Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lil' Red Roan Hoodies

Today I wanted to share with you a few of the fun designs we've been working on at Lil' Red Roan. Winter has arrived and we've are ready! Stocked up on our favorite new hoody designs!

Ranch Rose Hoody ~ The Ranch Broncs and Rose Buds is currently available in 3 colors.
Grass Green, Storm Cloud Grey, and Rodeo Red

Grass Green with subtle green stems & radiant red blossoming from every flower
Above ~ Front view Steer head & Roses with Classic Rose Sleeve Detail

Below Ranch Broncs and Roses
Beautiful Ranch Bronc is a Nancy Martiny Original Design

Ranch Broncs & Roses in Storm Cloud Grey

Ranch Broncs and Roses in RODEO RED
Bold, Beautiful & looks Breath taking On!

I'm No Angel ~ Rowdy Rodeo Girl takes life head on and rides hard to her dreams

Available in Blue & Hot Pink
I'm No Angel ~ Blue

I'm No Angel ~ Hot Pink
Be A Legend ~
I figure if a girl wants to be a legend she might as well go ahead and be one.
Calamity Jane

Be a Legend ~ available in soft pink

Lil' Red Roan RIDE to WIN Hoody ~
Classic Lil' Red Roan Bronc...Toes turned out, giving 110% and Riding to WIN! ~
Thank you to my amazing Mom, original pencil sketch by Nancy Martiny!
Thank You to Andrew Kromm for submitting this awesome photo
of his NEW LRR Hoody in action
Thank you so very much for riding the trail with me today. I appreciate you take the time to stop by. Hope you have a wonderful day & I look forward to seeing all of you in your new Lil' Red Roan hoody! Hope to share more fun projects from the cutting room floor soon.
Happy Trails,
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