Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shipping Day - Hartwell 2011

This fall I had the privilege of photography the Shipping day at the Hartwell place. Took me back to day gone by. When I was little we would go out to the Hartwell place and brand. Always a big branding and a home cooked feed after to rival any other. Such a cool place with such rich history.
The sorta coaxin' and the sun is clear,
And the wind is singin' ballads that I got to hear.
~Once you git the Habit

The boss's caught up the stirrup.
Ready's aers are at attention.
In my mind I hear the pipe far away.
Another day, another dollar.
The sun is making ascesion.
We're mounting up,
For one more shipping day.
~One More Shipping Day, by Wallace McRae;
Cattle, Horses, Sky. and Grass, Northland Publishing, 1994

We worked for a week
'Til the country was clean,
Then carved out a herd
For the trail to Abilene
~The Old Cows

We rounded them up
And put'em on the cars
And that was the last of the old two bars.
~The Old Chisom Trail
Thank you so much to the Hartwell Family for letting me capture a piece of the times gone by at their family ranch. Great day with friends!

Thank you so much for traveling the trail with me today.
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