Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shively Scarf Hat- Make a Hat from a WILD RAG

Shively Scarf Hat~
Today I'm going to share with you a trick that my one of my Dad's best friends, Ray Shively, shared with us. It is a trick to turn your wild rag into a hat. On a cold day it can sure be a lifesaver.

Start with your Wild Rag laid out flat
(I'm using a 36x36 here. You can use bigger ones too but you'll have to experiment to tweak the measurements of the fold)
Fold the scarf over at the top about 6-8 inches.
(You can experiment later to see what fits your head the best)
Flip it over so the fold is on the back
(If you are handy, you can just fold it under on the backside.
Just make sure it is a smooth even fold)
Next fold the top corners down to meet edges and create a triangle

Here is what your scarf should look like now

Now take the bottom of your scarf and Roll it up towards the triangle

Keep rolling until you have covered some of the triangle.
It should look similar to this. (Mine has about 10 inches of triangle left showing)
Now it's ready to be worn! You are looking at the back side of the hat.
Pick up the hat by the side rolls, which will be your tie strings.
Set the hood that you've created over the back of your head

Tie the sides underneath your chin.
TADA, You have a scarf hat!
(Shown here under a cowboy hat,
I practiced in the car on the way to Vegas)

Thank You so much to Ray for sharing the handy Shivley Scarf hat trick with us.
Thank you for traveling the trail with me today,

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