Monday, September 29, 2014

A great day to be THANKFUL

 GREAT DAY take a ride trail some bucking laugh until you cry be silly spend time with loved be thankful

Today I am THANKFUL!!!!
  • Thankful to be alive!
  • Thankful to be healthy!  
  • Thankful for GREAT weather today!  Not to hot or to was just right for a cozy coat and wild rag! 
  • Thankful to be able to ride! 
  • Thankful for gentle broke horses you can trust and just enjoy riding!
  • Thankful for a herd of bucking horses to trail!
  • Thankful for RODEOS and a job for bucking horses!
  • Thankful for pastures full of feed!
  • Thankful for fall rains that soften the feed and green grass popping up! 
  • Thankful to be crammed in a semi sleeper with loved ones! 
  • Thankful for the laughing and play that occurs in tight quarters and on road trips.
  • Thankful for hot meals and cold drinks!
  • Thankful for always having more than enough!
  • Thankful for a great car and the freedom to go anywhere! 
  • Thankful for little brothers leaning their head on your shoulder. 
  • Thankful for cameras! So grateful for moments caught in time and the love captured in a memory
  • Thankful for my phone! Thankful for pictures and texts and calls from people you love.  At any moment, if has the potential to carry a message from people all over the world!
  • Thankful for a 2yr old pooping in the tub.  At the time...had a hard time seeing the silver lining ...BUT it Did GIVE me the motivation to scrub my entire tub.  It is shining, spotless and beautiful! ( That is a rarity here...I never clean.  Confession...Clean to me = you can see the floor of the house in every room)  
  • Thankful for GREAT SADDLES!!!  So honored to be able to ride a Harwood saddle.  Reguardless of how often it gets used.  Always feels like royalty when you get to set in the seat. 
  • Thankful for Kilgore and the simple beauty of every view. 
  • Thankful for Good nights & I love yous 

    So many more blessings I could much to be thankful for it will take me more than a lifetime!


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