Friday, January 14, 2011

TRAIL TREASURES 3 ~ Wipey Wallets


This is a trail treasure that I use more than I'd like to admit. It crossed my mind that I might have some messy friends too :) Wipey Wallets are awesome!

You are thinking, ya, that's cool if you are a Mom & have a diaper bag. Well, Yes, it is super for Moms. What a stylin way to rock packin wet wipes.

I don't have kids of my own.
However, I do....
  • enjoy ice-cream, barbeque sauce, and most messy food
  • have little brothers & sisters
  • eat in the car
  • work with livestock
  • and am just an all around beautiful disaster MOST of the time!
Some of you can't those of us who don't live in a bubble, I'm talking to you :)

Some places I love my Wipey Wallet!
  • On the Rodeo Trail~ Rodeo all night and make your way to the Concession Stand for a Rodeo Burger. Seems like knocking some of the rodeo dirt off your hands can improve a meal considerably. (Packs perfectly into my jockey box or in my Timing Bag)
  • Lil' Red Roan trade shows~ Trips to Public Restrooms, handling money, shaking hands with a Flu Candidate, and just cleaning up your hands to handle beautiful products without leaving fingerprints. (Fits right in my Show Bag)
  • Feeding Elk ~ when the creek is your running water & the rest room is an outhouse. You don't have to be feeding. Any camping expedition would apply;)! (Always on the back pack check list)
  • Wild Nights Out ~ Every once in awhile I get a wild hair and think I should enter the World's Coolest Sister Contest. For those times when you think ICE CREAM for a car full of kiddos is a fabulous idea! :) (Packs perfectly into a purse)
Life's a beautiful disaster.
Don't sweat the small stuff, wipe up the spills, and have a fabulous time!

Here is a pic of my fabulous Wipey Wallet

I choose a Raring & Ready to Go Cowgirl Print!

You can choose your pattern.
Lots of options from Sassy, Classy, Spunky and even some that are Punchy!
Over 200 fabrics to choose from.

Wipey Wallets ~ a stylish way to carry wipes
Handmade in the USA by Katie Peterson

$25 each & Free Shipping

Contact Info for your very own Wipey Wallet!

Wipey Wallets
Katie Petersen
PO BOX 633
Missoula, Montana 59806

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  1. I LOVE my Wipey Wallet! Mine doubles as a clutch for a night out (minus the wipes) Cell phone, keys and a few bills fit perfectly in a darling little bag! Also great for womanly issues discreetly concealing tampons, etc.... Think outside the box! Er, the wallet, I mean!

  2. Good thinking! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Love the blog! Thank you for raving about my Wipey Wallets! I was making these a couple years before I was a mom. They are my go-to baby gift with a case of baby wipes. I also use my Wipey Wallet for quick access to wipes for: wiping down my dirty car when it's driving me nuts, wiping dirty dog paws or messy muzzles; a replacement for Kleenex, as well as most of the things mentioned in this blog. I also like the reusable aspect of these as opposed to buying a new plastic case every time I buy wipes. Right now, I mostly use Wipey Wallets for the traditional meaning---I stick it in my purse with a diaper so I don't have to tote the diaper bag into Target or the grocery store. Thanks Mindy for the thoughtful review.