Saturday, July 27, 2013

View from the Window

If you don't like the view, look through another window.

Sitting at my computer on the backside of the house, I have a window I can see out.  It is the only view outside of the brick walls I'm surrounded by.  One day I glanced outside to a dark and gloomy view. In my mind, I had accepted that it must be a miserable day.  It looked yucky.   I had to get something from the front of the house and happened to catch sight out a window on that side.....It was stunning! The sky was lit up with color, light, and brilliance!

Light Bulb!  It occurred to me....that is LIFE!  We choose what window we look out.  If you don't like the view.....change windows!  Change the things you are focusing on, re-align your thoughts to appreciate and count the blessings right in front of you! Change windows!  If you need to, step outside!   

Grateful for all for all the views!

Darkness Closing In
Breaking Dawn

Once Upon a Windy Day

Mornin Sunshine
THANK YOU for traveling the gypsy trail with me today.  Wishing you views that take your breathe away and spark a fire in your soul!  ~ Mindy
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