Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bruneau Blessings

As you know, I had the honor of spending the weekend in Bruneau, Idaho this past weekend. I gave you a peek at all the goodies at the Bruneau Cowboy Christmas but now I wanted to tell you a few of the things that truly made the trip fabulous.

Before I left town I had to pick up a package at the post office. This just happened to be the most fabulous package of randomness I’ve ever received! Just sayin….Anytime you get a Rainbow Brite notepad, Glow sticks, box of Bandit wine, Bronc picture, cowgirl jewelry, Pendleton purse, and candy….all in the same package….that is FANTASTIC!

Drive down…Blue skies and sunshine followed me all the way…all the way to Arco that is. After that I was driving faster than they could follow apparently because I hit a wall of sleet, snow, fog, slick roads, and a grand assortment of all kinds of weather.

As I reached Fairfield, there was a sign that says….Chains past this point when snow. The farther into the snowy blowing roads…I pass several Snow Machine signs. Hmmm….the thought keeps running through my mind…. “YOU shouldn’t be driving where there 2 nd choice for transportation is a SNOW MACHINE!”

No worries, the roads were relatively harmless and I arrived safe & sound. Average speed for the 5 hour trip was 38mph. Guess that was the right speed for the blue skies and sunshine because it caught me at Mountain Home.

Hmmm….Mountain Home….That’s another story….3 in the afternoon and a lil’ lunch sounds like a great idea. As I pull up to the gas station my eye is INSTANTLY drawn to a pickup with 3 cowboy hats and a bedroll in the back. Lol….aww, I love this country! (Yes, I seriously considered knocking on the window and giving them my cute lil’ sisters number…but I refrained: )

Focus….back on the road…and headed to the Bruneau Cowboy Christmas! Oh my! Did I mention that it is GORGEOUS!!! I don’t think I drove to Bruneau…quite certain I drove to September! GORGEOUS!

THANK YOU to Miss Becky Miller & everyone who works so hard to put on such a great Christmas show! Thank you to the entire Bruneau community for letting us visit your little slice of perfection!

I loved that as vehicles filled the tiny town streets setting up booth …..It looked like we were all lined up at the Cowboy’s Pastime (aka local watering hole ; )

Don’t worry…we refrained…but Mom and I did have a wild night out on the town with the AMAZING Jessica & Grady Howard! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you to Jessie and Grady for the great hospitality!

The next morning I would learn so many life lessons in such a short amount of time. We would see big plans for a full day of ranch work rescheduled to take care of a sick loved one. “Grandma is way more important than a bunch of cows” – JH

What a way to start the day with a greater appreciation of health, time, and valued loved ones. So blessed to know these amazing people!

On the drive down, I fell in love with that country just a little bit more. Dropping down into that gorgeous wide open range is always one of the most breathe taking sights I’ve ever seen. Even the truck drivers you pass on the road are wearing cowboy hats! Now that is good country! People wave! Oh…it was just a grand drive to work that morning!

The community hall was filled with handmade creations from all over the west!
To see more check out the 2011 Bruneau Cowboy Christmas

THANK YOU to Becky Lisle and Jennifer Whiteley! These two lovely Nevada ladies traveled north to share their talents with us. Ok, while we are on the AMAZING Ranch Royalty women topic….Jessica Howard, and Brandi Lisle are just a few of the amazing woman that were shining this weekend! Not gonna lie, they are AWESOME! Seriously, they are handy, beautiful, and super woman! They can do ANYTHING and look beautiful doing it. It was a privilege just to be in there presence. Such amazing examples! Rose King…lovely, classy, and radiates every good quality you can think of! Becky Miller, not only did she drive 10 hours to work her tail off…she smiles the entire time. Ray of sunshine and she brightens a room just by being in it!

THANK YOU to all the friends and family that made the drive to come visit Lil’ Red Roan! Great to see everyone! Special thank you to Jenny Roundtree, Jana, Davis, Jim Brockman family, and Grandpa Brockman’s crew for stopping in. So blessed!

So honored to be a part of this year’s event and thankful for all the great people we were surrounded by.

Dinner date with a Handsome Young Man…and his Mom….that was ok, I brought my Mom too. Dinner and a show, Grady kept us in stitches as he catapulted over the booth with super hero stealth.

Choices, choices…out on the town or party in! Well, party in was the option we choose and I’m not sure the last time I laughed so hard. Rockin side ponies and drinking a Bandit juice box. (Yes, it was as fun as it sounds)

THANK YOU so much to Jessica & Grady for letting us stay. Blessed to call you friends.

Aww, livin the dream! Thankful for a beautiful drive to work with my Mom. Thankful for great weather. Thankful for everyone who came out to support the Cowboy Christmas!

Thank You to the beautiful lil King girls that stopped by and gave me a hug. Thank you to my new lil friend Jasymn that is the best 7 year old saleman I've ever seen! Thank you again to the Bruneau community for having us.

Thankful to be able to stay with my Grandma Brockman on the way home.
Thankful to be able to eat Grandpa Brockman’s delicious tri-tip and have lunch with my loved ones.
Thankful to be able to see my Beautiful Aunt Marianne and some California family!
Thankful for a safe drive home on good roads.
Thankful for all the friends I was able to visit with in my travels.
Thankful for a happy healthy puppy awaiting my return.


Thank You for traveling the Gypsy Trail with me today!
HAPPY November & Thanksgiving week!

Love ya, Mindy

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