Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shiny New Spurs and RUNAWAYS

Once upon a perfectly planned day of TO DO's and interrupted by life.

Warm clear day and the opportunity to cut some firewood. My wood stove heated home made this change in plans seem like a brilliant idea ...and really...who turns down help when someone wants to help you get firewood. 2 chainsaws blazing on a beautiful January day. I was so proud of Dad, hard at work and we were making great progress.

Then.....Byron & Steve drive up. Dad assures me that we'll just run to lunch with the guys. Fair enough, It is 1:30 pm and I haven't let the ol' man have lunch. Mud Lake bound and and a nice lunch. (We won't go into the fact that I look like a logger, sweaty, covered in saw dust, and dressed like...well....less than flattering....and we saw a set of guys from high school that I hadn't seen since graduation)

Great lunch, thank you Steve. Next we head.....for Monteview to see Pat. This lil' venture leads to great story telling, debates, and discussions between the guys.

Byron ~ behind the reins

Steve, Jay, Byron, and Pat driving the Haflingers

Fluffy, the shaggy dog

After the stroll with the team of Haf's, we headed to the house for a drink to warm up.
Here is when the stories really started to roll.

Shiny New Spurs

Pat ordered had his eyes on a brand new pair of shiny spurs. He ordered them from Dale Harwood’s saddle shop and waited for them to arrive. It seemed like it took forever. Over 6 months, and Pat would go in all the time to see if they had come in yet and to see the pretty girl that worked behind the counter at the saddle shop.

Finally the new spurs arrived. Middle of the winter, Pat tells his buddy, Petey, that if he would get the gates that Pat would take his over boots off and wear his new spurs! Pat goes the barn and saddles up Ol’ Red. (At this point, we must point out a few details about the barn. It was pretty tall and it had a beautiful split barn door with a top and bottom) Red started bucking around the barn and the light from the top half open barn door was his path of choice. Red bucks through the narrow door opening. Tapaderos catching on both sides and burying Pat’s boots and all in the horses side. Such a jolt, it bent the shanks on the new spurs.

Well, “That got me rocked back and started. For a couple jumps, I was like Casey Tibbs! I was riding like a son of a gun until my head hit the ground!” That horse bucked me off more than I ever rode him.

….and the rest of the story…Cotton Rosser, rodeo stock contractor, ended up with Ol’ Red.


Pat & Petey are helping trail cows. They can’t be more than 7 or 8. Petey was riding a wore out ol’ appy named Circus and Pat was on a worn out old sheep horse. They got sent to the lead to block holes along the trail. Circus moves out from a walk to a trot. Petey starts SCREAMING..RUNAWAY! RUNAWAY! He throws the reins in the air and jumps from to safety!

Please forgive me because my re-telling, in no way does these stories justice. More than anything, I just wanted to jot them down to remember the day, image of Dad gathered around the table with his friends, and laughing until he cried.

Barely getting home in time to get the firewood unloaded in the daylight but it was a good day, To Do Lists or not :)

Thank you so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today. Hope you have a week filled with unexpected surprises and blessing better than you could ever plan.
Love ya,

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