Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Montana Circuit Finals 2012 Beautiful Bucking Horse Weekend Part 2

Beautiful Bucking Horse Weekend ~
The Montana Circuit Finals is always deep in big beautiful strong bucking horses and this year was no different! Just a few of the horses that made my heart go pitter patter! A special thank you to Jackie Jensen Photography for her excellent circuit finals photography coverage!

Pictured Above ~ Idaho Cowboy, Tyler Nelson on Sankey's Home Ranch
Had a solid finals, definatly a young gun to watch for in the riggin riding.

Troy Viara on Jail House Rock
Troy Viara, rocked his wide open and wild style all weekend.
Ben Wrzesinski on Sankey's Panther Martin
I would have to say, Ben Wrzesinski, veteran bareback rider really impressed me during the three day bout with the big strong northern horses. He rode good! Solid, consistent, and showed control with every ride.

Tucker Zingg on Delta Magnum
Tucker Zingg, University of Montana - Western athlete representing
on a big beautiful roan! Love these big strong northern horses!
This is Delta Magnum, and my very very favorite bareback of the Saturday night performance. Big beautiful STRONG Jump Kick Roan ....LOVE!

Some other Bares that I really enjoyed were Gus of Sankey's. He jumped, kicked and was just gorgeous! Faded Jeans of Sparky's and Smiling Bob of Brookman's were both big strong horses that demanded you take notice! Over all, great pen of horses.

Mr Chase Erickson, on John Smith's "Silk & Dynamite"
Congratulations to Mr Chase Erickson, awesome ride on John Smith's "Silk & Dynamite" working together for a 82 point round win and securing the title of reining
Montana Circuit Bareback Riding Champion!

Now the Bronc Riding was anything but dull! Champion Broncs and Champion Riders...and you never knew what the outcome would be from any of them...regardless of the list of accomplishments behind their name.

Throughout the weekend here are a few of the broncs that demanded my attention. Friday night, Instant Request and Alley Cone of Kelsers! Oh wow, these are horses worth driving across country just to get a glimpse at. Everything you love in an animal athlete. James Irish and Cat Man Do started a good bout but in the end Cat Man Do would end the 8 second challenge victorious.

Moon Hawk and Tyrell Smith were a perfect pairing for the Saturday night round. Tyrell tappped off and these rodeo athletes matched each other move for move. Robin Hood had some BIG Moves! However, Bonus Alley had my heart palpating! Big beautiful paint that stole the show!

James Irish and Faded Charms performed a the bucking horse ballet to a the Sunday round win. Tapped off great and a ride to tip your hat too. Great great performance from them both. Last but certainly not least, Monopoly, a gorgeous grey bucking horse. Stalled but was definitely worth the wait....Big Jumps...Big Kicks...and BIG BIG AIR! Love these Northern Horses!!!!
Guy Simanton on Sacred Mountain of Sankey's
Poetry in Motion ~ toes turned out, tapped off and giving their all!
Tyrell Smith ~ on Kesler's Bookmark

Clay Gruel on Instant Request
Did you hear that....my heart just skipped a beat! Love the bucking horse ballet!
Any higher and he'd grow wings and be heaven bound.
Adam Gilchrist on KID ROCK
The bucking horse athletes meant business this weekend. Only 2 of the 12 Montana Saddle Bronc Riding contestants covered all three head of the broncs drawn. One of those was Adam Gilchrist, Canadian bronc rider who had a solid finals. Conquering 2nd place winnings in all three rounds. Solid and consistent, will be looking forward to seeing more of this one in the future.

Jake Costello ~ Gringo Honeymoon
Jake Costello ~ South Dakota Bronc Rider & University of Montana- Western alumni. Jake showed his classic consistency throughout the finals. In the stands, I overheard Scott Manch, Great Falls Tribune Sports Writer say to Olie "I've never seen him do anything but win" about the reining Saddle Bronc Riding Champion Jake Costello!

Congratulations to ALL the Montana Circuit Finals Contestants, each and every person on the Montana Circuit Finals Committee, and the AMAZING Great Falls and Montana community that supports rodeo! The Circuit Finals was an event I was privileged to attend and an event I'm planning on again next year!

Thank you so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today! It was honor to take the time to visit the Montana Circuit Finals with me. If you'd like to see more coverage visit the Great Falls Tribune ~ http://www.greatfallstribune.com/section/sports

Also, Thank You again to Jackie Jensen for the amazing event photography! No PRCA photographs are available for purchase from Jackie but check out more of her work at: http://www.jackiejensenphotography.com/

Last, Link to the Montana Circuit Finals ~ Part One
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  2. These images, as stated in the above post, are not my property and where used with permission of the Photographer, Jackie Jensen. To get photo permission for your class, You will need to contact her directly.
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