Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Text Messages

This is post is gonna be random as can be! THANKFUL for FUN friends, Cell Phones, and stories in between!

Text Messages….

The other day I receive that notification saying…Inbox is Full! Please erase old messages so that you may receive new messages. Seriously….over 200 messages have accumulated in my inbox. Ok, time to do some cleaning. Well, that was a fun little trip down memory lane that had me giggling : )

Here are a few that made me smile…and all for so many different reasons….

A drunk walks into a bar, ouch he says

Ha Ha you need a muzzle. The pickup man is afraid of getting bit – Bronc Rider

"Look what I found"
....that's right a friend on the rodeo trail sent me a picture of ROUND BALES
...and I smile every time I see it.

Everybody hates you compared to how much I love you : )

We miss you gypsy - friend partying at Pendleton Roundup without me

“I got bucked off 1 time, hired hand came riding up all worried. Was I all right? I told him I was fine, I had worse falls off the top bunk” – Canadian Bronc Rider

“Hey. Tell Dave and your fam I came all the way up there because you guys put on my favorite rodeos. Even if I don’t do good. You guys have been the biggest influence to help me believe I can make it to Vegas. Tell Dave it was great to see him and was great to see you also. Dancing was great! I’m very thankful you and your family are in my life. It makes me the luckiest bronc rider in the world. Love you guys” – Great Bronc Rider

“If he were half the cowman his Dad is I’d marry him tomorrow” – Wise Cowgirl

“My Dad always said an act of kindness reguardless how small is appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed” - Stock Contractor

“I’ll start rumors with you anyday Miss Mindy” Silver Fox

“Bahahahahahaha! That’s one of my favorite things you’ve ever said to me. You had me at “No Boundries Good Time” LOL” – my person

“Just got done, no good. Double grabbed, blew a stirrup, slapped my swells, and bucked off….All in 8 seconds” – Rodeo Cowboy

“Thank you for all your help at the Mud Lake. Heard you put on a good show” – Stock Contractor

“I would just think that you would be so into how that person carried themselves in day to day life…anything would be interesting from them ; )” Relationship Advice from Bronc Rider

Texas Sunrise from the Rodeo Trail

“That was the best thing a woman’s ever said to me…well top 5 anyway!” Cowboy…scandalous cowboy

“I heart boys who pick up their flanks” – MargaRita

“Just wanted to remind u how wonderful u r” – Great Friend

Hoggan Rodeo Bull Fighter Dressesd as the Boss Man for Halloween

Lol...I don't know if this will make anyone else in the world laugh but I was smiling the entire time. :) Thank you for traveling the gypsy trail with me today!
Love ya, Mindy

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  1. Hilarious.This makes me wish I wrote down some of my text messages I have received over the years!

  2. :) Glad you liked it. Thanks so much for reading. lol...I'm super glad I haven't wrote all mine down ;)