Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am a bucking horse!

Pack Train

Born in: 2003

Event : Saddle Bronc

I am a bucking horse! Since the day I was born, I’ve been on the rodeo trail.

Born out in the Cody hills on a brisk spring morning, I’m one of those NORTHERN horses that you hear about. Bred to buck and raised in country that only the makes you STRONGER!

I come from a long line of Rodeo Stars! Mom is a great bucking horse & I’ve always wanted to be just like her. Hearing bed time stories of the big rodeos like Pendleton Roundup, Lewiston, Dillon, and Cody and anxiously waiting for the day that I would get to go to the big show!

As a young filly, still on my Mom’s side, I made by debut on the rodeo scene at the Cody 4th of July Celebration. What an amazing rodeo! Packed stands and the most amazing energy! Sticking close by Mom’s side, she shows me the ropes and how to get around in the back pens. Mom’s drawn up in the bareback riding today. I’m so excited to see her in action! Wade loads me in the chute right next to her so I can have a front row seat for the performance! The best cowboys from across the world are gathered back behind the chutes. Putting Bareback Riggins on and getting ready to see if they have what it takes to make an 8 second ride.

In the arena, a silence comes over the crowd. A beautiful white horse enters the arena carrying a billowing Red, White, & Blue flag! Every person stands in salute and sings along as the star spangled banner begins to play. The energy is more than I can handle! Bombs bursting in air, I jump & kick in the chute with excitement!

Mom is the 1st horse out! She’s drawn a young gun out of Utah. He nods his head and the chute gate is swung open. My Mom is AWESOME!!! What an athlete! She goes jump for jump. Kicking over her head and giving it her all. I’m so proud of her! As the ride ends, they trip the latch on my gate. Excitedly, I run to meet her in the middle of the arena. The lights are even brighter out there. I look out at all the fans cheering for her and know that someday I’ll be back to show them what I’ve got!


On the distant ridge, I see a rider. That usually means one thing, ROUND UP! Soon another rider pops over the ridge. Stringing along the horizon, me and the gang are headed to the corrals.

Trailing by a watering hole, I catch a glimpse of our reflection…..DANG, We are a good lookin gang of horse flesh!

When we reach the corrals the sorting begins. You can hear Outside & Rodeo being hollered down the alley as we are sorted out one at a time. I’m right at the front of the herd, hoping it will be my turn to go! Making my way down the alley, I hear RODEO as the gate is opened to go with other horses! We made the cut!!! Watch out Cowboys, Hear I come!!!!!

The warm summer air settles and the top horses are standing next to me in the pen to be loaded. Some of my best friends have made the cut too. Single file, I make my way on to the truck. We are going to town!

Rodeo season is just getting kicked off. We are all fresh, frisky and craving the rodeo trail! Cowboys and horses alike, have had a LONG winter and we’re ready to go play! The draw has been posted. I’ve drawn a vetran bronc rider out of Montana.

TIME is near….1st out, I’m gonna set the pace & shown these cowboys what WYOMING bucking horses are all about!!! Throwing my weight around in the chute…ha ha…I have him rattled a little. I feel his body tighten down in the chute. I can feel his head nod & I know the latch will be cracked soon.

BANG!!! I explode out of the chute! BIG High jump out & crack, I’m gonna give it all I’ve got! I jump out in the air, kicking over my head, re-bulid almost in a ball, and explode again! Dang, this cowboys not to bad. Building with every jump I get stronger and stronger!

We are in perfect rhythm, he reaches out to the front end of my shoulders, toes turned out & feet set…..I feed off his energy! Blowing them back to the cantle…….and rebuilding again!We go jump for jump……One stub of his toe & he’s down! Giving the best I’ve got as he hits the ground & building just a lil stronger as he dust settles around him on the ground! Ha! Not to day, my friend.

I love being a bucking horse!!!!

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  1. Wow. That was great! Lol I even got a little teary eyed...

  2. Thanks so much Amanda! Really appreciate you taking the time to read. Glad you enjoyed this one. I had a lot of fun writing it :)