Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today I read an article that was commending a young man for good deeds and service to those in need.

It got me thinking about EVERYDAY HEROS, those who LEAD by EXAMPLE, and just SHINE!


Here a few of my HEROS and a few of the reasons they ROCK!

Nancy Martiny ~ My beautiful mother! She is so handy. She sets an example for Hard Work. She is a supportive mother, talented leather artisan, unbelievable home decorator, and all around amazing! She can draw, plumb, electrician, rope, brand, flank, doctor, and well....She is my HERO!!!!

Rita Hoggan ~ She is great at EVERYTHING! Love this girl! Handy, Handy, Handy! Some things come so easily for her and others things....like being a Nuclear Physicist, she works at. She is strong mentally, spiritually, and physically. I look up to her so much.

Kim Jacobs ~ An all around good time! We were fast friends. The kind of girl that would stop and help strangers ship sheep. She can ride, wrangle and handle anything you throw at her. Love her COURAGE!

Melina Zamora ~ My person! Brains, Beauty, and FUN! This girl is the whole package. Dedicated, hard working, and FOLLOW THROUGH! She can tackle a bar exam and still manage to be one of my favorite people to go on an adventure with!

Tiffany Wagner ~ This one is all HEART! Don't get me wrong, she is wicked handy! Rope, Ride, and can run with the boys. I LOVE her HEART tho! She is so considerate, thoughtful, and really puts her soul into her work. She is Passionate about life and always puts in 110%!

Brittani Brusett ~ Oh this lovely lady, molding the minds of Americas youth! She is all that and a bag of chips. So proud of her, she got her degree and is putting it to good use. Not does she have it all together professionally, she is the best friend a girl could have. Loyal and there for ya when you need her! You can be feeding elk or enjoying the Miles City bucking horse sale...she is always a good time!

Lacy Gray ~ Handy! This lovely lady can break a colt, decorate a room, and whip something up in the leather shop with out breaking a sweat! A light just beams from her! Always friendly & welcoming.
I could go on & on & on & on & on....about ALL the amazing examples in my life! So privileged to be surrounded by such greatness. I'll sign off for now. Maybe another time I will tell you some more about the shining lights in my life.

Like the... Annie Tuckett, Carrie Sampson, Angie Hucke, Kristen Shelman, Holly Costello, Katie Norman, .....all the Mom's and how these WONDER WOMAN balance it all and look fabulous doing it! Looks like the world is full of Good People to brag on another day :)

You can never like or dislike anything about anyone else.
You can only see things in them that you like or dislike about yourself.

Thanks for reading!
See you down the Trail!

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