Tuesday, January 31, 2012


WILD RAGS ~ are one of my very favorite accessories! Why...???? Well because they are so awesome of course! Anything that can be used for something as sensible as staying warm ....or a Super Hero Cape all with in a matter of seconds...gets my vote :)

We just got in some beautiful new Wild Rags that I wanted to share with you.

Downtown Brown Paisely
FULL Selection of Wild Rags Available Right Now
Proudly made in the USA
Blue Bell of the Ball
Amber Waves of Grain
Brighten Any Day (Yellow & Blue Paisley)
Perfect in Pinks
Bronc Twister Turquoise Paisley
Downtown Brown Paisley

WILD RAGS ~ the perfect addition to any WILD RIDE!

Radiate in Red

Some of the WILD USES for your WILD RAGS
*Rock them as a shirt for a WILD Night out on the town (I've seen it done ;)
*Wrap them around your neck to keep you cozy warm
*Use them as a Rodeo Judges Flag. They work in a pinch :)
*Roy Roger's Style is an awesome hair accessory
*Tie that awesome Buckaroo Knot & sport your new WILD Rag
*SUPER Hero Cape
* Sassy Belt

Here is a link for fun HOW TO TIE WILD RAG Ideas
or this one & this is the one that taught me how to tie the Buckaroo Knot!

Bronc Twister Turquoise Paisley
Drum Roll.....My FAVORITE!!!
Love this ...no matter where you go...blue skies & sunshine just follow you around :)

Thank you so much for letting me share some of our new Wild Rags with you today.
So much fun and I love them all! Wishing you a cozy and warm day.
~ Mindy

p.s. Here is a link on HOW TO make a hat with your Wild Rag

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  1. I absolutely NEED the brighten any day yellow/blue paisely! Where can I get this??