Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Sand Drifts

From inside the constant whistling of air being forced through any crevice it can make its way in. Outside the pounding gusts of wind beat against anything in its path. The stove is rolling through pieces of wood like childs play and still only barley keeping the room temperature up.

So....I thought it would be perfect conditions to .....Take a Picture :)

last spring I had wanted to get pictures with the sand drifts that border most every Hamer road but just never took the time to stop. Today, of all days, I decided to ....Draw line in the sand...and take the picture! It just so happens that I drew the line & took the picture...but, the wind is blowing so hard the line didn't last long.

Lil' Red Roan Remuda Crossing the Hamer Desert really made me giggle...the pic itself isn't that funny but the sight of me taking it was hilarious. The wind is blowing about 30 mph. I couldn't keep a hat on so I threw it back in the truck. Long brown hair flying everywhere (imagine stands with a fists hair from Dances with Wolves) as the the sand blasted everything in its path.

Below are a few more images of our beautiful January day!

You can see now some of the perks of living in a Pink House with matching Pink Sidewalks!
My casa is a bright spot on any wind blown dreary day :)
Batten down the hatches & hold on to your hats! Blustery day on the gypsy trail!
Safe travels ~ Mindy
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