Tuesday, November 1, 2011


“Have nothing in your house

that you do not know to be useful,

or believe to be beautiful”

William Morris


Love fall and all the THANKFULNESS in the air!

I’m throwing down the gauntlet and issuing a challenge: GIVE AWAY 100 THINGS!!!

Declutter, clear out, GIVE, and just get rid of! Clean 100 items OUT OF YOUR Home!

I did mine this weekend! 3 hours and I had it whipped. If you were with us last year, I did this last October when I moved. It wasn’t as easy this time….or I thought it wasn’t going to be, but suprisingly enough…I still had a LOT of EXCESS!

Here are some of the spots that I hit:
Closet…beautiful but hasn’t been worn in over a year….GONE!

Junk Drawer….seriously…I think that is self-explanatory! No one needs a junk drawer. I now have an organized nut & bolt drawer.

TOY BOX: I don’t have kids…so having a toy box at all might make me a horder….lol….but I did weed it down! Most of the time we play with shipping boxes more than the actual toys in the box anyway : )

The FRIDGE: Condiments that have been in the door since I moved a year ago….bye bye!

The Medicine Cabinet: Wowzer…I had things in there that I’d bought while in college in Dillon. Obviously expired & to the trash basket!

Office: This is embarrassing, but I’m pretty sure I threw away 10 pens from my desk that didn’t write anymore! To the garbage & clearing the clutter out of my life!

The Basement: Lime Green & Purple Paint…that has sat in the closet for over a year! Habitat for Humanity Store was STOKED! Win, Win!

Kitchen: Wowzer, I’m one person. CLEARED out the excess pans, spoons, spatula! I’m not saying everything would fit in a sheep camp but…it’s closer ; )! You never to know, something that was collecting dust in your kitchen might be someone else's treasure!!!!

JEWELRY BOX: I love love love jewelry & have a collection that I love! A girl can only wear so many pieces and there were some stunning earrings that just haven’t been getting their much deserved time in the spot light!

My rule of thumb is: Have I used it in the last year & If the house was on fire….would I rush in to get it?

Here is a link to a helpful blog: Top 10 Ways to Reduce Clutter

TAKE THE 100 CHALLENGE: CLEAN OUT YOUR TOY BOX!!!!Clean out your closet! Go thru your treasure chest! If you loved it once but now it just collects dust....send it to a new home to be loved! If you haven't used it in a year.....send it packing to a new home where it can be loved & cherished!

Give to charity! Give to friends! Just give! Get the whole family to join in!


I did my 100!

I'll pick a few of the fun items to GIVEAWAY on Lil' Red Roan's facebook page!

If you want the item just comment under the picture of it!

Winner's will be picked randomly all week!

Join in on the fun! Pick 1 of your 100 to giveaway on your facebook

& issue the challenge to your friends!


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