Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weight Loss Program 2011

Weight Loss Program 2011

Feeding :

Feeding seventeen head of horses, not a big deal….. Loading ton bales without a tractor, getting the pickup to finally fire up on the 18th try in below zero weather, making your way thru a snow drifted field without getting stuck, and accomplishing all this while the sun is still up…..that seems to be a challenge!

J2 and I have been feeding since Dad is in at the elk. J2 is now 11 and pretty darn good help. Dad lined us out before he went back in on all the little feeding details. Hoggan details like…How to trick the glow plugs into firing on the 18th try, how to chain the wagon onto the pickup, shooting the gap between the old trailer and obstacle course because that is the only place that has small enough drifts to blow thru in the pickup.

These directions also include what neighbors you can call with a tractor to help if you get in a jam. Regg brought down the tractor & moved some ton bales around for me. He off set the top bale about a foot over the edge of the bottom bale and gave me instructions to "PUSH the TON BALE onto the wagon". (I will let you know how that goes)

After a few days of feeding, I really thought we had it down! 20 above and over 30 degrees warmer than the day before, Pickup fires on the FIRST try, Last but certainly not least….It is DAYLIGHT when we start!

Four flakes into a ton bale, it all goes down hill. I’m stronger and we can get done faster if I feed so J2 is driving. It is WARM & the frozen snow is now more like soft serve. Long and the short of it…WE ARE STUCK! The thing about letting the 11 year old drive….YOU BOTH have to shovel! We shovel, try, shovel, try, shovel, shovel, and shovel some more….all while I’m yelling at about “If you’re old enough to get us stuck, you’re old enough to shovel” and similar obnoxious things I could hear my father saying. (That’s right, I admitted it)

Calling in backup to come help us, and keep shoveling. Come close to jack knifing the pickup, finally getting the wagon unbound enough to unhook, …..we get the pickup out!!! YAY!!! Hooking a chain to the wagon & jerking it sideways out of the bog we’d created & we are OUT!! ! Don’t worry, the sun has said good bye but we did get the rest of our feeding done. Surprisingly enough, J2 is a much better driver now : )

Weight Loss Program 2011

It seems that the New Year rolls around and EVERYONE is looking to slim, trim, and just lose some excess baggage. I have the PERFECT solution!


Most ranches and farmers always have more than enough work to go around. An hour physical activity everyday is recommended. Find a neighbor and offer to help out. -20 below, who is going to turn down a feed crew. It’s a win, win!

(J2 & I have a pitchfork with your name on it) : )

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