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Getting from A to B (Best Road Trip Ever)

Blast from the Past Thursday: With a big traveling weekend ahead, many friends and family are headed to Winnemucca, Nevada for the Ranch Rodeo Finals. It got me thinking about some of my favorite road trips and the adventures just getting to your destination. Here are pictures from the BEST ROAD TRIP EVER! (or alteast in my top 10 :)

I'm thankful for FRIENDS, FUN, and all the adventures that you can have getting from point A to B!

Let the games begin!

Friends have a good time
doin' somethin'
doin' nothin'.
Either way it is a good time.
Saddle Pals~ Gladiola Montana

Idaho Falls, Idaho
So there I was, at the War Bonnett Round Up. I had the oppurtunity to help the Amazing Lewie Feild & Matt Twitchell with their pickup horses, which I kinda love! It was great & even better because I was in the presence of the coolest Miss Savahna McGarry, who also helped! After the rodeo, a phone call came in from Jake saying, We're going to North Dakota. You've never been. Do you want to go?!? (How cool is that! What a great friend! Who in their right mind would volunteer for hours trapped in a car with me in they didn't have to! I am so lucky to have such awesome friends!) After a night's deliberation in the teepee, I loaded up & headed out.
Heber City, Utah
2 outfits met up in Idaho Falls & headed to Heber City. Jim, Jesse, Buck, Wyatt then Jake, Josh, & I. It was outstanding! Any thing that was wrong in the world had been forgotten by the first 30 minutes into the trip! Outstanding, by far my very favorite traveling partners!!!
At the rodeo, I got to see the one & only Reeder/Norman Family, which I love dearly & don't get to see nearly enough. I sat with Bryce & Lainee during the rodeo, very fun!
Evanston, Wyoming
After the bronc riding we headed out to Evanston, Wyoming where we met up with the most adorable little fun haver I know, Miss Melina! When we got the parking lot, we couldn't find her car so we drove around in a circle around a pole so she could see us. That's a good time, I don't care who you are :0 The night was thouroughly entertaining (for me anyway, I wasn't driving) ;) Josh drove until 4 in the morning, ya, Super Trucker! If you can imagine, I talked until 4 in the morning, hard to believe. Gotta love Cowboy Grill ;)
(If you can't tell by all the smiling faces & exclamation marks, I get really excited just thinking about how much fun we had!!!!!) Jake got in & drove until 8 or so, wheeled us into Miles City. Miss Melina took the wheel from there to Glendive. (ya it's true, I didn't drive a lick) It is amazing how that many hours in a vehicle can make you the funniest person on the face of the earth ;) Chocolate Craem Pie, Light Bulb Cooked Brownies, Round Bales!
Centential Butte, North Dakota
We arrive in North Dakota that morning, looking rather adorable, I'm sure. Ya, we hadn't showered & still way over dressed for the event! We decided it would be best to change out into clean clothes in the porta potty by the chutes. If you can imagine, changing clothes in a portapotty & trying not to touch anything can be challenging. (You might say we were dressed like California at a Montana party, which is funny because I've been to a California party & always dressed like a Montana, go figure)
Miss Melina & I threw a blanket out on the grassy knoll & took a nap in preparation for a days worth of bronc riding. It was pretty cool. Lots of very talented bronc riders & some nice horses. No music was played or it could have been the perfect day! However, in between section of bronc riding they provided us with the oppurtunity for another nap, I think they called it team roping. Good times!!!
Webo, Montana
We head back to glorious Montana to get some dinner before we start the long treck home, apparently there was no logical thinking voice of reason in the car because someone mentioned Deadwood, South Dakota & we all jumped on the band wagon. This is where I finally got to do a little bit of driving to contribute to the adventure. This was quite possibly my very favorite part of the trip. We pulled over along side the road & took pictures with an old wagon. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! We got pictures at the state line of ND & SD. OUTSTANDING!
Deadwood, South Dakota
Incase, anyone is wondering, Deadwood is only about 10 miles from Sturgis & yes the bike rally is on! There were more bikers in that town than I have ever seen before in my entire life!!! It was so cool! Melina & I kinda stood out because we didn't have leather or a dew rag on. We suggested getting tatoos but Josh vetoed the idea :) The guys both had cowboy hats on. They were pretty much celebrities & everyone wanted to talk to them. Way way fun. We grabbed some grub at the all night diner because who doesn't want to eat fried food at midnight :) Jake was whining about how long of a walk it was to the diner. Come to find out the next morning, he was right. We made him walk all the way across town. (I hate it when that happens) The room was possibly one of the coolest I've ever stayed in. It had 5 beds & was old school style.
Home Bound~ SD, MT, ID (Jake & Melina added WY, & UT)
The next morning, we rolled out & were on the road by 10 or so. We were all quite abit quiter on the trip home. It was tons of fun. No great stories. Just that I had the time of my life & I couldn't have had better company to road trip with!!!
I know just when you think that you couldn't possibly have anymore fun....
Omak, Washington
Thursday afternoon, I loaded up with Wyatt & Josh to go to the Omak Rodeo & Crazy Suicide race off the mountain. It was so cool! (Don't worry this time I did drive about 150 miles out 650 ;) I know, I'm a horrible traveling partner.) I got to run into some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. The main reason for going was to see the race. However, it just so happened that there was only 3 qulified brinc rides & my traveling partners were 2 of them. It was AWESOME!!! Absolutely OUTSTANDING spur ride & horse, everything just clicked! Very very cool! So the race was good watching but it was about sixes to the bronc rides :)
Josh drove until 4 again, until we got to Missoula. Lucky for him, I get hilarious at 3 so the last hour was pretty entertaining. We played a heated game of music triva. which we are going to rematch because I lost & that just really isn't acceptable ;) Absolutely priceless!!! The best weekend of my life turned into week & with a little try might progress into summer and year. I'll keep ya updated!
Mud Lake, Id
I finished up the weekend in Mud Lake, Idaho at my Dad's rodeo. Our horses bucked so good. I was very proud of them. Got to see lots of friends from highschool & the old hometown. What a perfect end to a perfect week!!!
Backseat Bandits ~ Whisper & Giggle, Whisper & Giggle
The Tour Guides

SeeI got behind the wheel atleast once during the trip!
;) True be told...I am certain I was driving when we stopped to take pictures in this wagon alongside the road

Thank you so much for taking this trip back in time on the Gyspy Trail with me.
I can't help but smile thinking about how much fun we packed into that lil' road trip!
Thanks again, That Girl
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