Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dreams Bind Your Work to Your Play

Let Your DREAMS Bind Your Work to Your Play!!!
Bob Franke

Normally, I would picture a beautiful bucking horse
, stretched out, blowing in the air, in all his glory.
However, My Dreams are full of so many things!

I LOVE old beautiful buildings!
The beauty wood takes on after years of soaking up everything the four seasons have to offer.
Oh, the stories they could tell. The strength and determination of the our ancestors that paved the way for us.

I LOVE Cameras!
The technology to capture a small glimpse of something beautiful and share it.

I LOVE perfect Eye Sight!
The most amazing camera in the world can not compare to the beauty that you can taken in with the human eye. I live in awe. Even when my camera isn't in my hand, I'm constantly taking pictures in my mind and storing a memory of the beauty that surrounds me.

Let your dreams bind your work to your play! Love being able to share with you!
Thank You for reading!
See you down the Trail!

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