Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glamour of RODEO

“Remembered how great it is to sit atop a nice horse and sort out bucking horses one at a time! Love the shhh shhh shhh sound that the snow makes as you as you move out across a field, breaking a new trail. Nice lil' ride on Paint. Thank You to Regg for letting me come up & help sort the bucking horses.” :)

The above statement was written after I got to help Regg sort Friday afternoon. The following is what the "Rest of the Story" and a little less glamorous side of playing rodeo

The less romantic side of stock contracting was met at 5 am the next morning as I piled clothes on to go help Regg load a semi. A balmy -8 welcomed in the day. I was fairly unaware of this because I don’t like to make a habit of getting up that early but…… at 5….it is still really dark!

As I make my way out through the corrals, I pass the pen of horses we’d sorted the night before. The night is pitch black but they are under a yard light casting down a dim yellow glow on the herd of horse flesh. (At this point in time I really really wanted to go get my camera and take pictures of the morning sights that my eyes are taking in.)

I holler through the cold crisp air, still no sight of Regg. He hollers back from across the corrals. He is trying to bring the bulls across so we can sort. 1, 2, attempts and we get the bulk of the bulls in and pinned in the alley. Third attempt, getting the rouges in, as 2,000 pounds of bull slip by in dark. I could tell if I let a bull get by me. You could feel the movement of the powerful animals moving….but I dang sure couldn’t tell you what color they were!!! I’m sure this would’ve been quite picturesque also….lol.

Bundled up in my long johns, snow pants, wild rag, winter hats….and trying to run through half frozen mauer muck to make a play and get the bulls in. Needless to say, by the time we got them all the way in….I was sweating.

The sky was beginning to weaken to the approach of morning a little more. A hazy purple crept up where black had once been. Moving the bulls to the alley, all the way up to the barn, so Regg can us the yard light to see well enough to sort.

A honky lil’ ball face bull blew a side ways move as he rolled by my gate down the alley. For a split second, I thought he was gonna take me. Luck for him, he didn’t. I would’ve had to crack out some Kung Fu Panda moves on him ; ) (Later, Regg said he was a little concerned about that bull too. That rarely happens. Usually I’m have a LOT of self preservation…and am never in any danger. Guess I’m just too slow in the morning)

Even more morning light has pushed through and a beautiful blue fills the morning sky. Soon it will be a crisp clear cold March morning. Jogging through a foot of manuery water, I discover I have a whole in my muck boot. Bring in the young bulls and make one more sort.

We are ready to load the truck! Two at a time just like the loading of the arch, everyone loads up. Compartment by compartment we fill the semi trailer.

The Canadian John Duffy arrives at the corrals. He is on his way to California with a load of bucking horses. Help Duffy load and we are all headed down the road just before 7.

As sit in the truck I catch a glimpse of my hair. Everything not under my winter hat is wild and a mess. A mist of frozen moisture mixed with corral dirt. I look like the matted haired shaggy dog that had helped us load that morning. (I would’ve given Stands with a Fist, woman on Dances with Wolves movie)

All the running that morning had kept me plenty warm. Now in the semi, and cooled down a little, soon Regg informs me that the heater doesn’t work. Soon I was putting my winter hat and gloves back on.

Stopping at Idaho Falls to put a 100 gallons of fuel on the semi. As I walk into the truck stop to pay for the fuel I see myself in the reflection in the glass doors. I look like someone you would see on the People of Wal-Mart! Winter hat with ear flaps, wild horse hair, wild rag, layers of sweatshirts and vest, snow pants splattered with bull puckey, and muck boots. Oh what a sight!

1 st Rodeo of 2011 for me, also the 1 st that I ever wore snow pants to. It was a nice day outside but the ride down in the semi had me grateful for every stitch of clothing I had on.

All things considered, even with the early morning hours, karate fighting bulls, and killer outfit….WHAT A GREAT DAY! I had a great time getting to sort, load, flank, and just rodeo!

Surrounded by such wonderful friends and family. Thank You to the Smith family for all their help. It was so nice to visit with you all. Thank You to all the great people that we had the opportunity to work with. Thank You to everyone who made this rodeo possible. So thankful to have a job this weekend! Thank You to Savannah McGarry for spending the day with us. Last but certainly not least, Thank You to Regg for letting me come spend the day rodeoing with you.

Yes, I went in public like this....Oh geez, I'm more like my Dad everyday. :)

Photo taken by Dave Chambers. Thank You Dave!

When we arrived home, unload the truck and then Regg began the days chores and feeding. I helped feed the horses and then made my way home. Exhausted and reeking of Rodeo dirt, made my way through the shower and enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal, courtesy of my awesome Aunt Nancy. THANK YOU!

Oh what a great way to start the rodeo season!

Thank you so much for reading!

See you down the Trail

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