the saying "A pints a pound the whole world round"

* Sharing a block of cheese from the local feed store.  Tommy loved when it would get super sharp. Even after he is gone, he keeps taking care of those around him.  Just finishing up a block of cheese.

* Cutting Fire Wood ~ Firing up the amazing mechanical masterpiece of a wood cutter & filling the wood pile.  Engineering genius!

*Block Parties ~ Always arriving right on time.  Tommy would show up ready to eat and visit.  He would even come out in the winter to a card party or too.  Always keeping us honest, if someone wasn't playing by the rules ; )

*1st steak dinner I cooked was for Tommy.  He ate it and was complimentary
(My 2nd was my for my Dad, whom complained about how horrible it was with every bite)

*Fix It Projects ~ Will miss the wild fix it projects, getting the well running, digging up water lines, cutting fire wood....almost every task would turn into an adventure.

*Valentines ~ 2/14/2013 ~ After work, I stopped in to visit Tommy.  What a night.  I don't really even know what we talked about but that night left such an impression on my heart.  We looked at photo albums from Tommy's daughter's wedding and told stories.  Letters from grand kids.  Stories of when the kids were little and they were living far from town.
Tommy was missing his bride.  The love that he had for her was amazing. They were a shining example of what true love is. 
***Friends with EVERYONE!  One of my favorite things about Tommy was his unconditional love of people.  He never judged or spoke a harsh word.  You could be yourself, cleaned up in Sunday Best or covered in dirt, Tommy welcomed you just the same.  People flocked to Tommy because of his love and Christ like qualities.  I was no different.  So grateful to call him a friend.  Still fight with my car on the drive home from work at night wanting to turn down Tommy's road to visit.

Rest In Peace Tom Cat .  You are missed!

Working on the Well

Tommy and his son Don, Cutting firewood for me

Doctoring Hands ~ STRONG hard working hands. 

Working on Trailer Lights on a Rodeo Rig this Spring

1st Block Party of the Year 2013

Last Block Party Tommy would attend

Joe Marty and Tommy

Ella Marty and Tommy

So thankful for the chance to say Good Bye
We Love You
" Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." Proverbs 27:17 

Tommy's Obituary:http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/postregister/obituary.aspx?pid=165617147#fbLoggedOut

 A few of post with Tommy Memories

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey Pretty Girl ~ cute lil' paint mare lawn ornament

Photo Courtesy of Annie Dalling

Last summer, there was a pretty lil' paint mare staying in the pasture.  When the irrigation water would come, we would take her out of the muddy pasture and kick her on the lawn for a week or so she didn't have to be standing in water.
Woodrow, the peeping Tom

  She didn't really have a name....or I disregarded it if I knew. I simply called her "Pretty Girl" I would walk out and great her and she would come right over like I had just called the dog.   This was the funniest lil' mare ever!  Maybe she was lonely from being the only horse at the place?  We were buddies.

 When I was home....she would stand right outside the window I was at and look in.  If I was at the computer, she would come to that window.  At night, she would come around to the window right by my bed.  She sleeps right next to my bed room window and nickers at about 6:45 every morning like a rooster with a wake up call.

Hey Pretty Girl
One morning, quite early, I wake up to a commotion.  She was running around the yard, thundering hooves, whinnying, and real unsettled about something.  Wiping the sleep out of my eyes, I staggered for the kitchen.  Turned on the light and sat down at the computer.  She came around the house, stopped right next to the lit up window and contently stood.  Hahaha....what a silly lil' mare.  She was a character for sure.

Sometimes you just need a friend to be there....and you know everything will be ok. :)

Sweet as can be...here are 2 lil' Corgi pups taking her for a walk.  What a funny farm around here!
 Wishing you a wonderful summer and many happy trails ahead!  ~ Mindy

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Seek Out the GOOD!

Seek out the GOOD!!!!!....SERIOUSLY, Do it!  Right now! 

Be quick to notice excellence!  Let someone know they have a great smile!  Cute shirt, TELL THEM!  The world is filled with so much EVERYTHING!  When you seek out the GOOD ......You will be surprised how much of it will come rolling into your life!  If someone is on your heart, call them, text them, send smoke signals....just tell them! When you see good, commend it! When there is excellence,  Praise it!  Seek out the Good!

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