Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vegas Traditions

After working in Vegas for 7 straight years at the Cowboy Christmas for Stoecklein Publishing. This year Dave decided not to take a booth. I’ve been reminiscing about a few of my favorite Vegas traditions from over the years
  • Love the Drive….silly…I know….but it’s an easy drive and I get to put in some quality bonding time with my favorite Texas Country music.
  • Eliminator Pen in the Saddle Bronc Riding! I Love Eight Ball!
  • Nevada Cowboys along the Trail
  • Seeing Tradeshow Family: Love all the Montana Friends, John & Penny Reedy ~ Best of the West, Sandi's Leather, JM Capriola's, Custom Cowboy Shop, and so many friends that get together to be neighbors for a few weeks!
  • Spending time with my Tiffany!
  • Seas of Cowboy Hats moving through the city of sky scrapers
  • Oxygen Bar...looks silly...sounds silly....I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
    There are pictures of this somewhere...but ....lol....I must have hid them for blackmail
  • Wearing PARTY PANTS
  • Cheese Burgers in Paradise
  • PF Changs : Mongolian Beef with Sugar Snap & Changs Spicy Shrimp!
  • Waving like a Queen from the escalators and greeting casino patrons “Thank You, Thank You all for coming
  • Drive Thru Weddings
  • All Dressed Up!
  • All the amazing friends that stop to say HELLO at the booth
  • Working with great people for 2 weeks!
    Circa 2010
  • New Friends, Old Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends
  • Limo Rides with Champions
  • Miranda Lambert Concerts with Hot Australians
  • Sitting in the Plaza Seats ...close enough to smell the dirt from the arena floor
    Circa 2008
  • Wearing a light jacket
  • Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding & all the bells & whistles
  • Cowboy Christmas Tradeshows
  • The Beach (lol....I know it's been demolished but I still loved nights spent dancing at the Beach)
  • Bucking Horse Sale
  • Taking "the Loop" around the South Point just to visit with friends
  • Rancheros Party
  • did I mention I love the E pen! :)
  • Vegas Friends
  • Dancing!
    Circa 2010
  • Runnning UP the Down Escalator
  • Nice Vallet people at the Sahara hotel
  • Taking Crispy Cream Donuts to Nice Valet Friends!
  • Elevator Rides at the Gold Coast
  • Ice Cream from the South Point

What fun!!! I think it's time to add to this list!!!
What is your favorite Vegas tradition?
Happy Trails,

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  1. Aww I want to get a date book with Liz's face on it! Lol