Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bring on the BLOCK PARTY

LOVE the warm temps and long days of SUMMER!

The 1st Block Party of the season and we couldn't have dreamed of a better night!  So many friends and neighbors gathered together for food, fun, and visiting!  Love the simpicity of the night.  Come as you are!  Laid back, bring whatsoever in the fridge.  Good food and even better conversation! 

Even when the wind got a little blustery, we just moved the party in around the kitchen table.  So much fun!

Full House! Yard Full of Neighbors Gathered Together
Gathered around the campfire! 
Sun Setting on a Great Block Party

  • Over 20 friendly faces circled around the campfire
  • Kids running wild on the lawn.
  • THANK YOU to Robert Davies for being our fearless grill master.  
  • Kevin Carpenter, your hamburger making skills are awesome! 
  • McKell Carpenter, you are AWESOME!  Thank You for EVERYTHING you do!  Always jumping in to help with anything you can.  Appreciate you so much!  Mad Smore Making Skills too!
  • Evelyn Nelson, those cookies were heavenly.
  • Annie Dalling & Crew, So grateful for you and the beautiful herd of smiles, laughs and fun that you bring!  LOVE Wyatt, Cooper, Hyrum, and Maggie!  
  • Milt Thompson, YOU are AMAZING!  Always the right on time and keeping us in line.
  • Woodard crew!  1st block party appearance and we hope you make a regular habit of it! 
  • Keith and Deanna Rady, always a honor to spend time with you two!  
  •  Thankful for time spent visiting! 
  • Thankful for homecooked meals and more than enough to go around!
 Huge THANK YOU to everyone who stopped came out. 
 What a great night!  Looking forward to enjoying more great summer nights!  ~ Mindy

THANKFUL for a Back Yard to Gather In