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Today I would like to share someone with you that is not only near and dear to my heart but a talented artisan. I'm pleased to introduce you to Bill Brockman, owner of Brockman Western Lighting and my grandfather. ;)

Above ~Bill Brockman

Right out of high school Bill Brockman started working at the Fire Department. One of the men there did leather work and he taught Grandpa to tool leather. Years later, he would go on to make his first and only saddle. 60 years later, Bill is still creating!

Now he leaves the leather work to daughter, Nancy, but that's another story. (Link to Meet the Saddle Maker, Nancy Martiny)

About 10 years ago, Bill decided to make a small light for above their kitchen table. Later with the building of a new home the opportunity would come to make a bigger light to match.

One of Brockman's 1st lights

Soon an order was placed for a custom light to fit in a home and soon a business was born. Bill strives to make a light to match the home and the home owner. Preferring to stay with vintage looks that preserve a piece of the past and the west.

Pictures of Brockman's 1st Custom Order:

Click on the link to see more of this beautiful home! Saddle Maker's Home Decor

Here are some snapshots at the amazing western lights that Brockman has to offer.

Proudly made in the USA!

For more information on these beautiful, one of a kind, quality, western lights, handmade by Bill Brockman.
Brockman Western Lighting William J. (Bill) Brockman
2936 N 3500 E
Kimberly, ID 83341
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