Saturday, January 7, 2012

Once Upon a Text Message

“Miles City bronc match sure turned out good. Even if I didn’t ride well” – Charming Cowboy

“I got the best present in the mail! Seriously, I think the best gift I’ve ever received! Thanks for being my person” – My Person : )

“Pray about it some more and if that is still in your heart go tell him and marry him and increase the cute population in Nevada” – Aaa Pretty Pretty Princess

“Because kissing is more fun than taking pictures and I love you” – Partner in Crime
(pretty sure this was hilarious….and I think referencing a wedding crasher story)

“Sortin’ Pen. Can’t be a cowboy without one”- Broke the Mold with this Cowboy

“Text me your location please”- Lost Vegas Friend

“Eight Ball Won! Jesse Wright w/ a 89.5”- Celebrating My Person

“Hi just now got back I love you thanks for being your wonderful self” – Best Friend Forever

“I miss getting to laugh until you cry”- Funny Friend….even if the boyfriends don’t understand our humor

“So I woke up this morning and it was snowing” – Texas Friend…so much for being a snowbird : )

“Is it bad that I miss the thing I miss the most about Vegas is making fun of all the wackos we would see” -People Watcher

“12/12/11 only one more year Mindy” – If we’re not married by this date…we’ll get hitched…person

“I got the goods” -Last Minute Christmas Shopper

“He is my roommate and I told him we talk now and then and that ur still spectacular” – Spectacular Visitor

(I love shaggy dogs & had at least 3 pictures of random shaggy dogs on my phone)
"Picture for your next flask ad"- Fun & Creative Friend

"Merry Christmas good looking.....Coyote hunting with my bro" -
(Picture received from a Working Cowboy on Christmas Day..I replied Merry Christmas "Mr Working Cowboy" He replied " you too Mrs Working Cowboy"
....He must have sent the whom he must have sent to all pretty girls in his phone because the next text I received was from another Pretty Girl who REPLIED TO ALL in her text ...which read"That's gorgeous. Merry Christmas. Missing you always"
lol....this was a hilarious & kinda made my day. I cordially replied to the "Working Cowboy" ....when sending picture messages to more than 1 pretty run the risk of them unknowingly replying to the Pretty Girl I just received a message from.
Working Cowboy replies "Ha ha oops no worries"
I replied something like..."Good to hear you are Fast Wild and Wanted all over the West"
Working Cowboy replies "Ha ha only one Mrs Working Cowboy" (keep in mind I just got a text from another girls seconds ago)
The next text I receive from the Working Cowboy is "What would you do if I asked you to marry me"
.......Moral of the Story....Don't Drink, Ride & Text! ( did make me smile)
How can you not love a Shaggy Dog

"Friends like u r the greatest Christmas gifts. thank u"- Heart Warming Friend

" A relationship without trust is like a cell phone without service...and what do you do with a cell phone without service....You Play Games" - Smart Girl (aka Jessica)

"My brother is there....It's like me being there...only taller" ....Bronc Rider with a Brother


"I wish we were married...If u could support a broke bronc rider" 1:08 am

"I know it would lead to hours, days, weeks, years, decades....Of fun....and big smiles" 1:18 am

"B-) u r to cool" 1:49 am

" And your not married? How is such a perfect working girl, who is hot!!! and works hard and is wow....not with someone" 1:49 am

"And u are right, I think I would quit the day it happened, or go harder if that is what she wanted..." 2:29 am

"And please please keep being hard to get, as that gives me a chance" 3:07 am

"Well...Dream girls rarely come around...But opportunities are also here and there...." 3:22 am

"And regardless... u are accurate on reins" 3:23 am

"your not a turn out...You take X and 4!!!!....You are a dream girl" 3:46 am

"I like pickup horses that give 110%, bronc that jump and kick to pay window...And girls with big smiles, handy, and have fun" - Smooth Talking Bronc Rider 3:50 am

"I have traded a lot of bronc saddles and trading my money winner for a run at X and 4..."
4:12 am

"I would right now trade my bronc saddle for just one night of that".....Tru Lovin Cowboy
4:38 am

"I'm turning 32, looking for love, or how else will I raise any bronc riders" 5:40 am

"Why are u not married?" 7:09 am
Around Circa 1919 - Shot Gun Chute - Pictured George Fitzpatrick

"Guess what time it is?" ~I reply, "What time is it?"
~"Time I told u how great u r!" ~ Great Friend

"2 Cows fell thru a dugout and died so spent the day punchin' cows" - Cow Puncher
I replied " Holy Mackrell! Do you have a lot of dugouts in your country?"
Do people live in them?
"Hahahaha. Cows sure like them for water" - Cow Puncher

.....for the record....I am now quite uncertain of the definition of a dugout

Oh phone was too full of messages to function properly...but there were oh so many that made me Laugh Out Loud! Who doesn't just love pickup horses that give 110% ! :)

Watch out for those smooth talking bronc riders :)
(Insert "RODEO MEN" song by Adrian here)
I don't know if this worked but below is a link to RODEO MEN by Adrian!
Like what you is more about the talented Ms Adrian!

Happy Trails,
That Girl

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