Sunday, December 18, 2011

Orginal Cowboy Brieface - by Nancy Martiny

Today I'd like to share another one of my favorite Christmas gifts I've received over the years. My talented mother hand crafted this beautiful full flower design and carved it into leather just for me. I use it almost everyday and it is more beautiful today than the day I unwrapped it.
Above ~ My Beautiful Cowboy Briefcase

The Cowboy Briefcase is just what the name implies – a case to carry all of the cowboy’s essential papers. Two interior flat pockets hold driver’s license, hunting license, credit cards, etc. Money clip in center holds paper money. All the basics!
Inside View of a Cowboy Briefcase

The Cowboy Briefcase is handmade from high quality cowhide, hand stamped in basket stamp and various geometric stamps, and available in natural tan, chestnut, or dark brown. An assortment of laser engraved designs are also available in Old West ( brown shades) and color tinted. Antiqued Knife cuts designs also available. Custom designs also available . Email for custom designs.

Cowboy Briefcases available right now:

Thank you so much for letting me share one of my favorite things with you today. If you are interested in order you can shop online at:

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1 comment:

  1. I still love and use my Martiny planner! Your mom customizing it with credit card slots and room for my dual check books was awesome.

    And might I gets compliments ALL the time...even down here in places like Santa Cruz where a bronc rider on a Western themed planner is NOT the norm!!!