Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Caught on Camera

Cameras... what an amazing invention!
Thank the Good Lord Above....we don't always have them with us!

A few shots I managed to capture:

and....thankfully.... a few I missed ;)

McKell, Ellie, Woodrow, and I go for a walk yesterday. Wanting to maximize on calorie burning....we decide the blown in lane is our best route. Throw Ellie in the sled & start wading down through. Literally, it is above my knees, the Corgi is swimming & close to drowning when he hits one of my tracks. Ellie is getting bucked out of the sled. By the time we make it out of the very short lil lane....I'm real glad we hadn't set out across the field! This is only the beginning of the trek. Home is still 2 corners away.

PICTURE Not Captured~ Layered in the most stylish...feed clothes: muck boots, elmer fud hat, wild rag....Pulling a bright orange sled.....and the only thing that is keeping our forward motion at a decent pace is a .....Corgi with 2 inch legs....tugging at his leash ;)

Here are a few I managed to capture:

Penelope riding J2's pony... 2nd day he'd worked with the pony ;)
Sweet little pony...& Penelope is fearless
Horses in the Hamer fog

Moonlight breaking thru the trees

Sun setting on a great day!
Loving life at the Pink Palace ;)

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