Thursday, February 2, 2012

14 Day LOVE Challenge from Lil' Red Roan

14 Day LOVE Challenge!!!

Yesterday, as I laid down to go to sleep I was thinking about what had made the day wonderful. It was a regular day but filled with many simple blessings that I loved and had made the day brighter. That got me to thinking about all the small triumphs everyday that sometimes get forgotten or overshadowed by the days routine. I decided to make a list of the things that I LOVED about the day. It was fabulous! Since it is February & my FAVORITE holiday is coming up....well I had a fun idea....... :)

I would like to issue a LOVE CHALLENGE to every single one of my friends!


February 1st - February 14th

EVERY day make a list of 14 Moments that you LOVED about the day!

You don't have to share the whole list but pick one moment about the day that you LOVED and share it as your status! For example, today mine would be...I LOVE a team of pretty Haflingers in my yard :)

Let's start a ripple of gratitude throughout all our friends!



14 Moments that I LOVED about today!!!

  1. Hearing great Texas Country music on Pandora
  2. Dad helping me split wood
  3. Pretty lil team of Haflingers in my yard
  4. Hot rolling fire in the stove
  5. Woodrow returned home in one piece after his run in with a trap
  6. Hot Homemade Beer Bread & Jalapeno Poppers
  7. Cooking my daddy lunch
  8. Visiting with Laurie Small on the phone
  9. Lil' Red Roan comments & friends
  11. Mike Uhalde Wisdom
  12. My Mom sharing her talents & drawing me a beautiful bucking horse
  13. Essential Oil class with friends...Love learning!
  14. Dinner with Alex, Ellie, & Dad. LOVE with loved ones

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