Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If the Trailer's Rockin

If the Trailers Rockin ;) ....this was one of my favorite mistakes. Was thinking about this story the other day and just had to get it wrote down! Enjoy the ride!

On a beautiful Saturday morning three friends and I set out on a grand adventure. We were going to college up at the University of Montana- Western in Dillon, Montana. I’m not sure how we got recruited for this trip but we did.

The task at hand was: Drive to Hamer to get a pickup and horse trailer, take that rig down by Malta, load young bulls and come home. Easy!

Pete, Chase, and I set out without a care in the whole wide world. In fact, we were quite certain that we were awesome. We weren’t driving any old pickup. We were driving my Uncle David’s PRIZE POSSESSION! Picture it! Old school dodge, white and gray pin stripe, and the fancy interior stuff that looks like wood. Now the back seat was the things that rodeo fairytales were made of! The backseat was a couch…with a remote…… that folded it down into a bed. Cute lil’ tv/vcr combo…what a rig. Seriously, as if that wasn’t Bad A enough….the body of this rodeo masterpiece was followed by a white custom flatbed adorned with those silver silhouette mud flap girls. Ya, big pimpin…literally! ; )

Great trip with friends, laughing, telling re-ride stories, singing to the radio, and enjoying a beautiful day. Loaded the honky lil’ young bulls without a problem, stopped and visiting the amazing Erickson family, and got headed back down the road to take the bulls home.

Hmmm….are any of you getting that pit in the middle of your stomach right now? Does it occur to anyone what we have traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles without doing?

Rolling down the interstate without a care in the world….and out of nowhere….the truck starts losing power. Right in the middle of nowhere….also known as Massacre Rocks. We coast off the road and begin to investigate. The fuel gauge is not empty but….apparently it is also not working! We ran the truck out of fuel. No problem. It is still day light and if we walk a ways down the road, stand sideways with one leg out…we have cell service.

Picture the magnificent pimped out Dodge vehicle that I had previously described….attached to an aluminum trailer….filled with young bulls that are not happy to be on the trailer. When I say not happy, they are quite discontent and the they are ROCKING not only the trailer but the entire vehicle.

Yes our pimped out pickup is rocking alongside the road! Remote control bed in back, shiny sexy girl emblems…rocking! Well, in case you are wondering…this is NOT a scene that encourages travelers to stop and see if you need assistance.

Chase ended up getting a hold of some friends and went to get help. This leaves ol Petey and waiting…FOREVER! We counted the vehicles that drove by without stopping. (Thousands) We listened to the radio, sand loudly, and even watched a little bit of a cartoon. At one point I told Pete…It’s getting cold. Turn the heater on….and then we laughed for 30 minutes because if we could start the truck…we would leave : ) …(there is a good chance that be where absolutely stir crazy at this point…just sayin)

After 8 hours of quality bonding time alongside the road….bleed the lines….tinker…tinker….finally fuel and a pull start was the secret combination to get us back running. THANK YOU to our amazing rescue team (whom if I remember correctly….left a party to help us)

Finally back on the road, we soon discovered that it was only 12 miles to the next fuel stop. Bulls were safely delivered home and the three of us made it back to Dillon in the early early morning hours….I think it was actually light outside again

Moral of the story….If the Trailer’s Rockin…..Come a Knockin! We probably were having so much fun that we forgot to fuel up the truck ;)

THANK YOU for traveling the Gypsy Trail with me today!

Love ya,

That Girl

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