Monday, December 20, 2010

Lil' Red Roan ~ CLEAN OUT the TOY BOX Challenge

Lil' Red Roan Challenge ~ CLEAN OUT THE TOY BOX!!!

When we were small children, Mom would make us clean out our toy box at Christmas time. We had to make room for new toys!!! Also, Knowing that Santa was were more than happy to cooperate!
You're never too old to clean out your toy box, go thru your jewelry box, clean out the closet, go thru the shoe pile, dig thru the winter coat closet, or clean out the cluttered kitchen cupboards!!!!

Chances are you are going to be receiving something fabulous for Christmas.....make room for it in your life!!!!!

You never to know, something that was collecting dust in your kitchen might be someone else's treasure!!!!

Here is my challenge to all of you: CLEAN OUT YOUR TOY BOX!!!!Clean out your closet! Go thru your treasure chest! If you loved it once but now it just collects dust....send it to a new home to be loved!If you haven't used it in a year.....send it packing to a new home where it can be loved & cherished!

Give to charity! Give to friends! Just give Get the whole family to join in! LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!!!! I'm going to go thru my closets, kitchen, & jewelry box! I'll pick a few of the fun items to GIVEAWAY on Lil' Red Roan's facebook page! If you want the item just comment under the picture of it! Winner's will be picked randomly all week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Here are the items that have been cleared out so far:

DRUM ROLL......the next TOY BOX TREASURE up for grabs is:

Spoon Ring!!! ~ This is the most beautiful ring I own! Gorgeous flower design wraps around the ring! Ever so feminine and classy! It was love at 1st sight! Unfortunealy, It's just a lil too small. Good for you!!!! I'm cleaning out the TOY BOX!!! If you'd love to have this ring wrapped around your pretty little finger
COMMENT on the Lil' Red Roan facebook picture :!/photo.php?fbid=172171812822718&set=a.171100472929852.37064.108331632540070

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Christmas Spirit…….I will be the first to admit that I don’t always feel full of holiday cheer. I read a statis on facebook this morning with similar sentiments. Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE CHRISTMAS ….but sometimes everything is just going so fast I forget to soak in the magic of the season.

Last night while hanging out with two of my favorite 3 year olds, I had a reality check. (Reality check, translates to…..they were all wound up, driving me CRAZY just wanting to play and I still had work to do) Lucky for me, I am blessed with little ones and family in my life! We took an lil’ break in the evening to set up the Christmas decorations and all work together. They carefully unwrapped the Christmas ornaments so we could put them on the tree.

I’ve been thinking about this all morning. I am so blessed! To kick the day of on the right track I wanted to make a list of a few of the reasons I truly have a reason to rejoice during the Christmas season and all year long.


  • · I’m so thankful for my family! Thankful for each and every family member and all the love and support they give me.
  • · I’m thankful to be living in rural America & all the blessings that come from country life.
  • · I’m thankful for Christmas plays.
  • · I’m thankful for the occasional big family gathering
  • · I’m thankful for my beautiful new home
  • · I’m thankful for the heat of a wood stove
  • · I’m thankful for being able to run my own business.
  • · I’m thankful for all the people Lil’ Red Roan has brought into my life
  • · I’m thankful for my MOM and the amazing example she is. THANK YOU for all your support
  • · I’m thankful to be blessed with animals. Woodrow is a great reminder that life is too important to be taken seriously.
  • · I’m thankful for my amazing neighbors! Thankful for all their help and friendship. Also thankful to have neighbors that you can help if the opportunity arises.
  • · I’m thankful for WESTERN! Going to college in Dillon was one of the biggest blessings of my life! Thankful for the life-long friends I made there.
  • · I’m thankful for the Brown Family Christmas party & all my second families!
  • · I’m thankful for Idaho sunrises & sunsets.
  • · I’m thankful for the Stoecklein family & the opportunity to work with them in Vegas
  • · I’m thankful for all of our rodeo committees and the opportunity to rodeo in the summer
  • · I’m thankful for Great Traveling Partners and always being invited!
  • · I’m thankful for BUCKING HORSES!
  • · I’m thankful for crisp clean air!
  • · I’m thankful for cold clean water! WHAT A BLESSING!
  • · I’m thankful for fun nights out with friends!
  • · I’m thankful for fun nights in with my lil’ brothers & sisters
  • · I’m thankful for my Dad and always keeping life interesting!
  • · I’m thankful for Monida Rodeo Co! Thankful for Jess Martin and the opportunity to work this summer.
  • · I’m thankful for Hoggan Rodeo! Thankful David & Regg and the opportunity to drive the truck & rodeo!
  • · I’m thankful for Regg and the opportunity to work with him. Thankful for all his help.
  • · I’m thankful for Wade & Nancy and always being there with a helping hand.
  • · I’m thankful for Dana & always being a listening ear. I appreciate your unconditional love.
  • · I’m thankful for small town Cowboy Christmas shows!
  • · I’m thankful for Cowperson Tack & the amazing Scribner family! They are salt of the earth GOOD people & I am honored to call them friends.
  • · I’m thankful for Man, my cat….start to think that you’re the boss & he will reassure you you aren’t but regardless of how many times you cuss him…he still wants to be friends.
  • · I’m thankful for beautiful jewelry! I am SO BLESSED!
  • · Thankful to be able to share my blessings with others! Thankful that I have been given more than enough to share. My cup runneth over!
  • · Thankful for technology and the opportunity to be connected to so many friends
  • · I’m thankful for a clean sheet of snow on the ground & how it makes everything a lil brighter!
  • · I’m thankful for a big full wood pile!
  • · I’m thankful for a hot stove and homemade food to share with loved ones!
  • · I’m thankful for Grandma & being able to spend time with her in the morning for Cappuccino
  • · I’m thankful for Aunt Crystal and always doing anything she can to help. Lol…we are quite the rodeo producers : )
  • · I’m thankful for sledding!...even if it is only on a hill in the yard!
  • · I’m thankful for getting to feed elk, hook teams, and spend time with my Dad!
  • · I’m thankful that food tastes better when you are working hard!
  • · I’m thankful for spray paint, aluminum foil and a million little fabulous inventions that make everyday life easier!
  • · I’m thankful for indoor plumbing, heaters, cars, and snow pants!
  • I'm thankful to be HEALTHY!!! What a blessing to be young, healthy, and capable of anything!
  • I'm thankful for the blessings of AMAZING EXAMPLES in my life!
SO SO SO SO BLESSED!!!!! I could keep going for days! THANKFUL for all the amazing blessings in my life and the opportunity to be grateful this morning!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hoping we all have a THANKFUL Day & enjoy the blessings that have been prepared!

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I will give you a hint....It involves SILVER :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go Where You've Never Been Before!!!


Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.

~ Mae West

It’s that time of year again! Oh how time flies! Before I knew it I was frantically throwing clothes in bags to try to get in front of the snow storm trying to stand in between me & Las Vegas!!!

7 hours later…..I’m only 237 miles down the road…..SERIOUSLY!!! Bad roads you ask….? No, they were slick but had been plowed but CRAZY UTAH DRIVERS drive to fast & wreck after wreck had a slowed down to barely idling.

THANK the good Lord above for fabulous friends! I called it a night and got to stay with the AMAZING Marriott family! Thank you Michelle, Riggin & Bronc for a great dinner & movie! I think we should Train a Dragon ;)

On the road again… ! Viva Las Vegas, lets try again! Roads were much better. A little sketchy at spots and I’ve never been so happy to see DESERT in my entire life! Finally I arrived in Vegas the next day and only 4 hours late : )

Next time I’ll shoot for three days late….lol….then maybe the booth will be all set up! Hahaha…maybe not but it’s an idea.

Halleluiah! Set up and ready to go! Thursday kicks off the 1 st day of our 10 day COWBOY CHRISTMAS gift show!

We kicked off the first day with a bang! NATIONAL FINALS RODEO here we come! What a rodeo! World’s Best Rodeo Athlete’s paired with the World’s Best Animal Athletes! The energy in the Thomas & Mack is amazing! Thousands of hearts beating in rhythm and cheering on their favorites! The sounds of the banging chute gates is muffled by the booming of rockets and music! If you are lucky enough to be in the Gold Buckle section….You can actually smell the horses! The sweat, the dirt, the heat from their performance….present at every performance but appreciated ever so much more because you’ve been surrounded by a cloud of smoke since you entered the city limits! A Year of Rodeo brought to a it’s peak in Sin City!

Congratulations to all the Hoggan raised horses that were chosen to compete at the Finals. I was proud of each and everyone of you!

THANK YOU to the amazing Stoecklein family for letting me attend the rodeo with you! One night we even rolled to the rodeo in a limo! Gotta love Vegas!

Vegas isn’t Vegas without a trip to In & Out! (Apparently, In & Out is some people FAVORITE ever! I, personally think it’s just a burger but I will say it was the best meal I ate in Vegas for the price : ) …. &yes I had a lot of EXPENSIVE bad sandwiches!) THANK YOU to Taylor & Tiffany for a fun night with friends!

THANK YOU to my Mom & Jim for coming down to Vegas! They are awesome and I’m so proud of them making the trip down to the big city! Thanks for coming to visit me & meet all my Cowboy Christmas friends. Everyone I introduced her to said “ You have such a great daughter!” …lol…like I would introduce her to someone who didn’t like me : )

Drum Roll please……rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..P.F. Changs for dinner!!!!! I love the Changy Changsters! Mom, Jim, Eleni & I had so much fun! Delightful food, Chicken lettuce wraps, Changs spicy shrimp (not on the menu), and Mongolian Beef with Sugar snap peas! Mmmm mmmm Good!!! Topped by Fortune Cookies (aka Sweet Cardboard!) & the fortune cookie game! Tons of fun!

What is the Fortune Cookie Game – Next time you get fortune cookies, go around the table & read your fortune out loud to the group….finishing with every fortune with the statement… “in bed”! Hilarious everytime!!!! : )

The night had just begun. Ship Mom & Jim up the road towards home and Eleni & I pick up Tiffany and head out on the town! Water massage, oxygen bar, oh what a night!!! I <>

SUN RISE in VEGAS....never seen by...most of the cities visitors :)

Ready to Rodeo again! Congratulations to Franciso Zamora for being honored at the Finals! His beautiful daughter, Melina, wrote a beautiful speech and the whole performance was very nice.

THANK YOU to Melina Melina & Tiffany Marie for a Cheese Burger’s in Paradise! Margarita Ville Baby!

Just when you think it can’t get any better….it does!

RANCHERO Party!!!!!!!!

Work all day, run to the room…I’d lie & say we freshened up but really we just swapped clothes & headed back out. Tickets in hand, security guard to even get on the elevator….We’re headed to the ELVIS SUITE!!!!!

WOW!!!! This was the coolest party I’ve ever been to! I can’t even attempt to explain it but her are a few pics from the inside

One of the 3 pools!

Katie & Mary

THANK YOU to Ms Eleni Collis for the best home cooked meal I’ve ever eaten! Eleni came & picked me up Friday night. We went out to her home in Henderson. It was AWESOME!!! A real home! No smoke, no dinging slot machines or crazy carpets! A real home! Eleni fixed the most delish roast, garlic bread, aspargas & potatoes ever! Thanks so much Eleni! YOU ROCK! Oh did I mention that her house is adorable! Decorated in super cute Lil’ Red Roan photography! So fun!!!

You would think that would be plenty of fun for one night but we were just getting warmed up! Eleni, Katie, Tiffany made our way to STUDIO 54!!! (That’s right a real Vegas club!) It was so so much fun! Danced the night away & showed them how the northern girls party! (I had flash backs to the Metlen in college : ) We were pretty much the funnest people there!

A big work day awaiting Katie and I, we turned in for the night….but we did it in style. Racing UP 2 sets of DOWN escalators! Oh the fun, a girl can have in Vegas….lucky for you…no pics of this lil stunt : )

The Home Stretch!!!!

The last day of the show was a big one! Busy day of selling and then start the tear down! YIPPEE!!!

The Stoecklein Girls at the Cowboy Christmas Booth!!!
(looking pretty good for being in Vegas that

THANK YOU to each and every person who came to visit me at the Stoecklein Publishing booth! I appreciated each and every one of your smiling faces! THANK YOU to all of our wonderful booth neighbors! You make the show fun! Katie, Taylor, & I got the booth tore down by Sunday afternoon. THANK YOU again to Katie, Taylor, Dave, Mary, Colby, & Annie! Love the Stoecklein family!!!!


72 degrees and still I was thrilled to be North Bound! Dry roads & cruise control! Much better than on the way down! Thank you to the Marriott family for letting me stay again on my way home! Love you all! Thank you to Jana Joy & the entire Davis family for taking care of Woodrow for me while I was in the big city!

Home Home Home! I haven’t seen the sun in 24 hours because of the thick fog that has set in this glorious country I call home. Woodrow smells like a skunk & so does my car from our ride home. I’ve already been to the vet with a wounded pet. Portions of today were spent in a down coat hauling in fire wood, wearing a head light and putting a straw bale in the barn for the animals…..Aww, HOME!!!

I lead such a glamorous life it is obvious why I was so excited to get home!

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