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8 am Sunday morning the phone rings, Horses are out on the road at Dad’s. Seriously! (Yes, there is a annoyed tone here about having to leave the warmth of my home) It is -5 below. I do have to say this for my “Ranch Workout Program”, Horses being out is about the only way to motivate me to think running 1st thing in the morning, on a weekend, in below zero weather….is a good idea!

I needed to be there at 9 am anyway, J2 & I are supposed to gather and sort horses to go to Homedale for King’s. It was kind of a blessing that the horses got out because it gave a solution to the next problem. Since I was already at Dad’s place, we decided that we should just go ahead and get our chores and sorting done. J2 saddled up and I was going to set our gates. Hmmm, several feet of snow drifted up around the several gates that need to be opened.

As we were running the horses back into the field, they pass the barn. Perfect! We will trail the horses out of the field, around the corrals, through the drive way and back into the alley by the barn! (Yes, about the only gate that doesn’t need an hour of shoveling to open!)

Regg had came down to help get the horses in and stayed to help us sort. Yes, he is the best cousin, neighbor, and friend anyone could ask for! Thank You Regg.

Since we are there, might as well get the feeding done. -5 Below and the pickup starts on about the 10th try. Let it get good and warm so we don’t gel up in the field. Feeding gets done with flying colors. Literally, it’s amazing how much more you hustle when it’s COLD!

J2 and I finish shuffle around wagons and finish up the chores. We aren’t sure when they will be there to pick up horses so we head back home and wait for a phone call.

Regg calls us that afternoon to come run a gate for him. We are more than happy to return the mornings favor so we head up to Grandma’s. Unlike us, Regg waited until afternoon & it was a balmy 17 degree above zero! It was so nice J2 & I grabbed Ellie (age 3) to come outside and play. It is AMAZING how much fun Hoggan kids can have with a sled & a snow covered manuer pile!

Pictures Sledding on the Poop Pile! Ellie is rockin her Happy Meal Spy Glasses. What a stud!

Photos Courtesy of McKell Carpenter

Woodrow racing over to join the doggie pile!

While we were up at Grandma’s, the Trailer came to get the load of horses. They were FREEZING! They said they hardly had any snow in their country and it was TOO COLD here! They loaded the horses and got back in the rig headed West as quick as possible!

Perspective is a funny thing. 17 degrees is freezing for some and others think it’s “take the kids out & play weather” : )

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