Monday, December 20, 2010

Lil' Red Roan ~ CLEAN OUT the TOY BOX Challenge

Lil' Red Roan Challenge ~ CLEAN OUT THE TOY BOX!!!

When we were small children, Mom would make us clean out our toy box at Christmas time. We had to make room for new toys!!! Also, Knowing that Santa was were more than happy to cooperate!
You're never too old to clean out your toy box, go thru your jewelry box, clean out the closet, go thru the shoe pile, dig thru the winter coat closet, or clean out the cluttered kitchen cupboards!!!!

Chances are you are going to be receiving something fabulous for Christmas.....make room for it in your life!!!!!

You never to know, something that was collecting dust in your kitchen might be someone else's treasure!!!!

Here is my challenge to all of you: CLEAN OUT YOUR TOY BOX!!!!Clean out your closet! Go thru your treasure chest! If you loved it once but now it just collects dust....send it to a new home to be loved!If you haven't used it in a year.....send it packing to a new home where it can be loved & cherished!

Give to charity! Give to friends! Just give Get the whole family to join in! LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!!!! I'm going to go thru my closets, kitchen, & jewelry box! I'll pick a few of the fun items to GIVEAWAY on Lil' Red Roan's facebook page! If you want the item just comment under the picture of it! Winner's will be picked randomly all week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Here are the items that have been cleared out so far:

DRUM ROLL......the next TOY BOX TREASURE up for grabs is:

Spoon Ring!!! ~ This is the most beautiful ring I own! Gorgeous flower design wraps around the ring! Ever so feminine and classy! It was love at 1st sight! Unfortunealy, It's just a lil too small. Good for you!!!! I'm cleaning out the TOY BOX!!! If you'd love to have this ring wrapped around your pretty little finger
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