Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Puppy Love

Puppy Love ~ Pull your hats down tight! We are about to take a whirlwind trip thru my Puppy Loves from 2010! Here are a few of the Canine Outlaws that sold my heart!

Aww, the Puppy Love Begins!
Meet Oscar, my very 1st shaggy pup when I moved back to Hamer!
This is a picture of Oscar riding on the tiny counsel of my car on our way home from the Dillon college rodeo.

Oscar cuddled up by my cowboy boots at the Wilderness Circuits Finals
Oscar, all grown up! Chillin in the Gros Ventre.

Next meet....well, honestly...I don't remember these two fluffy lil' guys names but they were delightful. I got them to raise them up for other people.
I saw one this summer. He live in the Gros Ventre & is the most beautiful shaggy dog I've ever seen! Living inside most of the time, he has a beautiful curly flowing white coat! Gorgeous!
Oscar & the his 2 lilttle brothers headed to the Jordan Valley Big Loop

I loved Oscar! He made my lil' heart smile. After a great winter with Oscar he was full grown
& this cowdog was ready to WORK! He went to work on a ranch in Rigby.

When they came to pick up Woodrow, they brought out LADY.
She was a firey lil' thing from day one!
Here is LADY meeting Man,
aka Man of the House because he has lasted at my place longer than anyone else.
I fell in love with her! Had to trade them out of her.

What did I use to trade...well, meet this burly beautiful Shaggy Pup!
This Burly Beauty went to live in MONTANA!

This is where it gets a little dicey. A friend fell in Love with Lady & I just had to give her to him.
Before the delivery I got

(J. is for Jack which was his name when I got him)

Woodrow & Lady, exhausted after irrigating with me.

Man, Woodrow, & Lady ~ The 3 Amigos

Woodrow was so cousin Lisa had to have one.
Sunny (Woodrow's sister) & Woodrow on our way home from May, Idaho
Sunny was our neighbor, going to a home just down the road.

Meet Clair & Lori Darlin'
These full sisters came from Medicine Lodge

Clair was aggressive from the get go! She was always nipping at your heels
Can't even count the number of jeans she put holes in!
Sweetheart! Clair went to live in Leadore, ID and is a very successful cowdog!
Above is Lori Darlin. She went to live with lil' J2

Below is pictures from Woodrow, Lori Darlin, Clair, & Man having some summer fun!
(Yes, if you were wondering, the UPS & Mail Man...refused to come to the door.
The yard constantly had puppy demolition projects spread all over the yard)

Woodrow enjoyed having a 1 Dog House for ...not long!

Meet Ginger !
Ginger was a fluffy lil' fur ball! She was weaned off of her Mom about a month too early so I gathered her up. Oh my goodness, I've never seen such a survivor. She ate anything so could get ahold of. Softest coat I've ever seen. She stayed most of the fall & went on to a new home in December.

Woodrow checking the water for me.
Sunning on a snow drift by the house
Ellie playing with all the puppies.

Woodrow & Man snugglin.

Wow, look at all those pups!
What a wild year! My dating life is the only thing that evens comes close to that much excitement but that's a story for another day.

Woodrow has been here since last summer. Maybe I'm settling down after all ;)

Thanks so much for reading!
See you down the Trail!

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