Monday, January 3, 2011

TRAIL TREASURES ~ 1 Willow Round Pens

Hello Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails Friends,

THANK YOU for a great 2010! Blessed with so many wonderful friends & family. I appreciate all your support & encouragement. I'd like to start out 2011 sharing with you a few things I think are FABULOUS! TRAIL TREASURES will feature a few finds that I couldn't resist sharing with you.



Christmas morning Santa had left this underneath my Christmas tree! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!! J2, Ellie, Penelope and I have already had hours of fun play time in our Willow Round Pens or WILL JAMES ROUND PENS as I like to call them! They look like something straight out of a Will James story and you can all most feel the hot summer sun & taste the dust from running renegade horses!

These are just to great not to share. They are handmade in Bruneau, Idaho by talented aritsan, Brandi Lisle. The willow round pens are a family tradition started by Brandi's Great Grandpa Standford. Willow, because that is what the real corrals they were using at the time were made of. THANK YOU to Brandi for sharing this time honored family tradition with us.

Here are some pictures these fine corrals:

Round Pens ~ $45

Get caught up in hours of exciting horse play,
as you capture an outlaw stud in your willow round pen!
Start a family tradition of your own!

If you are interested in a Round Pen Contact:
Brandi Lisle
31863 Hot Springs Rd.
Bruneau, ID 83604
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