Friday, December 23, 2011

If you jump...make sure you clear the wheels

I received a call from my Dad saying that he needed me to come help him feed. Annoyed with the interruption to my day....but I still threw on a coat and headed out the door. For some crazy reason I had it in my head that we were feeding with the pickup and I'd just be driving.

I had plans to run some work errands and the Big Town was on the agenda. Well, needless to say....when I get close to the house I can see Dad with the team and I am clearly NOT dressed appropriately. Wet hair, town coat, muck boots, and jeans. not to be covered in feed...I said I would drive.
"If you jump....make sure you clear the wheels"
These are the words of encouragement I received from Dad as I took the reigns and we headed out to feed. You can't see from the picture but this little contraption Dad has hooked to the wagon has 2 metal tractor seats.....and WHEELS directly to the outside of both of them! (Yes, that makes me terribly uncomfortable...but I am a sissy so I'm sure there is no real danger)

Here is a back view picture where you can see the edge of the silver seat....
& WHEEL directly to the side of it.

The next directions I receive from the man on the wagon is....
"Don't let them (the team) get away from you"
"OH GREAT!", I'm thinking to myself.

To help the feeding process along...
we have a pack of Corgi and Basset Hounds chasing the horses....
and a very very very bad Corgi that thinks he should get in front of the team
and bite at their faces to stop them.
(That naughty Corgi learned about a 3 legged collar trick
that improved his hearing immensely)
This is a beautiful lil' Catahoula puppy. She is as sweet as pie.
I set her on the feed wagon with Dad and she rode there with Dad
polite as can be the whole time.
(In case you were wondering...the naughty dogs were BOTH males)
This is Dad's new Haflinger Team. They are actually really nice lil' team.
Dogs and all, they handled it all in stride. The one on the right even tried to teach the Corgi a valuable lesson about staying away from horses hooves ;)

Feeding was finished in no time

Dad even drove the team out so I could grab a few pics with my phone
(...and close the gate ;) I was more than HAPPY to turn the reins back over...not because the team was naughty....but a METAL Seat in single digit weather...not optimal without wool pants...or snow pants...just sayin.
After it was all said and done....this short break would be the highlight of my day and the interruption I was so put out with was a perfectly gift wrapped blessing .
Thankful for the good Lord above guiding us to blessings in spite of our "plans"

Thank you for taking the Gypsy Trail with me today.

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  1. Such a sweet story. Makes me think back and remember some of those type of memories with my dad. He lives in Heaven now but visits in my heart. Merry Christmas, Cheryl

  2. Oh what fun on a 2 horse open wagon, HEY! Haha... COuldn't help myself. I wish we still had drafts, think it would be great. Cute pup, my dad really wants one!