Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey Pretty Girl ~ cute lil' paint mare lawn ornament

Photo Courtesy of Annie Dalling

Last summer, there was a pretty lil' paint mare staying in the pasture.  When the irrigation water would come, we would take her out of the muddy pasture and kick her on the lawn for a week or so she didn't have to be standing in water.
Woodrow, the peeping Tom

  She didn't really have a name....or I disregarded it if I knew. I simply called her "Pretty Girl" I would walk out and great her and she would come right over like I had just called the dog.   This was the funniest lil' mare ever!  Maybe she was lonely from being the only horse at the place?  We were buddies.

 When I was home....she would stand right outside the window I was at and look in.  If I was at the computer, she would come to that window.  At night, she would come around to the window right by my bed.  She sleeps right next to my bed room window and nickers at about 6:45 every morning like a rooster with a wake up call.

Hey Pretty Girl
One morning, quite early, I wake up to a commotion.  She was running around the yard, thundering hooves, whinnying, and real unsettled about something.  Wiping the sleep out of my eyes, I staggered for the kitchen.  Turned on the light and sat down at the computer.  She came around the house, stopped right next to the lit up window and contently stood.  Hahaha....what a silly lil' mare.  She was a character for sure.

Sometimes you just need a friend to be there....and you know everything will be ok. :)

Sweet as can are 2 lil' Corgi pups taking her for a walk.  What a funny farm around here!
 Wishing you a wonderful summer and many happy trails ahead!  ~ Mindy

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