Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trail Treasure 2 ~ LATHER & LACE

Lather & Lace

It looks like it's fixing to be a long cold winter.
No problem, Freezing temperatures, howling winter wings and drifting snow....
I know how to dress warm and keep the wood stove rolling!

All that said, I do get dry skin in the winter!
Well, here is a fabulous lil' line I ran into this to remedy this problem.
It's called LATHER & LACE.
  1. 1st ~ I will be honest. The 1st thing I was drawn to is the packaging. It is spunky, western, & fun! What's not to love.
  2. It is handmade right here in the U.S.A!
I had to give it a try!
Lather & Lace has a full line of Soaps & Lotions.
Here is a little bit about the ones I tried.

  • WHIPPED INTO A LATHER ~ This is a delicious whipped soap that is creamy, smooth, and lathers up good. You can use it in the shower or put it by your sink. I've done both and really like it! It's rich creamy texture is extra cozy on these dry winter days! OH, that reminds me.....SCENTS.....Oh, there are so many scents to choose from I can hardly pick. This one was a custom scent she made up in the Whipped into Lather, just for me! Mulled Cider, it is a holiday scent and smells so good! It is a warm spice scent that smells so good you almost want to eat it! I think I might even love it in a lotion.
Also ~ Belly Up to the Bar (Bar Soap) & Ace in the Hole (Liquid Pump Soap)
Maybe I'll try them next! Listen to me, I'm already plotting my next order, lol!

Link to Scent info:

  • HONKY TONK HIDE'RATION~ this is a whipped body cream & my very favorite lotion! It is silky soft and feels so good soaking into your skin. I tried to do a trial by just using it on one leg for a week but I eventually would feel sorry for the other leg & have to give it some Hide'Ration too! It is a good everyday lotion. I like it best right after you get out of the shower but it's also good anytime of day on your hands.
  • This one I actually tried in a few scents. Long Cool Drink, Sacred Space, and Fancy Umbrella Drink. Long Cool Drink is the front runner in these scents for me. It has a mild floral but subtle & clean smell. I like it :)
(lol...picture taken before use of product)

~ is a Body Balm. It is a comes in a stick form (looks like a deodorant dispenser) This balm takes it up a step! It feels a lil' thick going on but soaks in well. It moisturizes better but I liked Honky Tonk Hide'Ration for everyday use.

There ya go! My Trail Treasure of the day! Hope you enjoy!

If you are interested in learning more about Lather & Lace,
Contact info:
Lori Abercrombie

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Nuts About You – The clean scent of Lemongrass that is softened with a hint of coconut. Yummy!

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  1. FREE Sample??? I need one cause I am itchy as heck this time of year... and my left elbow has turned to sandpaper over night!! LOL!!

  2. I would love to win a free sample of this product! I live in Ohio and I also have 5 children and 7 horses. Winters here are brutal and cold and are heck on my skin! I would love to find a product that can help protect my skin i nthe nasty Ohio weather. Im outside alot with the kids and the horses so i need something that can keep up with the dryness that the brutal ohio winters can do to my skin!!! I have also heard lots of wonderful things about Lather and Lace and would love to try their products!!!