Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bright Lights, Big City - Vegas 2011

Viva Las Vegas 2011

After 7 years of working the Cowboy Christmas...this year I had the oppurtunity to go play in Vegas for a few days. I learned that cramming 15 days worth of fun into 3....isn't as easy as it sounds but I managed to have a little fun :)

Dad and I ...best traveling partners ever!
....unless you ask my sister....who drove the ENTIRE way to VEGAS! ;)

Benny Binion Bucking Horse Sale ~
All the cool kids congregating at the Bucking Horse Sale! What a wild show...Bucking Horses, Bucking Horses...even a Bucking Pickup Horse or two! $100,000 horses and giving away campaigners.

LOTS of family bonding in Vegas
Congratulations to VERONICA ~ Jay Hoggan raised bucking horse that sold for $32,500. She is a beautiful mare and the new owner is very lucky to have her. Whole lot of Heart!

CONGRATULATIONS to EIGHT BALL , Jay Hoggan raised bucking horse!
~ Go Round Winner in the Saddle Bronc Riding 4th performance!
I LOVE the E Pen! So proud of 8 Ball!

Also, Thank you to Callie Freeman for hooking us up with sweet VIP tickets for the awards ceremony. It was amazing to watch the ride again on the big screen.

Fremont Street Experience ~
Dad's very favorite part of Vegas! He INSISTED that we make our way to the Fremont Street Experience at least once on our trip.
The Hoggan's

Amazing street performers! They were wicked strong...so so cool!
Dad's favorite performance ~ the Saxaphone player!
Bet we listened for 20 minutes
Wicked handy spray paint artist.
As we were watching...Rita overheard guys standing by us say
"I came for fumes but this guy is actually pretty good"

Lovin the Lights!!!
I still think Binion's is one of the most beautiful casino's ever!

My favorite thing about VEGAS during the NFR is FRIENDS that you get to see!

South Point After Party ~
UM ~ Western Reunion!
Above ~Tiffany Wagner & Jess Martin
Rita & Beautiful Brit
Isn't this kid cute! We kept him around just to tell him that we is cute & watch him blush

Brit, Marga, Mindy, Tiffany, and Jace ...
...don't we just radiate fun!
Sankey Saddle Horse Girl Reunion

A few things that made me smile
  • Thankful for Doughnut breakfast with Mom & Jim
  • Thankful for bucking horse sale high selling horses
  • Thankful for great bucking horse trips
  • Thankful for ALL the fabulous people watching
  • Thankful for award winning bucking horses
  • Thankful for PF Changs
  • Thankful for LAUGHING until you have tears rolling down your cheeks
  • Thankful for Life Long Friends
  • Thankful for South Point ice cream with my Dad
  • Living through the traffic
  • Great one liners
  • Pretty boys
  • Horses that don't kick through
  • Trailer Parties!
  • Parking Garage
  • Elevator Conversations
  • Thankful for getting to visit booth neighbors for a second
By the time you leave Vegas...regardless of how long you stay....
I think this is how we all feel :)

Overall, Great weekend in Vegas with friends and family! So blessed to be able to spend a few hours with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world!

Happy Trails,

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  1. Mindy!!! My Dad and I made a regular trip to Vegas for the NFR for over 15 years in a row... It was something that I always looked forward to! We haven't gone in a few years and we both really want to... so. Girlfriend!!! Let's start planning now to meet there next year. How fun would THAT be?!!!